IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-11-14

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sepenjaeger, ping10:28
jaegersepen: what's up?11:13
sepencan you update my email in gl-select sources? (when you have some time)11:21
sepen-> to sepen@users.sourceforge.net11:21
j^2jaeger: is clb eggdrop?11:28
jaegerit used to be eggdrop11:28
j^2i swear i've asked that before now that i think of it11:29
j^2i _still_ cant get eggdrop to work for the life of me11:32
clbUpdate from opt: 14 Nov 17:30 - gl-select: co-author email fix11:32
j^2it's pissing me off11:32
j^2so i'm looking at other bots :D11:32
jaegerI use to run nothing but eggdrop... supybot's a bit easier11:32
jaegerbut not maintained11:32
jaegerno idea what I'll use next11:32
j^2nothing! mwahhhhahahah!!!11:33
j^2(i'm bored at work)11:33
jaegerif you're bored, check this out:
jaegerfirst fight in the new instance11:33
sepenj^2, test my 'portdb-search' app11:44
Romsterj^2, take a look at kdb that prologic made it's quite nice.11:54
Romsteremi going nuts i can't see xorg shm anywhere...11:54
Romstermnet hmm.11:56
Romsterinteresting, i'll look into that later.11:58
Romsterhmm seems shmis in xorg-libxcb12:00
Romsteri could of sworn i had seen a xorg-libxshm12:00
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clbUpdate from opt: 14 Nov 18:40 - poppler-data: updated to version 0.1.1 || 14 Nov 18:39 - poppler: updated to version 0.6.213:02
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clbUpdate from opt: 14 Nov 19:31 - gnutls: updated to version 2.0.313:32
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