IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-09-17

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clbUpdate from xorg: 17 Sep 11:01 - xorg-xinit: updated to
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tilmani'm watching that llvm talk some apple guy did at Google Talks12:03
tilmanhe's ending every 2nd sentence with "right"12:03
tilmanso annoying. i might just stop watching ;)12:04
jjpkright. :)12:04
tilmani think i will yell at the screen if he continues like this12:06
tilmanhis coworkers must have gone apeshit crazy12:07
jjpktilman: link?12:10
tilmandon't link it on /. please, otherwise i'll have a bandwidth problem ;)12:11
jjpkDon't worry, I'm not posting it anywhere.12:12
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jaegerpushing the gtk update, hope it doesn't cause trouble14:08
jaeger(it seems fine for me so far)14:08
clbUpdate from opt: 17 Sep 19:08 - gtk: updated to version 2.12.0 || 17 Sep 19:08 - pango: updated to version 1.18.014:18
tilman=======> ERROR: Source file 'gtkiconcache.patch' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).14:23
tilmanjaeger: seems like you forgot to 'git add' it14:24
jaegeroops, guess so14:24
jaegerthanks for the heads-up14:25
tilmani just want to be able to build it ;))14:25
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tilmanit built!14:43
clbUpdate from opt: 17 Sep 19:25 - gtk: added missing iconcache patch, oops14:48
tilmanshiny new icons14:50
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