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thrice`for the brave :)  I think we got a working udev09:04
Romsterneat hmm might try it :P09:06
Romsterbut not right now09:06
thrice`i thought it might be nice to re-address before a test-iso comes out or something :)09:08
thrice`the default rules call for a uucp group, which crux doesn't have.  other than that, seems to work well on my box09:08
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jaegerwhich rules use the uucp group?09:10
jaegerI'll download them and look for myself09:10
thrice`I think the default rules (50-udev-default or somethign)09:11
thrice`i'll tell you once firefox fails or completes :)09:11
thrice`uucp appears to be a common group, though09:12
jaegerit is09:12
Romstereh what is uucp for?09:23
Romsterhmm unix to unix copy..09:23
Romsterwhat a retarded abbrevation.09:24
jaegerolder remote commands for file transfers, etc.09:24
Romsterpull it out of the rules fiels or something.. don't need it.09:24
jaegerit won't cause problems, anyway09:24
treachI think you could call it "legacy" with a clean concience.09:25
treachI don't think any sane person still uses uucp09:25
Romsterjaeger, something tells me firefox is built with a way older version of gcc, thinking of adding -fno-strict-aliasing09:25
thrice`would it hurt adding to /etc/group, though?09:25
jaegeris there any actual benefit or does it just cut down on the compile spam?09:25
Romsterah let me check09:26
treachless spamming apparently09:27
treach"It warns about code which might break the strict aliasing rules that the compiler is using for optimization" sayeth the book of gcc, verses XII to XIII :)09:28
thrice`jaeger: ok, FF build OK :) also, the group is called in 50-udev-default.rules (LFS rules, that is)09:30
Romsterjaeger, compiler will assume but if that's a good thing, i don't know.09:34
Romsterwith it it won't assume it'll re-read the memory location on each literation.09:35
Romsterthrice`, be easy to remove UUCP out of the udev rules? i doubt anyone uses it as treach said.09:36
Romsterone thing bugs me, firefox java mudle uses a gcc 2.95.x i've seen it in the open source docs, and it also says the same gcc version that firefox is built with...09:37
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Romsteri'll see if i can find that again it's got me puzzled..09:42
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thrice`Romster: could probably do it with an sed hack.  not sure though09:52
Romsteri like using sed where something like that is needed.09:54
thrice`yeah, possibly :)  i'm not very good with it, however09:58
Romsterhere it is about firefox and java plugin
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Romsterhave to scroll down but says the plugin needs gcc 2.95.2 but not for the rest of jave just the firefox plugin, would sugest that the java plugin would be buggy as it's gcc version isn't the one firefox is compiled with. even in the binary java versions.10:00
Romsterthrice`, i'm good todo most stuff with sed but i haven't looked at what needs editing yet.10:00
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* Romster sees cdsymlinks file10:02
thrice`:)  that's always been there10:04
Romsteri've never noticed it before..10:05
Romstergoes to show how much of udev i've poked at..10:05
thrice`I couldn't test dbus / hal stuff, since I don't have it installed10:06
thrice`hopefully that still works :)10:06
Romsterhmm i have dbus and hal..10:09
tilmanjaeger: btw, they released glib 2.14.110:10
Romsterthink he knows of that..10:11
jaegeryeah, I saw it but haven't gotten to it yet10:12
jaegerbetween firefox and gtk10:12
jaegerthanks, though :)10:13
jaegerif my firefox build works as well on this box as it did on the laptop I'll push it and then check out glib10:13
Romsterok fiefox built..10:13
Romsternow to run it :P10:13
Romsterjaeger, firefox is like a mind field to configure... just how many more dependencys can be made system?10:14
jaegerI don't think there are many more but maybe10:15
jaegeryay, seems to work well, even flash/java stuff10:15
