IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-10-06

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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Oct 09:18 - sqlite3: update to 3.5.1 || 6 Oct 09:15 - sylpheed: update to 2.4.704:39
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cptnyay, sip!07:40
sipgief access 2me. NOW!07:40
sipheya :)07:40
tilmanhi sip :D07:41
sipfinally something entertaining to read during weekend07:41
sipon a more serious note, we should really try to sort things out regarding developement in general07:43
tilmanif had a heretic thought yesterday07:44
tilmanerr, i've had*07:44
tilmansip: i'm not sure the core/opt maintainers separation makes much sense these days07:44
treachor maybe even "I had"? :P07:44
tilmantenses schmenses07:44
tilmansip: what were you thinking about?07:45
sipapart from xorg maybe, I'd be in favour of merging the two collections07:45
tilmani didn't think of merging the repos07:46
tilmanbut just merging the develoepr pools07:46
tilmanlet anyone do anything07:46
cptnaon for core dev!07:46
tilmanif $person messes up core.git, slap him07:46
tilmanno big deal07:46
tilmani'm confident enough that they won't, though07:46
siplooks like I need to increase my coffee doses :)07:47
treachI love the way a lot of people seems to belive that 90% working translates to 90% done...07:50
treachlike mr Koller and this guy does.07:51
sipwell, it works when sub-tasks are equally difficult to implement07:52
* tilman runs07:53
treachIME, those last 5-10% usually are where the majority of the effort is. :s07:53
siphehe true07:53
sipback in a few mins07:54
tilmangotta run, too07:55
cptni'll going offline as well07:55
cptnhave a nice Saturday07:55
treachsame to you cptn07:55
cptnthanks :-)07:56
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aonbut in other news, my laptop setup seems fine so far08:03
aonno clear disadvantages from using linux08:06
aonlet's see how nightmarish it is to get ipsec running08:06
clbUpdate from opt: 6 Oct 12:47 - irssi: updated to version 0.8.12 || 6 Oct 12:43 - firefox-java-plugin: version 1.6.008:09
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aonhow do you undo a commit?08:56
tilmandid you already push?08:56
tilmangit reset --hard HEAD^ should do it08:56
aonyep, thanks08:56
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tilmani just realized that tuesday evening probably sucks for aon09:08
aonindeed it does09:08
aoni'll reply to the list09:12
tilmanmy mail server is on fire today09:48
aonmplayer has zlib in nice to have10:15
aonalthough it's in core10:15
aoni'd file a bug if i was any less lazy10:16
tilmanwhen you don't have zlib, you probably cannot untar the mplayer sources anyway10:16
aonguess i'll just wait until jaeger shows up10:16
aonhehe, yeah10:16
aonshouldn't module ports have depmod in post-install?10:19
tilmanor maybe pkgadd should call it10:20
tilmansimilar to how it calls ldconfig10:20
aonwell, yeah10:21
aonpreferably so10:21
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treach"NetBSD has it, OpenBSD has it, FreeBSD to some extent, so I think Linux should too."10:46
treachgrrr. I hate that type of argument.10:46
aonusually it's the other way around, though10:55
treachdoesn't matter. it's the type of argument you're (hopefully) taught isn't an argument - in kindergarten (or equivalent).10:58
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treachyour computer is trying to tell you you shouldn't use such bloated crap as thunderbird.14:31
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