IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-10-11

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clbUpdate from core: 11 Oct 07:18 - which: update to 2.1702:46
clbUpdate from opt: 11 Oct 08:36 - fuse: added patch for kernel 2.6.2303:52
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sepencurious link, I found it investigation about arm arch for linux08:56
sepenI purchased a gp32 game console in ebay08:56
sepenI'll try to run crux-arm when I'll have some time08:57
j^2how's everyone's day?08:57
sepenany idea for how to cross-compile for crux?08:57
j^2good outlook, or a had a good day?08:57
sepenj^2, what?08:57
j^2sepen: actaully look into ps2 linux, there are some howtos08:58
clbUpdate from core: 11 Oct 14:23 - tar: updated to 1.19.09:47
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clbUpdate from opt: 11 Oct 15:22 - gdb: updated to 6.7.10:23
clbUpdate from core: 11 Oct 14:56 - libarchive: updated to
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sipanyboe else encountered problems with the openssl port while using fetch/rebase on the 2.4 branch?12:49
sipI seem to end up with a Pkgfile without the CVE-2007-5135 fix12:49
tilmanlooks fine here13:01
tilmansip: are you sure you rebased from a 2.4 checkout?13:03
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siptilman, yeah, but I likely mistyped something or confused two terminals13:21
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tilmanjaeger: wanna give a try?13:37
tilmanjaeger: it's a supybot plugin that can monitor git trees and announce changes/pushes to a channel13:37
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jaegerhow can I get vim to allow me to middle-click paste in a terminal again?16:24
jaegernot using the same clipboard buffer or something16:25
tilmanhold shift16:25
sipor install emacs16:25
treachI had to rebuild it to get that working16:25
treachwithout --without-x works too. :)16:26
sip(sorry couln't resist)16:26
treach(Not sure why that was added.. it's not like there's a footprint error or anything)16:26
sipmaybe some linking issue, since vim is in core?16:27
jaegerhrmm... what about copying out of vim instead of getting into visual mode?16:27
jaegermaybe I'd just be better of rebuilding it without x16:27
tilman:set mouse=16:27
tilmanthen you can use the mouse to mark and paste as usual16:28
tilmanafterwards, :set mouse=a again16:28
treachah. grazie tilman16:28
jaegerawesome, thanks16:28
jaegerer, with. yeah16:29
jaegercan't make my brain and fingers cooperate for some reason16:29
treachit's just thursday, too early to start drinking. ;)16:30
sipremind me never to lsten you playing piano then16:30
treachsip: piano is fine, violin would be much worse. :P16:30
siphehe true16:31
sipshall we close #154 ? Not sure if there's anything left16:34
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sipgod, our flyspray buttons tend to burn my retina16:38
treachoh, tilman now I get what you meant about unsubscribing people. What an idiiiiot. :/16:40
treachdon't ask to ask. also, did you try google?16:51
tilmanwhy does this always happen to you?16:52
treachsee other channel. :P16:52
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Romsterjaeger, i knwo oyu got it sorted in vim but this may be handy still
jaegerhrmm, interesting. thanks for the link19:09
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