Romsterabout to install and fire mine up10:16
Romsteri made a pun...10:16
treachnot really, but I'd like to know what a "mind field" is. :P10:17
Romsterjaeger, well i see it as the more of the system firefox can use the faster it'll build and hopefully less memory would be consumed..10:17
Romstermaybe not the right words but ya know the mindfield game in windows with the numbers on squares..10:17
jaegerjust wait until they build it against some internal version of a lib that's completely incompatible with the system one :)10:17
Romsterjaeger, true..10:18
treachhaha, watchit so you don't step on a mind. :D10:18
Romsteronce firefox is up i'll google it10:18
Romstererr mine field10:19
jaegerminesweeper is the game10:19
Romsterkeep typing mind as i've been rune crafting minds10:19
Romsterthats it..10:19
treachmindsweeper sounds like some kind of really evil game. :P10:19
Romsterit is and very addictive.10:20
* Romster swats treach at pickign on my wrong word. :P10:20
Romsterok load already..10:20
jaegerthere's a gnome version of that, too10:20
Romstertoo bad i don't run Gnome.10:21
Romsterdidn't mind that game.10:21
Romsterso far firefox works10:21
treachRomster: I wasn't so much picking at you as I found it a bit amusing, made me think of Johnny Mnemonic or something. :)10:22
treachanyway, heading downstairs for laundry.10:22
Romsterwell java works dunno about flash yet.10:23
Romsterwell it's better than being broken :)10:25
thrice`Romster: ah...if it works with dbus / hal, then we're in business :)10:30
thrice`if we can pursuade another dev to test, that is ;)10:31
Romsterah firefox is working i'll test udev son.10:31
clbUpdate from opt: 19 Sep 15:20 - firefox: altered mozconfig to build with system cairo10:32
Romsteri'm gonna update xorg and use the new nvidia and hope all works.10:32
clbUpdate from opt: 19 Sep 15:39 - glib: updated to version 2.14.111:02
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treachjaeger: btw, st00pid quiz maybe, but does your iso support installing via a serial console?12:17
jaegergood question13:31
jaegerI think so but I've never tried it13:32
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treachok. I'll see if I can get around to testing it in a not too distant future13:52
j^2hey guys13:57
thrice`hi j^214:44
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Romstertilman, keyboard leds for caps scroll and num lock don't light up anymore, i've updated and rebuilt input modules.15:33
tilmanknown bug i think15:33
* treach wonders what he'll do..15:33
tilmancheck bugzilla.fdo15:34
treachconsidering that I have no such leds ;D15:34
Romstertreach, :P15:34
Romsterwell found this on google dosn't help but comfirm it
treachwell, caps and scroll seems to be selfevident, and num... who needs the numeric keypad anyway? =)15:38
Romsteri use the numpad, i never use the scroll lock key though.15:40
treachI used my old keyboard for 3 years, wore the keys all smooth, except the keypad, where they were as new. :)15:41
tilmanas i said:15:46
Romsterlol goes to show you don't need the numpad15:46
tilmanlazy bitch15:46
treachhow does not using the keypad show that you're lazy?15:46
Romsteri was googling and looked for bugzilla.fdo and nope no trace.15:46
Romsterwas i was ont he xorg site15:47
Romsteri think tilman is refering to me..15:47
Romsternot finding the page when i've never had to find it before.15:47
treachI guess it's ok then. ;D15:47
thrice`ok, I think I found a fix for the udev line that calls uucp15:47
Romsteri did google..15:47
tilmanit's okay15:48
Romsterminor ting tilman "+ xserver from git" we arn't using git ?15:48
tilmanRomster: i was trying to say: query rather than google15:48
tilmanwell, the bug was on master in january15:49
tilmanthe bug landed in the server-1.4-branch15:49
Romsterno patch for it yet?15:49
Romsterso i see..15:49
tilmanapparently not15:49
jaegerhrmm... every time a new gnome release comes out I wish for something like an eclass in pkgutils15:56
tilmanwhat exactly is the problem? i dont know what eclass does15:57
thrice`jaeger: did 2.20 come out?15:58
