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clbUpdate from opt: 18 Sep 05:19 - poppler: updated to version 0.600:22
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marois there anything in opt that uses poppler?07:51
clbUpdate from opt: 18 Sep 12:24 - flac: updated to
jaegerepdfview seems to but nothing else I see07:54
marothey changed api in 0.6 so it should probably be checked to work08:03
maroI know evince 2.19.91 broke so was followed by a quick .92 which had to be approved by gnome releng due to being in feature freeze :(08:04
jaegeryeah, I held off on the poppler update until evince 2.2008:05
jaegerI'll give epdfview a try08:05
tilmanjaeger: no need08:05
jaegertilman: it was already done building by the time you typed that :)08:06
jaegerand seems to work08:06
jaegertilman: where does 6.7.19x fit into the xorg-xf86-video-ati versioning scheme? I'm having to use one of those on my acer laptop08:47
jaegerdo they do the odd/even versions thing, making 6.8 the next stable one?08:48
tilmani have no idea08:48
tilmanbut i guess so08:48
tilmanit seems they skipped 6.708:49
tilmanmaybe 6.7 was planned to be stable, but w/o randr1208:49
tilman6.8 will have randr12 support08:49
jaegerah, ok. thanks08:50
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clbUpdate from opt: 18 Sep 17:26 - [notify] postgresql: updated to 8.2.513:26
tilmanjaeger: the "gnome" repo in the ports db currently links to gnome-2.18.0 -- maybe it should point to the release tag instead?13:29
tilmanmmh, my local /etc/ports/gnome-release.rsync even points to 2.18.213:29
jaegerit should, yes. to current13:34
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j^2hey all13:38
tilmanhi j^2 \o13:39
j^2how you doing tilman ?13:39
tilmanso so13:39
tilmanbeen a bit sick-ish for a whole week13:39
j^2do you like tea?13:40
tilmanonly with rum13:40
j^2lemon tea with rum ;)13:40
tilmanmaybe i should try that13:45
tilmanhow are you?13:46
j^2still unemployed13:46
j^2but i have a third interview at messageone.com13:47
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jaegergrr, sounds like gtk is causing some other problems16:22
jaegermay have to revert16:22
pitillojaeger, what kind of problems?16:22
jaegerxfce lockups, according to viper_16:24
pitillonot using xfce here, but I can update it on another computer using it16:25
jaegerI don't know, I'll have to look into it a bit later, still at work16:27
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pitillowell, testing it, not sure about but he updated xfce-gtk-engine after updating gtk?16:28
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pitillowell, it's true :) rebuilding xfce-gtk-engine16:30
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pitillothe same... if this can be usefull for someone16:38
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clbUpdate from opt: 18 Sep 23:14 - nvidia: updated to version 100.14.1918:27
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jaegeranyone object to reverting gtk for now?19:39
jaegereh, gonna revert it, too much shit breaking20:11
clbUpdate from opt: 19 Sep 01:14 - gtk: reverted to version 2.10.14, too buggy20:27
Romstertoo bad i didn't hold off on gtk :P21:05
Romsterjaeger, just a version bump and rebuild firefox?21:07
Romsterhmm i should really do that after updating xorg21:15
Romsteri'll do that later..21:15
clbUpdate from opt: 19 Sep 02:39 - firefox: updated to version
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