IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-10-19

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j^2happy friday!09:04
Romsterlol ya mean saturday :P09:52
j^2hehe, Romster your the aussie right ;)?09:52
Romsterone of them :p09:53
j^2what do you think of City Homicide?09:53
Romsterhaven't watched it.09:53
Romsteri could find out when it's on and see09:53
j^2"mondays at 8.30" iirc09:54
j^2i've been religiously watching it, (eztv), it's interesting to see what aussies can get away with where it would totally taboo in the US09:55
tilmanlike smoking in their apartments?09:55
tilmanwell, that's not a total taboo, but it's still idiotic :p09:56
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aonj^2: yay, friday!10:11
aonfriday = get-away-from-the-regiment-day10:11
aonmore often than not :p10:12
aonnow some ugly man sat next to me on the train :(10:12
aoni highly prefer young females10:13
j^2hehe i'm totally with you there ;)10:13
aonoh well, bbl ->10:15
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treachjaeger: seen there's a new firefox?12:41
treachah, guessed so. :p12:42
jaegerI've built it already but there are a lot of permission issues in this one12:44
jaegeridl and includes getting installed 0600, etc.12:44
jaegeryeah =/12:46
treachI noticed I got massive fotprint differences when I built it .7 here as a 64 bit binary. :/12:46
treachfirefox really doesn't look to be all that it's made out to be, when you look at the seams. :>12:47
jjpkThought that was already agreed over a few months ago. ;)12:51
treachjjpk: true, but the evidence keeps piling up. One would hope that over time the product would *improve*, whereas with ff, the contrary seems to be the case. :/12:54
jjpkIndeed. :/12:59
jjpkMaybe it is time to switch to a static version of opera if nothing else.13:01
treachdo they have a 64b version yet? :P13:05
treach"No." :>13:07
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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Oct 23:44 - xemacs: updated to 21.4.21 || 19 Oct 23:29 - cmus: updated urls19:10
clbUpdate from opt: 20 Oct 01:08 - kqemu: added patch for kernel >= 2.6.2320:40

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