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clbUpdate from opt: 30 Oct 08:24 - dovecot: update to 1.0.7 || 30 Oct 08:22 - stunnel: new source url03:43
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j^2morning gentlemen09:10
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Romsterjaeger, i got a update for libdvdnav that now includes libdvdread, and i see you maintain libdvdread in opt. what should i do? add the new libdvdnav to contrib and you drop libdvdnav or do you want to take libdvdnav over and place it in opt?16:09
jaegerprefer to drop it and you put nav in contrib16:10
Romstertranscode and dvdauthor built agenst the new libdvdnav fine too.16:10
Romsterrename dvdauthor's dependency to libdvdnav from libdvdread too please.16:10
Romsteronly problem i have is i can't put a mail on the mailing list to remove libdvdread.16:11
jaegeryou might want to subscribe from some outside account like gmail until that's sorted out16:12
jaegerbefore I remove libdvdread, is there some good reason this new libdvdnav includes it? have they merged officially or is this some third-party hack type thing?16:13
Romsterit's mplayers person that'sbeen way updated and dvdread and dvdnav have been merged together. seems the sourceforge site of libdvdnav is very out of date and not being maintained.16:16
Romsterplus the version was a snapshot from vlc 2005021116:16
jaegerI can imagine someone bitching about bloat in libdvdnav that they don't need or whatever but I don't really care :)16:18
jaegerI don't use dvdauthor anymore, do you want to adopt it for contrib? I'm not comfortable with it depending on contrib ports while being in opt16:18
Romsterit's quite small and the origional problem was dvdnav required dvdread and dvdread required dvdnav so it seemed. plus the library is very small.16:20
Romsterk i use dvdauthor16:20
jaegerok. I'll remove both from opt, then16:20
Romstersaves you a port.16:20
Romsteri realy only want to maintain what i use too, else it's a real pain.16:21
jaegerI get behind on updates sometimes because I forget about something that has my name on it, heh16:21
Romsterah ck4up :)16:21
Romsterbut then i sometimes miss something too.16:21
jaegeryeah, I run it and I add things when I notice them not in the list16:22
jaegerok, removed16:24
Romsterlike 0.6.11 is otuof date 0.6.14 is out.16:24
Romsterk about too add them 2 soon after i update dvdauthor16:24
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Oct 21:24 - libdvdread, dvdauthor: removed, being replaced by contrib libdvdnav and dvdauthor16:25
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