IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-10-24

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j^2morning all08:49
j^2how's your day look?08:53
jaegerok so far, yours? trying to sort out a partition table error on my laptop08:54
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j^2i dunno, it looks all quiet in the western front...but i'm waiting for the nazis to appear :P08:57
j^2have you heard of Ergo Proxy?08:58
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jaegergimp 2.4 depends on python by default, wonder if that will annoy people15:15
tilmanit annoys me15:17
tilmanthe sucky thing is that it doesn't do autodetection for python15:17
tilmanie you *need* to pass --disable-python if you don't want to pull it in15:17
jaegerI always have python installed but I imagine someone will bitch up a storm if it's included15:17
tilmanmmh, wait15:18
tilmani have python too, but still i had to add --disable-python for the RCs15:18
tilmanso the situation must be a bit different15:18
jaegerI can see people not wanting to install python and pygtk for it so I'll probably disable it, at least for now15:19
jaegerthinking also of leaving cups/ghostscript out of the deps since they're not *required*15:39
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jaegermore specifically, remove gimp-print from the deps15:40
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tilmanooooh, it has gone final!16:02
clbUpdate from opt: 24 Oct 20:58 - pidgin: updated to version 2.2.2 || 24 Oct 20:44 - gimp: updated to version 2.4.0 || 24 Oct 20:40 - pango: updated to version 1.18.3 || 24 Oct 20:39 - glib: updated to version 2.14.2 || 24 Oct 20:38 - atk: updated to version 1.20.0 || 24 Oct 20:38 - gtk: updated to version 2.12.116:10
tilman=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:16:26
tilmanMISSING   332a8655901fa90a99fd8f5400ef252f  pango.modules16:26
tilmanNEW       c91cc6900d4fad301ac70b47369579cb  pango.modules16:26
tilmanjaeger: ^16:26
jaegerthanks, will fix it16:32
clbUpdate from opt: 24 Oct 21:30 - pango: updated .md5sum16:40
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tilmanjaeger: same problem with gtk: gtk.immodules, gdk-pixbuf.loaders17:05
* tilman hides17:05
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jaegerahh, bullshit17:09
jaegerI fixed that one17:09
jaegerFUCK you, git17:09
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jaegerI could swear I had the right files but NOOO17:11
* jaeger sighs17:11
treachbad hair day? :P17:20
jaegerI'm obviously too stupid to work git reliably17:26
treachmaybe you should try one of those friendly gui-things. ;)17:27
jaegerI can imagine that making it worse17:27
* treach feels safe a few thousands km away. :D17:27
clbUpdate from opt: 24 Oct 22:13 - gtk: .md5sum again17:40
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