IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-10-12

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tilmani wonder whether juergen is updating openssl right now03:13
tilmanwhile i'm doing it03:14
tilmanOpenSSL version mismatch. Built against 90805f, you have 90807003:25
tilmanfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly03:25
tilmanerror: failed to push to 'ssh://'03:25
tilmanbut that's good, cause i forgot the [notify] :)03:26
tilmanopenssl is in core03:42
tilmanso "revdep openssl" doesn't work03:42
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tilmanmorning jue :)04:10
juehi tilman, why don't we list openssl as an dep?04:11
tilmanbecause it's a runtime dep from core04:11
jue    *04:12
jue          o run-time dependencies from core which aren't dynamically linked in are not to be listed, either04:12
jue-> aren't04:13
tilmanhang on04:13
jue prt-get dependent openssl | wc -l04:14
juethat's only core/opt04:14
tilmani'm confused04:15
tilmanshouldn't revdep print the same list as prt-get dependent?04:15
jueyep, but it prints only missing deps afik04:18
juesorry, finddeps is the same, but using ldd04:21
juegrrr, forget it04:21
tilmandoes that still apply? do i have to bump every port now that depends on openssl? :D04:22
tilmanbtw: why openssl breaks binary compatibility in a point release is really weird ._o04:22
jueyep, indeed04:23
jueno that's strange, I'd apply it to 2.4 only04:24
tilmanyou mean the openssl upgrade?04:24
tilmanjue: all done04:30
juefine, thanks04:44
tilmani'll talk to jaeger today to get his iso merged04:44
tilman_maybe_ we should think about building curl with gnutls rather than openssl04:59
tilmanunfortunately gnutls pulls in some other deps04:59
tilmani think curl is only in core because httpup is in core, right?05:01
tilmanit would be cool if we could move both to opt :)05:01
juereplacing wget with curl might be an option as well ;-)05:14
tilmaneg echo "curl $1" > /usr/bin/wget05:15
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juewget depends on openssl too, btw05:17
clbUpdate from opt: 12 Oct 10:54 - quota: adjusted /etc/quota paths in comments05:58
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j^2hey all08:53
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j^2no love :(10:30
tilmanaaawww, por j^210:43
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