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clbUpdate from opt: 2 Nov 08:55 - whois: update to 4.7.24 || 2 Nov 08:54 - unison: update to 2.27.48 || 2 Nov 08:52 - fakeroot: update to 1.8.3 || 2 Nov 08:51 - cups: update to 1.3.404:10
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j^2hey all09:07
j^2how's the weekend look?09:29
jaegernot long enough, most likely :)09:33
j^2do you want spooks?09:36
tilmanhi guys09:37
j^2hey tilman09:37
j^2how's your weekend looking tilman ?09:39
tilmangreat, i don't have *anything* to do :D09:41
j^2i'm envyness09:41
j^2i'm going to houstan \o_09:41
j^2gonna go hang out in the ghhheeeetttooo09:45
tilmanhouston is yuck?09:57
jaegerI don't like it much, myself10:00
jaegerjust too big and badly arranged, takes forever to get places10:00
j^2same here, crime, flat, smellsof oil, and ugly10:00
tilmanj^2: good luck then!10:01
j^2things you do for you gfs10:01
jaegercan we codename crux 2.4 "xD" ?10:11
j^2"late" :P10:11
j^2"on the way" ;)10:12
tilman"sorry, we're late xD"10:12
jaegertilman: should it be possible for me to use aiglx and compiz fusion on an r200 (8500 LE)?10:30
tilmanjaeger: probably10:30
jaegernot really sure why I want to but I do :P10:30
tilmandual-head might be a problem10:30
tilmani think r200 can only manage textures as large as 2480x248010:31
jaegerhrmm... well, my xorg log says aiglx is enabled, that's a good start10:31
jaegerdon't need dual-head on that machine, just messing around anyway10:31
tilmanshould work then10:32
jaegerdirect rendering and GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap are both available, according to glxinfo :)10:32
tilmani've seen wobbly windows in action now10:44
tilmanit's cool for about 2 minutes10:44
tilmanbut this expose-like feature of compiz is nice10:44
jaegermost of the plugins are pure eye candy and not useful but some like the expose one are very nice to have10:45
jaegerspeaking of expose, I should be getting a macbook pro soon10:45
jaegerI also really like the window previews since it's easier to find the exact window I want when I'm running a lot of the same app (like terminals)10:47
jaegeroh, neat -
jaegerdashboard-style thingies for compiz-fusion10:58
jaegerat least those could be useful10:58
j^2i have never used my dashboard on any of my macs11:00
j^2and i've never gotten the "sticky" version too, the one that actaully sits on the desktop11:00
jaegerI don't use it because the only mac I have is very slow... but I could see some of them being useful when I get the macbook pro11:00
jaegereven if I don't ever end up using them, though, I think the idea is neat11:02
j^2hitting f12 or whatever the default is to get them just isnt convientant imho11:02
jaegerI do like that they stay out of the way until you want them11:06
jaegerso for something like quick reference or maybe a todo list (like sticky notes or something) it could be handy11:06
jaegerbut nothing I couldn't live without11:06
clbUpdate from opt: 2 Nov 17:24 - pyrex: updated to version
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jaegertilman: here's something odd... glxinfo reports GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is available... compiz says it's not :)13:33
jaegerah, maybe it's that it's missing from GLX extensions but is listed in both client and server extensions for some reason13:54
jaegerif I run it with LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 it'll work13:55
tilmanjaeger: mmh, no idea on that13:58
jaegerwish I had my nvidia laptop handy14:21
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clbUpdate from opt: 2 Nov 19:42 - firefox: updated to version
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