IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-09-25

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clbUpdate from opt: 25 Sep 08:12 - mod_php: added -j1 make option || 25 Sep 08:09 - sylpheed: update to 2.4.6 || 25 Sep 08:06 - fakeroot: update to 1.8 || 25 Sep 08:05 - cups: update to 1.3.203:39
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tilmanthat fucking cron crap thing that updates the rsync repos sucks13:50
tilmanno offense, i'm just a bit annoyed ;)13:50
jaegermake a better one :)13:50
tilmanjaeger: where *is* it?13:51
jaegeris it the git_to_httpup?13:52
tilmanjaeger: i mean i don't see how cron calls it13:52
tilmani thought i fixed git_to_httpup wrt that bug13:52
tilmanthe bug being: rsync: opendir "/crux-2.3/contrib/zsync" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)13:53
jaegerit's in crux's crontab13:53
tilmanugh, i'm stupid13:53
tilmanjaeger: why don't we call git_to_httpup from git's post-update hook?13:54
jaegerno idea. I didn't set it up13:54
jaegerthat would seem reasonable to me, along with some lockfile checking13:54
jaegeror something13:54
tilmanfound the bug though13:55
jaegerI'm no expert but what do you need?13:57
tilmanthe perl equivalent to "mv"13:58
tilmanmaybe it's called "mv", too13:58
jaegeror rename13:58
jaegerrename($old, $new)13:58
tilmanin the current script i really did do it with system("mv ...")14:00
tilmanwhat the hell was i thinking14:00
jaegerwell, it does work14:00
tilmannot very nice, and not very efficient though14:00
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