IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-10-22

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j^2hey all08:58
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j^2morning matt09:10
tilmanhi j-people09:10
j^2eztv failed me :(09:11
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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Oct 15:26 - firefox: updated to and patched (from Danny Rawlins) for permissions issues || 22 Oct 15:24 - postfix: updated to version 2.4.610:57
tilmanjaeger: can you also update opt/poppler?10:59
jaegerjust did, actually, but haven't pushed it until I test11:04
jaegerevince rendering is suffering pretty badly right now, dunno if it's poppler or what11:08
jaegerhrmm... looks better on best fit even if fit page width should look fine11:09
jaegerI don't think it's a poppler issue but not sure11:10
jaegerlooks the same with other versions, I'm going with evince problem on this11:14
tilmanoh, mmh11:17
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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Oct 16:10 - poppler: updated to version 0.6.111:27
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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Oct 18:25 - lftp: updated to
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