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sepenRomster, better than portdb plugin for firefox (imo)09:26
sepensee time results09:28
sepen right now Danny Rawlins libmtp: new port  2.309:29
pitilloand see the posibility of use a command line in a CRUX server without X09:29
Romstersaid right now ages ago don't tell me it still says right now..09:31
sepenSat, 10 Nov 2007 03:07:1009:31
sepenstrange... not?09:32
Romsterwtf O_o09:32
Romsteri did that hours ago...09:32
Romsteractually yesterday now09:32
Romstersomething is wrong..09:32
tilmansepen: keep in mind Romster is in australia, so 3 am doesn't seem impossible :P09:33
Romsterwtf did i over write a port...09:34
Romster-621b4590c3c0d09f3546ad67f39ef80b  libmtp-0.0.21.tar.gz09:35
Romster+162e80253404d28556df9870371baa45  libmtp-0.2.2.tar.gz09:35
Romsteri did a search on portdb no one had libmtp09:35
Romsterso i added it..09:35
tilmanRomster: if you're unsure about the stuff you're pushing -- run "git log" *before* you push09:35
tilmanand possibly "git show idofmynewcommit" for details09:35
Romsteri did09:35
Romsterthere was no libmtp form the portsdb but i didn't double check for a directory hmmm09:36
Romsterdidn't know that one..09:37
Romstercould that of been a deleted port?09:37
Romsteras i never saw it in contrib before i added it.09:38
Romsteroh you fuck firefox just crashed on me <_<09:42
Romsteri use git log and git staus if i'm unsure, but wtf is going on here...09:45
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sepentilman, who decide what scripts are included in prt-utils port? crux core devels?10:12
tilmanno idea who's officially responsible10:12
tilmansepen: i suggest you just write to the crux-devel list10:13
sepengitweb says 'simone'10:13
sepen...just  as owner10:13
tilmando you want to have your ports-db query script added?10:14
sepenor something that do the same10:18
sepenimo, portdb [seach|getsync|list] [port|repo] or similar could be very useful10:19
sepenspecially when you need portdb queries from another script10:19
sepenby now I only have portdb-search but when tillb performs xml output for other actions I could implement it10:21
sepenor someone which have more perl knowledgement10:21
sepensee bugtracker
sepenI think my new version has all I need10:23
sepenI updated one more time atachment files10:42
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clbUpdate from opt: 9 Nov 21:20 - sudo: updated to 1.6.9p815:22
teKyay, thanks simone :-)15:23
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prologicwhy has my repo been removed from the portdb ?17:25
jaegerno idea here... email viper_ and ask him?17:29
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clbUpdate from opt: 10 Nov 04:48 - x11-fonts-corefonts: replaced by xorg-font-msttcorefonts || 10 Nov 04:31 - x11-fonts-artwiz-aleczapka: replaced by xorg-font-artwiz-aleczapka22:55
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