IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-11-16

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clbUpdate from opt: 16 Nov 10:24 - netpbm: updated to 10.35.33 || 16 Nov 10:24 - fontforge: updated to 2007111003:39
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clbUpdate from xorg: 16 Nov 14:07 - xorg-xf86-input-joystick: updated to 1.3.0. || 16 Nov 13:51 - xorg-xf86-video-sis: updated to 0.9.4. || 16 Nov 13:46 - xorg-glproto: updated to 1.4.9. || 16 Nov 13:16 - xorg-libpixman: updated to 0.9.6. || 16 Nov 12:45 - xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
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j^2jaeger: info bot09:39
j^2it's perl basted :D09:39
jaegerI've heard of it, never used it09:39
j^2looks pretty slick09:39
j^2seems i had a power surge..lame09:39
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j^2i need to figure out how to play with her, do yall mind? hell you can too if you want :-D09:40
jaegerdoesn't bother me09:45
jaegermskahlan: j^2 is a dork09:46
j^2she doesnt respond in channel yet :(09:46
j^2i missed something in the config09:46
j^2i'm just happy i got it up and going :D09:47
roliveirawhat about a joker bot10:04
j^2i really want a bot to do the wikipdia thing, most articles in wikipedia the first sentance is a good summary of the main article...10:05
roliveiramskahlan: hey10:16
roliveiraits working10:16
roliveiramskahlan: crux10:16
roliveiramskahlan: j^210:17
j^2yeah it need to find out so she doesnt pm you :-/10:17
j^2i'm at work rigth now, but i'll get it fixed today10:18
j^2(going through nagios logs ftl)10:18
roliveiranice job, i like bots :D10:20
roliveirai mean, nice work10:21
j^2!seen j^210:21
j^2@seen j^210:22
clbj^2: j^2 was last seen in #crux-devel 7 seconds ago: <j^2> !seen j^210:22
j^2mskahlan: seen j^210:22
j^2mskahlan: magic810:22
roliveirai had a few perl bots back when i hosted a hub (direct connect)10:30
roliveiracool times10:30
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j^2yeah she doesnt have much right now10:48
j^2i cant figure out how to get her in talk in main though :(10:48
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j^2mskahlan: boo10:59
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j^2mskahlan: j^211:01
mskahlanrumour has it j^2 is a dork11:01
j^2!seen j^211:01
j^2mskahlan: seen j^211:01
mskahlanj^2 was last seen on #crux-devel 0 seconds ago, saying: mskahlan: seen j^2 [Fri Nov 16 11:01:50 2007]11:01
j^2mskahlan: google apple11:02
mskahlanj^2: sorry...11:02
j^2mskahlan: !google apple11:02
mskahlanj^2: sorry...11:02
j^2mskahlan:@!google apple11:02
mskahlanj^2: excuse me?11:02
j^2mskahlan: @google apple11:02
mskahlanj^2: what?11:02
j^2mskahlan: nslookup crux.nu11:03 is
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roliveiramskahlan: microsoft11:03
mskahlanroliveira: excuse me?11:03
j^2i wonder why it got kicked -/11:03
roliveiramskahlan: show me the money11:04
mskahlanroliveira: what?11:04
j^2mskahlan: insult11:05
mskahlanj^2: i'm not following you...11:05
roliveiraj^2:ever heard of
j^2nope :)11:07
sepenI thinks there are a lot of channel to test irc bots, and not here11:07
j^2yeah i have :D11:07
j^2sepen: no love :P11:07
roliveiraalice bots are so cool11:10
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j^2mskahlan: slashdot11:58
mskahlanSlashdot - Updated 2007-11-16 17:43:00 | Major Breakthrough in Direct Neural Interface | WWII Colossus Codecracker Outdone by a German | Potential Landing Sites for EU Mars Rover Selected | TB-Sized Solid State Drives Announced11:58
j^2mskahlan: insult11:59
mskahlanj^2: i'm not following you...11:59
j^2mskahlan: google apple12:04
mskahlanj^2: i'm not following you...12:04
j^2mskahlan: insult j^212:05
