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clbUpdate from opt: 5 Oct 11:04 - libpng: updated to 1.2.21. || 5 Oct 09:46 - git: updated to
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jaegerI'm kinda getting tired of this "I tried to get shit changed and was ignore" mentality12:35
tilmanjue forwarded me his "giev account!" mail12:35
tilmandid you get a copy?12:35
tilmanseems mine was blocked by the smtp server :(12:36
jaegernor have I seen any of the supposed ignored patches12:36
jaegerAFK for lunch12:36
treachI find particulary the "hierarchically structured" complaint amusing.. did he ever have a look at debian? :D12:40
aondo any of you have experience with freebsd's ndis?12:59
aoni'm considering a switch of os's on my laptop12:59
tilmanndis as in the windows driver model? ._o13:00
aonwell, the wrapper for it13:00
tilmani don't13:01
treachI wonder which one is easier on the batteries; tickless linux kernel, jfs, etc, etc, or freebsd.13:24
aon dunno13:24
aonlinux wouldn't be much more awful than freebsd, i suppose13:24
treachat least none of them are developed by raving lunatics. :>13:25
aonguess linux would be easier to tune to be suitable for laptop use13:26
aonas i have little knowledge and almost no interest in freebsd13:26
tilmanwhy are you considering freebsd for your laptop then?13:27
treachmmh, I'm really looking forward to my supplier getting restocked on cpus. :s13:31
tilmanmy hdd is going to hell again13:32
tilmanstupid alsactl segfault on boot, and apparently /var's partition got mounted read-only13:32
tilmanare there affordable hardware raid controllers (pci)?13:33
treachhdd's are cheap, but if you keep churning through them at that rate..13:33
treachI'm afraid not.13:33
tilmannono, i didn't replace it when i first encountered that problem13:33
tilmanthought so13:33
treachsw raid works just as well anyway, unless you're a really heavy user.13:33
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tilmantreach: ah, i assumed it bogged down performance noticably ;)13:34
treachthat way you won't have to worry about possibly getting an incompatible controller if *it* would break13:34
tilmansigh, i should get a new cpu fan for this box, too13:35
tilmanit's gotten pretty noisy13:35
treachwell, you've got a lot chose from there at least. :P13:36
treachbroken gpu fan is somewhat harder to replace13:36
tilmanseems most current fans for athlon motherboards require extra mounting holes13:37
tilmanwhich my mobo doesn't have13:37
jaegerI just got a new CPU and motherboard but I sent the motherboard back today13:37
tilmanit's not that easy :|13:37
treachah. right socket A?13:37
tilmantreach: umm, i *think*13:37
tilmanit's an athlon xp13:37
treachI'm going to give this baby a spin..
treachwish they had it without a LED13:38
treachyes, it's socket A13:38
treach(your's that is)13:38
tilmanmmh, that site hates me13:39
tilmanah, that's better13:40
treachmin 17dBA13:40
treachheh, you haven't seen any of their other designs.. :P13:41
treachlike this baby:
treachshould work for socket A as well :P13:42
treachfor people with impaired browsers:
tilmanit doesn't  load the images, it's strange13:43
jaegersame problem here13:44
jaegereverything works but the inline images13:44
treachwell, it should work.. It works with opera, doesn't like konqy though13:44
treachbrb, gotta go for a few.13:45
tilmani could try to build a water cooling thingy13:45
tilmanif i fail and break the whole box, i have an excuse to buy a new one13:45
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jaegerthe more these emails pop up the less interest I have in continuing to work on anything13:45
jaegerto people honestly think they're being sabotaged or some shit like that?13:46
tilmanno, he's insane13:48
jaegerand I can't type today, obviously13:48
tilmanugh13:49's smtp server is advertising itself as mail.crux.nu13:49
tilmanthat domain doesn't resolve13:49
tilmanmaybe that's a reason why sometimes mail doesn't get delivered?13:50
jaegerperhaps so13:51
jaegerwonder where that's configured13:56
tilmani don't see it in the postfix config13:57
tilmanthe first reverse dns entry is mail.crux.nu13:58
jaegerall I get back are www. and mail. - odd14:02
treachtilman: if you're thinking about watercooling, I think you'd spend you money better on a newer system instead. ;)14:25
tilmanwell, this sucks14:26
tilmani like my matrox hardware14:26
tilmanit's working as nice as it can (i think)14:26
treachI've seen 939 mb's with agp.. all you need is to find a plug for it. ;P14:26
tilmanthis is besides the point, but adds to the annoyance:14:27
tilmanstupid g550 only comes with 32 mb of vram, which isn't enough for a 2560x1024 composited desktop14:27
tilmani spent idonthowhowmuchtime on getting this shit implemented, and it was more or less in vain14:28
tilmanso i might just as well abandon the driver again14:28
tilmanand if i do that, i'd rather not spend 50 euro on a g550-pcie14:28
treachhardware mafia strikes again14:28
tilmannot really14:28
tilmang550 is 8 years old14:28
tilmancan't blame matrox really14:29
treachI'm still pissed about that they dropped the damned serial ports14:29
tilmanah, you mean wrt agp i gues14:29
treachI mean they are actually *usefull*, as opposed to those retarded ps/2 ports..14:29
jaegermy new socket 775 board has a serial port :)14:30
jaegerkinda surprised me14:30
tilmantreach: use a usb-to-serial converter thing14:30
treachunfortunately I'm not sure the appliction would like that14:30
treachI think it looks quite specifically for a serial port, and goes bananas when it doesn't find one.14:31
treacheither that, or it's some damned racey POS.14:31
treachpossibly both. :s14:31
tilmanwhat's the typical amoun of ram of a r200-ish card?14:32
tilman64 mb or 128?14:32
treachI only have 32 all I have.14:32
treach*on* all I have..14:32
treachI like cptn's view on it. ;)14:35
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tilmanhow much of a point is there to the core/opt separation these days? :>16:35
tilmannot as in the repos themselves, but in the core and opt developer groups16:36
* tilman ponders whether he'd like to see that separation die16:36
tilmantreach: btw, how's your ports database manifest coming along?16:36
treachI haven't had much time to do anything about it lately. It's not dead yet though. :)16:37
treachHopefully I'll be able to have a look at it tomorrow.16:38
tilmani didn't hack much on libpkgutils6 either16:38
tilmancould you forward ott's 2nd mail to me?16:40
tilmani deleted my copy and need the message-id and stuff16:40
treachsent. hope I got it right. :)16:42
sepenI think ott16:42
sepenuhh sorry16:42
treachno problem16:43
tilmantreach: would you mind looking up the message-id of his mail?16:44
treachI need to get crux back, suse doesn't have any package for abook. :/16:44
treachMessage-ID: <>16:46
tilman<3, thanks16:46
treachyou're welcome16:46
treachamazing that he knows that what you're working on isn't better than the present solution.16:48
treachI'm sure he arrived to that after a lot of testing..16:49
treachAlso wish that he'd mention another distribution which makes it *easier* to participate16:50
treachDoes he think shooting of an email is all it takes to become a debian or fedora dev..?16:52
treachahem, scratch fedora, say opensuse instead.16:52
tilman"I think patches should be merged as soon as possible."16:53
tilmanmakes me think he's like 1516:53
treachno idea. sounds like fedora to me. :p16:53
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* tilman hits the abort button17:00
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