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clbUpdate from xorg: 15 Nov 13:12 - xorg-libxcb: updated to 1.1. || 5 Nov 15:55 - xorg-xcb-proto: updated to 1.1.07:32
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j^2hey all09:53
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Nov 21:35 - gtk: added clipboard patch for 100% CPU usage problems15:37
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j^2hehe yay :D16:27
j^2need a new name though :-/16:27
j^2it's a bot :-D16:29
j^2i've been trying to get one working for about a week now16:29
j^2no real reason other than to idle with me and try to create a wikipedia script16:29
j^2@google wik16:30
clbj^2: Search took 0.10 seconds: Wik - Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia: <>; User: Wik - Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia: <>; Watanabe Ing & Komeiji: <>; Wik and the Fable of Souls - Home: <>; WIK Associates, Inc.: <>16:30
j^2yeah that kinda thing16:30
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j^2mskahlan: google is at
j^2mskahlan: google?16:41
j^2mskahlan: mods?16:46
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j^2mskahlan: j^2++16:56
jaegerj^2: which bot is it?17:20
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