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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Nov 12:38 - cyrus-sasl: fixed URL06:52
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Romsterjaeger, new firefox version dosn't need my fix anymore.18:43
treachhmm, am I the only one who have firefox running as if stuck in tar? :/18:45
treachit's *really* slow, and it uses huge amounts of cpu.18:45
Romster? you mean during building?18:46
treachduring normal usage18:46
Romsteri know firefox is slow to load...18:46
treachno plugins, and pretty plain pages too.18:46
treachRomster: switching from one page to another takes several seconds here.18:46
Romsteri'm loading it up now.18:47
treachI'm suspecting something's wrong with my build. :/18:47
Romsteri think so mine works fine..18:48
Romsteri did however add -fno-strict-aliasing18:48
Romsteri didn't like all the warnings.18:49
treachno, there were heaps of them.18:49
Romstereven then there are other warnings i don't like too18:49
treachsame with mesa(?)18:49
Romstercase's without a default. invalid types.18:49
treachI don't quite remember18:49
treachinvalid conversions etc.18:50
Romsteri haven't built mesa3d in ages so i forget.18:50
Romsteri really don't like: warning: ... may be used uninitialized in this function18:51
Romsterisn't there a chance some random bad code could be asigned to a var by havign it in a unknown state?18:52
Romstercould be from function overloading too but eh.. not sure.18:52
treachI don't think that would be a problem.18:53
Romsterwarning: ISO C++ forbids casting between pointer-to-function and pointer-to-object18:53
Romsteri'm wondering if that can be fixed by removing -ansi ?18:53
treachor by fixing the code. :)18:53
Romsteror that bugger i'm gonna mess with that mess.18:54
treachwell, what are messes for, if not for messing with? :p18:54
Romsterif you ask me firefox code is messy not to mention it's in C++18:54
treachactually it's mostly javascript from what I've heard, and the c++ stuff is increasingly going out.18:55
Romsteroh no bloody wonder firefox is slow!18:57
Romsteri had a go at compiling firefox3 with no luck, but i hadn't tryed again yet.18:59
treachI have to say, firefox and openoffice manages to make kde look increasingly attractive. :/18:59
jaegerinstall all 3 and have as much slow as you like :)19:00
Romsterwhat i can't understand is why must they use bundiled libs. arn't system libs good enough?19:00
Romstermore like use all 3...19:00
treachjaeger: I don't quite get your point. :)19:00
treachkde isn't slow.19:00
Romstereveryone thinks isntalling everything slows a system down.19:00
jaegerslower than say fluxbox, I bet :)19:01
Romsterit's when you run everything!19:01
Romsterkde is a bit slow but not by heaps.19:01
jaegerRomster: if you want to nitpick, sure, but I assumed if they were installed it was because they'd be used19:01
Romsterfirefox is a killer.19:01
treachjaeger: I'm not so sure, actually. Maybe, but I don't think it's a lot19:01
Romsterfor slowness. i had icewm runnign and it is faster yes..19:01
jaegerwell, it was a joke anyway, not serious talk19:02
Romsterya i know.19:02
treachI got that. :)19:02
treachI'm just very impressed by kde, really.19:02
Romsterjaeger, ya can remove my fix out of firefox package they have fixed there permissions.19:02
jaegerI like just about everything about kde... it's just qt that I don't like19:02
Romstersome bloat in kdei hate.19:02
jaegerRomster: alright19:02
Romsteri've stoped using kopete as it's buggy and gone to pidgin.19:03
jaegerspeaking of bloat, I've got compiz working pretty well now19:03
treachRomster: amen, even if my cure was bitlbee. :P19:03
Romsterbut pidgin has no sound nor cam support..19:03
Romstertreach, lol19:03
Romsterpidgin isn't bad but needs more work done to it.19:03
treachI generally don't like gtk apps, since they all tend to be either butt-ugly or bright enough to burn my eyes out.19:04
Romsteryou prefer qt apps?19:04
treachwell... given the options, kde/qt apps is easier to fix.19:05
treacheven if I actually prefer console apps for most stuff.19:05
jaegerI like gtk better than qt for feel though theming can definitely make or break it19:05
Romsteri just wish they all used a common interface for theme19:06
treachmmh, I think ALL themes for gtk I've seen are too bright, except for the one mimicking nextstep..19:06
treachwhich is just god damned fugly.19:07
Romsterand the darn clipboard, having 2 methods bugs me.19:07
jaegera common interface would be niec19:07
jaegernice, too19:07
Romsteri haven't seen a good gtk them yet.19:07
jaegerthere are quite a few I like19:08
jaegermurrine/murrina, glider, etc.19:08
Romsteri've never got the gui feel that windoze has, use one program then another they all don't have a common look to them.19:09
treachI actually like the Solaris CDE theme, except for the hideous "active window" border.19:10
Romsterand gtk file selection ugh..19:10
treachDigital CDE is ok too.19:10
treach(Yes, I'm abnormal, I know. :P )19:11
jaegerI've still never been bothered by gtk file selection19:11
treachI really dislike that "breadcrumb" stuff.19:12
treachO well, I guess I'll never be an "usability expert". I and them never seem to agree.19:12
jaegerI can't manage to get worked up about stuff like that, myself19:16
jaegerno point19:16
treachusually not, but I had to use a gnome system during the "you shall use the spatial mode" fiasco.19:19
treachdamn, *that* was annoying.19:19
Romstertreach, must be your bould of firefox mine works as good as it did on
treachmmh, as I suspected. :/19:38
Romsterdunno what you did, maybe you better run revdep over your system.19:40
treachI think I'll just rebuild the damned thing and hope it works better.19:41
Romsterk suit yourself.19:48
Romsterbut if oyu jsut recently built it i doubt it'll be fixed.19:48
Romsterunless you updated other stuff.19:49
treachI've built a ton of stuff since then.19:49
treachand that's a metrical one!19:49
Romsterah most likely something bad then.19:49
treachI put this system up just 2 days ago, so probably something was missing19:50
Romsteroh.. that's right you got a new pc.19:56
Romsterwouldn't think so since using depinst.19:56
treachWell, I have no idea really. It might be something subtle.19:57
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treachmmmh, I wonder if my problems with firefox is related to the rather massive footprint mismatch I get..22:36
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