IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-10-10

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j^2hey all09:02
jaegerI forgot to bring this up yesterday but I'd like to consider inclusion of a source file repos feature again09:12
jaegersomething off-by-default09:12
jaegerI've got a patch for it somewhere, I'll see if it applies to the current pkgutils09:12
mike_kjaeger: like "source mirrors" or something completely different?09:21
jaegerexactly like that09:21
jaegersource mirrors that get contacted first, then fall back to the original09:22
jaegerit works quite well, been using it on a machine or two for some time09:22
mike_kI have to patch every crux install for that. I'd like to something like it in the default install.09:23
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jaegeryeah, that's what I'm getting at09:24
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jaegerfound it,
clbUpdate from opt: 10 Oct 14:18 - quota: initial release, thanks Mikhail Kolesnik09:42
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tilman2.6.23 was released just in time, too11:41
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Romsteri've found some ports in core that need some minor work.12:23
Romstergcc needs make -j1, or some files get missed on install, glibc needs rm -rf /usr/info, and coreutils needs a look at and why does it use move and not a new path, also $PKG/bin/su dosn't exist.12:25
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jueRomster: gcc -> might be, glibc/coreutils -> works for me13:48
Romsterin 2.3 or you testing 2.3?13:48
Romsterk i was testing in 2.3 i'll test out 2.4 and see if it has the same problems.13:49
juewrt gcc: for some reason I added a -j1 otion already, but only for the make install part13:54
tilmanromster: gcc 4.2.2 won't hit 2.3. as usual :p14:13
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Romstertrue :P14:19
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juehmm, gcc works for me too (with -j3 set)14:36
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RomsterCannot get remote repository information.16:13
RomsterPerhaps git-update-server-info needs to be run there?16:13
Romsterand thats on core, i had the same on iso too.16:14
Romsteri got core out yesterday but nope not today...16:14
RomsterPerhaps git-update-server-info needs to be run there?16:14
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