IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-10-01

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j^2hey guys08:45
jaegermorning, how goes?08:46
j^2employed and at work :D08:47
j^2how you doing?08:47
jaegercongratulations :)08:47
tilman_j^2: \o/08:47
j^2thanks :D08:47
jaegernot too badly... they're drilling on the building again, right outside my office08:47
j^2hey tilman_ :D08:48
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j^2anyone every used splunk?08:52
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jaegernot I08:53
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sepenjaeger, why udev now uses dev-console as 0,1 instead of 5,1 ?? (also dev-zero, dev-null)11:12
tilmansepen: maybe your libarchive is outdated, or pkgutils?11:12
tilmantry to rebuild *both*11:12
tilmanfirst libarchive, then pkgutils11:12
sepenohh nice idea11:13
sepenbut it appears after doing prt-get sysup11:13
tilmantry it anyway11:14
tilmanand rebuild udev afterwards11:14
sepenyeah many thanks Im doing it11:16
sepenohoho the same results11:16
sepenlibarchive 2.3.2-111:16
sepenand then I tried to build udev11:16
sependo I need a reboot?11:18
sepenI can't understand that:11:18
sepen+ mknod -m 600 /usr/ports/core/udev/work/pkg/lib/udev/devices/console c 5 111:18
sepen+ mknod -m 666 /usr/ports/core/udev/work/pkg/lib/udev/devices/null c 1 311:18
sepen+ mknod -m 666 /usr/ports/core/udev/work/pkg/lib/udev/devices/zero c 1 511:18
sepenit sounds good but as you said libarchive crash11:19
tilmani will look at the paste asap11:19
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j^2jaeger: got a test crux2.4.iso yet?13:33
tilmanspeaking of isos13:33
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tilmanjaeger: we seriously need to sort out the current iso mess :x13:34
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tilmanfrom the 4 or 5 points that were on the todo list for 2.4 we managed to not fix 3 or so?13:34
j^2sorry about that, closed the wrong window13:35
* treach puts away the kleenexes.13:37
jaegerwhat's the current mess?14:10
tilmanjaeger: imo we need to merge your iso with crux's14:14
tilmanor throw away crux' and put yours in place14:14
tilmanor whatever14:14
jaegerI've got no problem with that14:14
jaegerI've requested comments on mine a few times but it seems to have fallen by the wayside14:15
tilmanjaeger: i'd like to have (semi?) regular irc meetings again14:15
tilmani have a feeling we don't get anything done right now14:15
jaegersounds like a good idea to me14:15
treachwell, will anything happen until gcc is out?14:20
tilmantreach: the frigging plan was to make the various scripts sh compatible, eg14:20
tilmanthat plan failed horribly14:21
treachit did? :(14:21
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jjpkThat means it has to become unofficial :s14:34
tilmanit just means it will get done later ;)14:34
treachor that someone has to dig in and do it.14:35
treachIf I had the time I'd go for it, it's not that hard iirc.14:36
treachjjpk: maybe something for you the next time it's "musical chair attack session"? =)14:37
jjpkit was already in full swing earlier today, to the beat of caribbean salsa.14:38
jjpkdorm life for ya :D14:39
jjpkOne showed up, still waiting on one more to show up.14:41
jjpkSo far so good, we don't bother each other.14:41
treach10.8 C. Almost summerlike.14:51
prologic16 C here14:51
prologicalmost summertime too!14:51
prologicwhohoo :)14:51
treachspeak of the devil..14:51
prologichmm ?14:51
prologicI'm the devil now /14:52
treachI think you're pretty high on tilman's most wanted list. ;)14:52
prologicoh really14:52
prologicwhat for this time :P ?14:52
prologiche does know I work fulltime right :)14:52
tilmandon't have time right now anyway14:52
treachah. ok.14:52
prologicwell it'll have to wait till the weekend in any case :)14:53
prologicSats I usually do my own thing, crux and other projects14:53
jjpkInevitable disconnection, again.15:30
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