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siphi. can anybody please confirm some issue with sqlite3 and/or svntrac on 2.3?
sipsvntrac init /tmp test should spit out some error04:08
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siplooks some incompatibility with the new sqlite internals. I guess I'll stick with 3.4.x for a while04:55
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j^2_hey all08:45
j^2_had a good weekend jaeger ?08:54
jaegernot bad but not long enough. you?08:55
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j^2i try to catch up on my sleep and it seems it's never worth it08:55
j^2i've got a bash script but i want to put an expect script inside of would i do that?09:16
jaeger"expect blah.exp" in the bash script? dunno, haven't used expect in over 10 years09:19
j^2i think that works09:20
j^2i didnt know you could put expect as a "one-liner"09:20
jaeger@seen viper_09:27
clbjaeger: viper_ was last seen in #crux-devel 5 days, 19 hours, 18 minutes, and 7 seconds ago: <Viper_> could be :) i added some people to the db last time09:27
jaegerin case anyone cares, I'm planning to put a README or something in the new_iso branch that shows my basic build process09:30
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jaegerok, uploaded a quickref type thing13:43
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Romsterjaeger, +1 for README on new_iso17:19
treachRomster: that would be like this:17:20
jaegerthere are of course other ways to set up the system to build it but what I uploaded is how I do it17:20
treach@karma jaeger17:20
clbtreach: Karma for "jaeger" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.17:20
jaegerhere Ithought the karma module was broken17:22
treachapparently not. :P17:22
treachI question the google module though.17:22
treachcalc apparently doesn't work17:23
treach(Or I'm too stupid to figure it out)17:23
jaegerthat wouldn't surprise me too much, it's always been somewhat flaky17:23
jaeger@google calc 50932.57cc in us gallons17:23
clbjaeger: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.17:23
jaeger@google calc 1 inch in centimeters17:23
clbjaeger: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.17:23
jaeger@google calc 47 * 717:23
clbjaeger: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.17:23
jaegeryeah, seems pretty retarded17:24
treachputting it in quotes doesn't work either17:24
treachneither does -calk17:24
treachneither does -calc17:24
jaegerI heard they were disabling/discontinuing the google api keys17:24
jaegermaybe that's what's going on17:24
treachthat's a shame17:25
treach-calc is actually pretty usefull.17:25
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Romsterjaeger, i haven't looekd but i dislike the crux Makefile using pkgmk that uses settings in /etc/pkgmk.conf since i use spefic flags for my exact cpu and not just i68622:21
jaegerthat's one reason I build it in a chroot with defaults22:34
jaegeralso solves problems like cups in the gtk build, etc.23:01
jaegerwith that said, you are of course more than welcome to suggest an alternate23:06
Romsterah yes and footprint mismatches.23:22
Romsteri'll have a look over the setup since i was messing with the crux one i'll give yours a try and see how i like it.23:23
Romsterimo chroots are a simple and clean way todo it.23:23
jaegerdefinitely my preferred way23:28
jaegerin the case of pkgmk you can override the config file it uses but I don't need to in the chroot23:29
Romsteryeah in a chroot it just works, but yeah i know what you mean with the override for the config file.23:50
Romsteron another note i'm not happy with udev not automaticly turning dvd/cd drives to the proper group, goes to disks and not crdom, would prefer the group to be renamed 'media' or something or 'optical' maybe. not sure but the group="cdrom" should be added to the dvd/cd drives.23:53
jaegerthe old one did this, heh23:58

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