IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-10-14

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Romstertilman, new libpng with a bugfix01:11
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tilmanRomster: i'm updating it now03:41
Romstercool :)03:42
Romsternot sure if oyu use ck4up or not. i just spoted it on freshmeat, sorry if i intrude on all the update notices :P03:42
tilmanyeah, it's in my ck4up03:42
Romsterah cool so it was pointless of me to notice :P03:43
clbUpdate from opt: 14 Oct 08:42 - libpng: updated to
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tilman(12:32) <      azi`> 205:32
tilmanvery suspicious05:32
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clbUpdate from opt: 14 Oct 12:30 - netpbm: updated to 10.35.32 || 14 Oct 12:30 - wine: updated to 0.9.4707:37
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tilmanjaeger: want to import your iso stuff in a branch of iso.git?11:03
jaegersure... what's the preferred way to do it? something that preserves svn history or just export and add?11:05
tilmani'd just export and add11:05
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tilmangit branch new_iso11:05
tilmangit checkout new_iso11:05
tilmangit rm * # all the old stuff11:05
tilmangit commit -a -m "Removed old stuff."11:05
tilmancp -r new . / add / commit11:06
jaegerany preference as to the branch name?11:09
tilmani thought of "new_iso", but it doesn't matter muhc11:09
jaegerthat's fine with me11:09
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jaegernow that the branch is created do I need to push it?11:14
tilmanyeah, just 'git push' as usual11:15
jaegerand that's safe since I'm on the new_iso branch, right?11:15
jaegerit says "everything up-to-date"11:16
tilmangit push origin new_iso11:17
jaegerok, that looks more interesting :)11:17
jaegerand now it shows up in gitweb11:17
tilmanwhen you push a branch for the first time (when it's not there in the destination repo) you need to give the name explicitly11:19
tilmanto prevent you from pushing private "throw-away" branches11:19
jaegerI guess we don't really use our git repo in the intended distributed sense, do we?11:26
jaegerlinus' idea of "everyone can pull from everyone else, no central repo"11:26
tilmanno, we don't11:26
jaegerjust wanted to make sure I was understanding that properly11:27
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aonhaha, nice12:41
aonthat accidental push prevention, that is12:41
jaegerneat feature12:48
tilmantemporary branches rock12:49
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