IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-09-23

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clbUpdate from core: 23 Sep 21:08 - libarchive: updated to
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Romsterjaeger, any reason why libglade is so old?20:21
Romsteri need <= 2.6.1, currently it's at 2.6.0, but there is way many newer versions, not sure what's stable or not.20:22
jaegerprobably just never needed to update it so far20:23
Romster2.12.1 is the last one..20:23
Romsterhmm wonder what uses it other than the package i was about to upgrade.20:24
Romster8 packages here hmm20:24
Romster5 of which i use.20:25
Romsteri'll bump it and rebuild and test it agenst my other installed packages.20:25
Romsterif i can get the lateist one working ok would you update it?20:25
jaegerok, thanks20:25
jaegersure, if it seems stable for me too20:26
Romsterok i'll keep trying older versions if the 2.12 branch is bad.20:26
Romsteroh man this might be more fun with this sed stuff hmm.20:28
Romsterah just basic stuff jsut hwo you had the Pkgfile cramed up, made it look hard to read.20:33
Romsterand argh i was looking at glade and not libglade. libglade is at 2.6.220:35
Romsteri'll test that,20:35
Romsterand check the glade port too.20:35
Romsterjaeger, I'm not sure if is right --with-xml-catalog="$PKG/etc/xml/dtd/libglade/2.0/catalog" or --with-xml-catalog="/etc/xml/dtd/libglade/2.0/catalog" ?21:26
Romsterother than that i got it built and cleaned up.21:26
Romsterok figured it, testing other programs agenst it.21:50
Romsterjaeger, i could do a diff but you might not like how i formated it.21:57
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