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pitillogot problems testing 2.4, aynone testing it too? while trying to update ports, seems to be a problem with rsync: error while loading shared libraries  (no such file)03:34
pitillocan someone test it? (sorry if was my fault and really it isn't a problem from iso)03:34
Romsterinstall popt package03:35
Romsterthen retry03:35
pitillocant find it03:36
pitillolooking at that tip Romster, thank you03:36
pitilloI installed core,opt,xorg (all packages)03:36
pitillomay be the iso is missing that port and must be included too03:36
pitilloI hope this info can be usefull (if really wasn't my error)03:37
Romsterpopt is in opt it'll have to be moved to core and aded as a dependencys for rsync if this is the case03:38
pitillowell or add it to opt in the iso03:38
Romsterif rsync requires it and rsync is in core, which it is popt should be in core.03:39
Romsteri'm gonna test by removing popt then see if rsync works.03:39
Romsterdid you rebuild rsync after installing popt?03:41
Romsteror it may already be linked to it..03:41
pitilloI cant rebuild anything03:41
pitilloI have no port tree, only packeges provided by the iso03:42
Romsterbut rsync may not of been compiled with popt present if that is even possable.03:42
Romsteryes you can...03:42
pitilloI think opop must be added to opt in the iso03:42
Romsterthen download popt Pkgfile03:42
pitillopffff, what a bad typing03:42
Romsteroff the crux site then pkgmk install.03:42
pitillowell, yeas, doing it by hand is possible,03:42
Romsterok rsync requires popt03:43
pitilloI will try it, but the problem will be solved, but not from the iso. :)03:43
pitilloI hope jue can take a look to this channel log03:43
pitilloand take note about this problem03:43
pitillotesting it03:43
Romsterdo you have gettext installed?03:43
Romsterwell just get around it for now it's been noted..03:44
pitilloyes, it is provided03:44
Romsterand i've confirmed it.03:44
pitilloI will add popt, 1 minute03:44
Romsterok somehow i've recked gcc... this is why openexr wouldn't compile, popt jsut faield to compile...03:46
Romsterchecking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables03:46
pitillotoo hard for me Romster03:46
Romsterit's not hard download popt Pkgfile into some directory and run pkgmk03:47
Romsterthen pkgmk -i03:47
Romsterhow hard is that?03:47
pitilloI mean the last sentences about openexr03:48
Romsterthen rsync will work03:48
Romsterthen you can get the ports tree03:48
pitilloI am building popt to test it03:48
pitillono problem with that03:48
Romsterah i got openexr to compile on my other box i got a gcc issue.03:48
Romsterabout to install gcc from the 2.3 iso03:48
pitillowell, popt must be added to the iso03:49
pitillogetting ports tree now03:49
Romsteryeah popt will have to be added to core03:50
pitillothen sysup and I will see what happen then. Trying to do something usefull03:50
Romsterwhich is included on the iso then03:50
clbUpdate from core: 26 Oct 08:27 - which: update to 2.18 || 26 Oct 08:26 - gawk: update to 3.1.6 || 26 Oct 08:25 - dhcpcd: update to 3.1.703:50
Romsterand addded to rsync as a dependency03:50
pitillowell, dont know if must be in core or opt, the point is to be added03:50
sepenRomster, pitillo, please report your tests at ML too03:50
Romstersepen, i can not all australian people including me is blocked frm ML03:51
pitillosepen, ok03:51
Romsterbut pitillo can report it and say i've confirmed it rsync requires popt03:51
Romsterso popt should be moved to core repo03:51
sepenok, I think its more useful If we have a little summary for task to do03:52
Romsterand add popt to rsync dependends03:52
Romsterpitillo, submit a bug report to flyspray?03:53
Romstermake it urgent03:53
sepenpitillo have you an account on flyspray?03:54
pitillosepen, yes, I have sent the mail to ML. If you think it's a good idea to report it to flyspray I can do it too.03:54
Romsterargh cd with no writing and i dunno whats on it...03:55
Romsterunless it's a blank one..03:55
pitilloand I think I made it bad because I didn't read the flyspray and this problem may be is filled there. In this case I am sorry03:55
pitillochecking it. Thank you :)03:55
sepenimo that kind of fixes may appear at flyspray as soon as possible03:56
Romsterthought so it's empty03:56
pitillois there a way to check dev ML from web? I dont know if I sent it well.03:56
sepenor directly mail to core devels03:57
Romsterwell that should be addressed before 2.4 is released..03:57
pitilloI think this is more personal way to talk about problems, but it's a good idea to have differents ways to talk. :)03:57
pitillonever filled a bug....03:59
pitillotaking a look, I hope I can do it well and dont break anything... Im the best breaking things03:59
Romsteryou are... i somehow managed to break gcc....04:01
pitilloI cant select 2.4, is this really a good way to fill a bug? Think that it's only a test iso.04:01
Romsternot it applys to current version too...04:01
Romsteronly reason no one else has seen it is becasue they have popt already installed.04:02
pitillowell, but it's the 2.4test iso, I think no one testing it has it installed04:03
Romsterwell when popt is moved to core it'll be included on the 2.4 iso when it's rebuilt!04:03
pitillothis can be a bug that exists in older releases, checking deps from rsync on 2.3 and it hasn't popt04:04
