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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Sep 08:24 - libpcap: update to 0.9.8 || 28 Sep 08:23 - tcpdump: update to 3.9.8 || 28 Sep 08:21 - libpcap: update to 0.9.803:34
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jaegerViper_: hey, can I get you to update the gnome url in the portdb?08:14
jaegerit's now :)08:14
Viper_i wasn't at home this week08:14
jaegerah, ok. did you get some vacation?08:14
Viper_no :(08:15
jaegeraww :/08:15
Viper_had to go on a seminar due to my civilian service08:15
tilmanViper_: including getting drunk each night? :D08:16
Viper_yeah :>08:16
tilmani heard some good stories about these seminars :D08:16
Viper_believe me they are true :>08:16
Viper_it was funny08:16
Viper_but what can you do if you are in a "town" with only 4000 people at the border of germany!?08:18
tilmanViper_: where's that? which border?08:19
tilmansounds bavarian08:19
Viper_near the border germany - czechia08:19
tilman.oO(cheap beer)08:19
tilmanheya aon08:20
aoni thought germans didn't need to go to civilian service as it seems to be awfully easy to avoid the whole thing :)08:21
tilmanit's easy to avoid the *military* service08:21
aonwell, here you just have to say that you don't want to go08:22
aonwhich is probably the same there08:22
aonbut hmm.08:22
aonperhaps i've misunderstood08:22
tilmanwhen you're about 18, they'll check your health etc08:22
Viper_hmm many people here in germany can avoid it08:22
Viper_so it's partly true :>08:22
tilmanwhen your health/fitness sucks, you don't need to do anything at all08:22
tilmanbut when you're healthy and don't want to join the military, you have to do the civilian service instead08:22
aonhere they take even people with bad fitness :)08:22
aonsuch as myself08:23
Viper_tilman: did you do anything like this?08:23
tilmanno, my fitness sucked08:23
Viper_yeah :)08:23
tilmannot that it's much better now08:23
aoni spent most of this week sleeping in this:
Viper_many people have bad fitness ^^08:23
aonmine has gotten a bit better lately08:23
aonhm, seems that it was missing the camo nets at that point still08:24
tilmanaon: but lately the military only takes the best ones of each year08:24
Viper_aon: nice :>08:24
tilmanin 5 years they'll only take the professional soccer player types ;D08:24
aoni see08:25
aonthey're going to cut down the amount here too, it seems08:25
Viper_but my civilian service is ok although i lose one year08:25
tilmanwhere are you serving it?08:25
tilmanhospital, ...?08:26
aon < luckily i had rambo as my co-fighter08:26
Viper_in my town, so i can sleep at home08:26
aon(and no, you're not supposed to carry the belts like that)08:27
Viper_aon: how long have you been on this service?08:27
aonsince 9th of july08:28
aon280d left08:28
Viper_one year?08:29
aonyeah, 362d in total08:29
Viper_hmm here it's only 9 months08:29
Viper_and do you like it?08:29
aonhere it's 6, 9 or 12 months08:29
aonyeah, hasn't been too bad08:30
Viper_it's allowed to choose it?08:30
aonand should get more interesting when the "special" training starts08:30
aonsomewhat, yes08:30
aonbut you can be forced to do 12 or 9 even if you don't want to08:30
Viper_ah ok08:30
Viper_i guess you are forced?08:30
aonand similarly if you want to go to nco school but you're too "dumb" for it you can still end up doing 608:31
aonno, i'm not08:31
aonsome drivers also serve 12 months08:31
tilmanoh :D08:32
aonalthough i won't hopefully have to lead a group08:33
tilmanare you doing the officer thing?08:34
Viper_why is it that hard?08:34
aonbut i'll repair electronics after it's over08:34
aonViper_: why is what that hard?08:34
Viper_is it hard to lead a group?08:35
aonbut it sucks :)08:35
jjpkWhy should it be? you are a piece in the hierarchy puzzle ;)08:35
Viper_ok :)08:35
clbUpdate from opt: 28 Sep 13:14 - libdevmapper: moved dmsetup to /sbin08:37
jjpkLooks like the dev questioning hour began.08:38
jaegerI've wondered about tcsh myself08:40
tilmanmight kick it eventually08:41
aonwhy is it even included?08:41
aondoes someone use it? :)08:41
jjpkProbably the easiest way is to remove it and wait how long it takes for someone to complain ;)08:42
jaegermaybe per used it for something at the time08:42
jaegerit's been there quite a while, hasn't it?08:42
jjpkYeah it has been there as long as I have used crux.08:43
tilmanjaeger: it's probably been there since the dawn of time08:48
jaegermoving silently down through the centuries08:49
tilmanrofl, new house ep ftw08:49
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jjpktilman: can't get enough of house, md can you? :p09:28
tilmanjjpk: i watched seasons 1 to 3 in a week or so when i got them ;)09:29
jjpkPoint taken :D09:29
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jaegerany german around? how does 'heimlichkeit' translate into english? stealth? concealment?17:41
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