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j^2mskahlan: insult14:02
mskahlanj^2: huh?14:02
j^2mskahlan: insult j^214:02
mskahlanNo luck, j^214:02
j^2mskahlan: insult jaeger14:03
mskahlanNo luck, j^214:03
j^2mskahlan: excuse jaeger14:06
mskahlanj^2: Lightning strikes.14:06
j^2mskahlan: excuse14:06
mskahlanj^2: system needs to be rebooted14:07
j^2mskahlan: magic8_answers14:07
mskahlanj^2: huh?14:07
j^2mskahlan: magic814:08
mskahlanj^2: huh?14:08
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j^2mskahlan: wwwsearch apple14:08
mskahlanj^2: what?14:08
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j^2i think this bot is lame14:32
clbUpdate from opt: 16 Nov 20:26 - gnutls: updated to version 2.0.414:43
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j^2mskahlan: this bot?14:49
mskahlani heard this bot was lame14:49
aonmskahlan: aon?14:50
mskahlanaon: bugger all, i dunno14:50
j^2(totally unintential)14:50
aondamn my shoulders hurt14:50
j^2marching along?14:50
aonnah, too intense gym on wednesday14:51
aonneed to get more muscle as i need to do such heavy tasks14:53
aonlet's see if i can find the pic where i'm counting washers14:53
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j^2god that looks boring :P14:56
aonbut that was a nice week15:00
aonwe were on a depot and slept in apartments15:00
aonthe others were in forest and slept in tents15:00
j^2in the tens15:00
aonthink it was around 0°C15:00
j^2it's 60-72F here :P15:01
aonnow it's ~-5°C15:01
j^2yeah so much more hardcore then me15:01
aonand _we_ have to be in forest the next week15:02
aonor well, at least sleep there15:02
aonwe'll do stuff in the buildings we usually have our classes in15:02
aonand that makes sleeping in forest quite pointlessm15:02
j^2:-/..gotta love the military...15:03
j^2mskahlan: aon is washing washers at
mskahlanOK, j^2.15:05
j^2mskahlan: aon is washing washers?15:05
mskahlanwish i knew, j^215:05
aonmskahlan: aon?15:05
mskahlani heard aon was washing washers at
j^2not exactly what i was loking for :P15:06
j^2mskahlan: forget aon15:06
mskahlanj^2: I forgot aon15:06
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j^2mskahlan: aon?15:07
mskahlanno idea, j^215:07
aoni think you need to do something like:15:08
aonmskahlan: aon washing washers is at
mskahlanOK, aon.15:08
aonmskahlan: aon?15:09
mskahlani haven't a clue, aon15:09
aonmskahlan: aon washing washers?15:09
mskahlanaon washing washers is at
j^2hahah nice15:22
Romsterlets spam the bot :P15:26
j^2hahah if i only knew how to get access controls :P15:31
j^2mskahlan: crux is at http://crux.nu15:37
mskahlanOK, j^2.15:37
j^2mskahlan: crux portdb is at
mskahlanOK, j^2.15:38
j^2mskahlan: crux15:38
mskahlancrux is at http://crux.nu15:38
j^2mskahlan: crux portsdb15:38
mskahlanj^2: sorry...15:38
j^2mskahlan: crux portdb15:38
mskahlani heard crux portdb was at
j^2btw, mskahlan is the name of my wow shadow priest :P15:39
Romstermskahlan, what type of bot are you?15:40
mskahlanromster: no idea15:40
jaegermskahlan: mskahlan is bottarded15:41
mskahlanOK, jaeger.15:41
j^2hahah nice15:41
jaegermskahlan: mskahlan?15:41
mskahlani am bottarded15:41
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Romstergood one.15:42
j^2i was thinking of puting sepen's portdb-search one her too15:56
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roliveiramskahlan, irc18:42
mskahlanroliveira: sorry...18:42
roliveiramskahlan, ports18:42
mskahlanroliveira: excuse me?18:42
Romstermskahlan, IRC is Internet Relay Chat18:43
mskahlanOK, Romster.18:43
Romstermskahlan, irc18:43
mskahlansomebody said irc was Internet Relay Chat18:43
roliveiramskahlan, You are a bot18:45
mskahlanOK, roliveira.18:45
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