IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-10-31

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j^2hey all08:59
j^2how's everyone doing?09:00
tilmanpretty damn fine09:10
j^2pretty damn fine eh? passed a good test lately?09:16
j^2i hate mornings but other than that all in all ok :-/ *sleepy*09:16
tilmanj^2: i passed the other math exam almost perfect, and i had expected to fail it :09:17
tilmanand i finished another stupid assignment09:17
tilmanso as of today i've got free time again!09:17
j^2nice :D09:17
j^2perfect time to go trick or treating...but as time has progressed mainly treating :P09:18
tilmanno trick and treat in germany09:19
tilmanat least not where i live, thankfully09:19
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roliveirathe Pkgfile for limewire is missing the link...15:29
roliveiradownload link15:30
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Romsterroliveira, read the README19:47
roliveiraRomster, ok i missed that19:52
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