Romsterget the drift?04:04
pitilloI think so04:04
Romsterit only exists in crux-2.3 becasue rsync has been updated since then and now requires popt as a dependency04:04
Romsterthe crux-2.3 iso has a older version of rsync on it that dosn't require popt04:05
Romsterso installing off the cd and doing a sysup would break rsync unless popt got installed.04:05
Romsterat some stage.04:05
pitillounderstood Romster, thank you for your patience and your explanations04:06
Romsterprt-cache dependent --all popt |xargs04:06
Romstercryptsetup desktop-file-utils dia distcc libdv librsync oprofile vcdimager04:06
Romsterany one of them packages would pull in popt04:06
Romsterand hide the problem you just found.04:07
Romsterpitillo, be wise todo a only core install with popt only then see if anything else is broken in core.04:07
Romsterby recompiling all of core.04:08
Romsterexcept the tool chain.04:08
Romstersepen, that would so help if that page had a search option!04:09
pitillogot it sepen, thank you :)04:09
Romsteralthough can use google to search that.04:09
pitilloyeah, I looked directly to, next time I will try to ask google before doing here, sorry04:09
Romsterok wtf is going on04:09
Romsteri readded gcc off the cd and i'm still broken...04:10
Romsterchecking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables04:10
Romsteri can't compile popt04:10
Romsterhrmm there is more this rsync issue04:11
Romsterpitillo, sepen i jsut realsied soemthing else rsync can work without popt04:11
Romsterthe problem with the 2.4 text iso is popt was present when rsync was compiled.04:11
Romsteranother words rsync will use popt if it is present during compiling04:12
sepensurely i can be recompiled without popt dep04:12
Romsterpitillo once you have the tree remove popt and recompile rsync.04:12
pitillook, well, at least I hope this can be usefull to fix the problem.04:12
sepenI think could be more useful to rebuild the iso with the lastest Matt's Mafiles04:12
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Roomster<pitillo> ok, well, at least I hope this can be usefull to fix the problem.04:21
Roomster<Romster> it should then work without popt04:21
pitilloit should work if rsync is compiled with popt, isn't it? and seems that the rsync provided at 2.4test iso wasnt.04:23
pitilloor am I in wrong?04:24
Roomsterthe rsync on the 2.4 test must of had popt present when rsync got compiled04:24
Roomsterotherwise rsync will work without popt04:24
Roomstermaybe my glibc is broken so i'll readd that and see if gcc works then04:26
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Oct 13:18 - dbus: corrected location in rc script08:20
jaegertime to test the 2.4 test image, woo08:23
aoni think i'll do that too this weekend08:23
aontonight i'm hoping to get drunk08:24
jaegerwhere there's a will there's a way08:25
aondamn gprs is flaky on trains08:25
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Romsterjaeger, got 2 things to report..08:38
Romsterdo you update core?08:38
jaegerif necessary08:38
Romsterbindutils needs -j1 added to 'make -C bin/dig' to make it 'make -C bin/dig -j1'08:39
Romsterelse it failes to compile with MAKEFLAGS='-j4'08:39
Romsterand theres a issue with rsync with the crux 2.4 iso test pitillo found and i tested that rsync will link with popt from opt repo if it is installed. now the 2.4 iso has rsync and it was compiled on a system with popt present, but not present on the iso.. so pitillo had to download the Pkgfile for popt manually compile install then rsync worked.08:41
Romsterso popt needs to be in core or a flag added to rsync to not use popt.08:41
Romsterwhen you do the iso set MAKEFLAGS='-j4' or some numner 2 or more. so you can find problems with packages.08:43
Romsterif any others exist.08:43
tilmanjue already fixed that rsync/popt issue08:44
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Romstertilman, ok i didn't see becasue i was looking on 2.3 branch, shouldn't that fix also be applied to 2.3 also?08:58
tilmandoesn't really matter anymore, does it? :D08:59
Romsternot soon no..09:02
Romsterthat leaves bindutils fix ^09:03
jaegernot much of an issue for 2.3 users anyway. neither the official nor my ISO exhibits it09:03
j^2hey guys09:03
Romsterbecause you never use more than 1 make jobs...09:03
jaegerI use -j4 all the time09:03
jaegerheyo, j^209:03
jaegerI was talking about the rsync problem09:04
j^2oh friday how i love you09:04
Romsterwell you'll find bindutils breaks..09:04
Romsterguess rsync problem dosn't matter on 2.3 but it /dosn't/ hurt to apply the fix to the 2.3 branch either and not update the revision...09:05
Romsterj^2, :P09:05
jaegertesting bindutils09:06
jaegerinteresting... using -jX on the host without distcc causes no problems... using -j3, -j4 with distcc it errors out in lib/09:10
jaegerbut only some of the time09:13
jaegerwill make the entire thing -j1, I guess09:15
jaegerwhich brings up a side question - do we prefer 'export MAKEFLAGS="$MAKEFLAGS -j1"' in Pkgfiles or individual make -j1 statements?09:17
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Romstermake -j1 why would ya want to use the other..11:06
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aon :p13:09
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Oct 20:42 - cdrtools: switched to recent (alpha) version 2.01.01a3615:46
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