jaegerit's a portage thing, from gentoo. defines things you want to use repeatedly. in this case, a source download location or something15:58
jaegerthrice`: yes15:58
tilmancan't you just sed s/2.18/2.20/ gnome/*/Pkgfile?15:58
jaegerso instead of typing out$name-$version.tar.bz2, I could do something like @GNOME_DESKTOP@/whatever15:59
thrice`that was my guess too :)15:59
jaegerthat's usually what I do15:59
jaegerjust thinking it'd be a bit cleaner15:59
jaegerbut I doubt that's a feature anyone wants in crux but me, heh15:59
Romsterjust dfince a var?15:59
jaegerwhere? in every Pkgfile?16:00
tilmana var that's used exactly one16:00
tilmanawesome, Romster ;)16:00
Romsterand throw it is profile or someting :P16:00
jaegerI'd prefer to keep it entirely inside the package build system16:00
jaegerdefining it in pkgmk.conf would work but it's one more thing someone has to change before the build works16:01
Romsterread string from a file that's symlinked to each package directory or from one location would work16:01
Romsterbatve DESKTOP=`cat ../desktop` maybe then use $DESKTOP in source()16:02
Romstermight be a dumb idea but it''s a thought.16:03
jaegera possibility, yeah, though it still feels messy to me16:03
jaegerfor now, just going with the old approach16:03
Romstersed a string i supose..16:03
treachtilman: score anotherone for our little idea. ;)16:13
tilmanjaeger: i wonder whether you could use a subversion hook to do the sed'ing16:14
jaegerI would bet so16:15
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thrice`ok, I think udev is done :)  I have a well-working 115 port, if someone wants to test17:19
treachwhooha, no need to rush, there's enough for everyone!17:21
thrice`figures ;)17:21
* thrice` hangs his head17:30
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treachthrice`: I guess most people that could have been interested has gone to bed.17:35
treachthe ml might be a better option.17:36
treach(after all it's 0:36 here, and it's not friday yet. :P )17:36
thrice`yeah, perhaps.  works well for predatorfreak and I, so I think it's OK.  I just have limited hardware here17:37
treachok, to cheer you up;
jjpkhaha, those bureaucrats are at it again.17:58
jjpkEither that is fake, or they've reached a new low.17:58
treachI'd say a new 'high'17:59
treachburoc-rats. the only speices that can get high on paragraphs17:59
jjpkCheers to that.18:00
* treach pours the liqour.18:01
treachWhisky Tango Foxtrot... The US is completely out of control18:02
jjpk"law" enforcement at its finest.18:06
treachlawn enforcement in this case I guess. :(18:06
jjpkLooks like the dorm neighbors are playing drunk musical chairs.18:28
treachugh. dorms sucks.18:28
jjpkDorm people suck. :D18:29
treach...that would include you?18:29
thrice`i loved dorms18:30
jjpkThey've put in exchange apartheid here haha.18:31
treachah, right, you're not in finland anymore, right+18:32
jjpkNope, Spain this time.18:33
treachwhee, different country, same shit.18:33
jjpkuniversity life, go figure.18:33
treachdamn kids.18:34
* treach waves walking stick in the air18:34
jjpk"...back in my day"18:34
treachright. ;)18:34
jjpkYou know there will be discomfort when you would prefer peace and quiet.18:35
jjpkNot a thought shared by everyone. :D18:35
treachindeed not. and people who prefer peace an quiet are generally considered alien speices by the noisy type. :s18:36
jjpkSecond item of complaint: mullets are in. :/18:37
treachfish tends to be pretty peaceful pets..18:38
treachat least they don't make much noise,18:38
jjpkThe terrible 1980's male haircut. short top + sides, long back.18:38
jjpk1980's are still not dead. :p18:39
treachunfortunately. :/18:40
jjpkretro relics ftl...18:41
treachyeah. At least it's not the 70's anymore.18:43
treach:) ->
jjpkSupervisors sleeping at the wheel.18:46
jjpkWonder how that passed them. "ride the s.l.u.t."18:46
jjpkdrunk musical chairs became drunken break a few doors.18:52
jjpkdrunk Idol competition haha19:03
jjpkNever know what to expect.19:03
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