IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-11-20

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clbUpdate from core: 20 Nov 10:59 - gettext: disable emacs stuff05:02
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j^2hey all09:08
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treachdotHelp :P11:29
treach"It looks like you have a problem, would you like me to assist you with your installation of Mircosoft dot.Rescue?"11:30
j^2@seen j^211:32
clbj^2: j^2 was last seen in #crux-devel 57 seconds ago: <j^2> heh11:32
j^2.seen j^211:32
treachtilman: btw, I was confused yesterday. It was ACPI I could set the version for, not PCI. Duh.11:32
treachj^2: maybe you should find another channel for your bot-testing?11:33
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j^2treach: :(11:33
treachdebian or something, maybe? ;)11:33
tilmani'm sure they'd appreciate it11:37
treachme too. ;)11:37
treachtilman: did you decide on a new board btw?11:39
tilmanm2n-e probably11:39
tilmanit's expensive though11:39
treach80 E. When you said expensive I thought you meant something like 160 E. :)11:43
tilmanhehe, i'm not that desperate11:43
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treachlooks like a nice board. hope it turns out better for you this time. :)11:44
tilmani hope the cpu survived the unplugging last night11:44
treachwell, they say some time have to be the first, but I've never ruined a cpu.11:45
treachSo I consider them tougher than their reputation. :)11:46
* tilman crosses fingers11:46
treachnice. 8xUSB. That's handy.11:47
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tilmantreach: and lots of sata ports11:49
treachmmh, I read somwehere that it only supports 1.95 V on the ram sticks, so you have to be a bit picky with that.รค11:51
pitillotilman, it will work11:51
treachnot sure if that's a problem.11:51
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treach(might cause compatibility problems with some 800MHz memsticks)11:52
tilmanmine need 2.0-2.1v11:52
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treachSounds like something worth investigating further then. ;)11:53
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treachtilman: I could be wrong, it was just something I read some place. That information could be wrong/outdated11:55
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j^2blah blah :-/13:51
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j^2seen j^214:50
mskahlanLooking for yourself, eh j^2?14:50
tilmanlulz how funny14:51
tilmanlulz lulz14:51
j^2tilman: no love14:51
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j^2!google apple15:54
mskahlanApple @ | Apple - Movie Trailers @ | The Apple Store (U.S.) - Welcome to th @ | News results for apple @ | Apple Inc. - Wikipedia, the free encyc @
sepen!google google15:56
mskahlanGoogle @ | Google Video @ | Google Maps @ | Google News @ | Google Groups @
* treach slaps j^2 15:57
tilmantreach: the m2n-e seems to suck indeed. max dimm voltage 1.95v15:58
tilmantehre seem to be random other issues, too15:58
tilmanso now i'm looking at the abit an52 :>15:58
treachugh. I was afraid of that.15:58
treachgood luck I noticed it at least. :)15:59
j^2treach: :'(16:02
j^2anyone have a 2.4 base vm for vmware?16:24
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jaegerj^2: still here?17:36
jaegernm, away17:37
j^2yep i'm heer :D17:40
j^2here :P17:40
Romsterjaeger, thunderbird needs -j117:57
Romsterany reason it's a jump from 6 to 9?17:57
Romsterand not 7 and 817:57
Romsteri never noticed the other versions.17:57
mskahlanhehe snicker18:16
Romstermskahlan, version18:20
Romstermskahlan, help commands18:20
Romsterdoes it even have any trigers?18:21
j^22 right now18:21
j^2seen jaeger18:21
mskahlanjaeger is on the channel right now!18:21
mskahlanha ha ha snort ha ha snort oh my18:21
j^2(i'm learning)18:21
Romsteri've seen you use google.18:21
j^2ah yeah18:22
j^2i wanted wikipdeia, but it looks like il'll need to make my own tcl script18:22
Romsterah it's tcl *quivers* i used ot mess with a little tcl on a eggdrop18:23
j^2yeah mskahlan is eggdrop18:23
j^2i manted infobot, perl, but it seems infobot blows18:24
Romsteryou even looked at kdb?18:25
j^2kernel debuger?18:25
Romsternah a bot..18:25
Romstermskahlan, google kdb18:25
j^2!ussupd vhn18:25
j^2!gooogle kdb18:26
Romster!google kdb18:26
mskahlanKDB 93.7 FM, Santa Barbara, Classical @ | SGI - Developer Central Open Source | K @ | Kdb+ Frequently Asked Questions @ | Kx Systems Provides High Performance Rel @ | K (programming language) - Wikipedia, th @
RomsterK programing language ?18:26
treachdammit, could you take your playground somewhere else?18:26
Romstereh shouldn't bbe in devel for rights..18:27
Romster#crux-ot would be more approate.18:27
j^2aww treach no fun18:27
j^2we never talk here anyway18:27
j^2i figured that we all could have some fun with her18:28
treachdoesn't matter. there is an excellent ot channel for that kind of crap.18:28
treacheven miqorz or whatever that redard called himself was smart enough to relalize it was a good idea18:28
treachs redard/retard18:29
Romsterand treach is right this is ment for mainly on topic crux devalopment.18:31
Romsternote i'm not taking sides.18:31
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Romsterjaeger, i'm always missing in thundrbird what dependency does that?22:21
jaegerRomster: I've seen that before but I have no idea what causes it22:29
Romsteryou build on a installed system so it must be some port you got installed it links too..22:30
Romsteralso it needs -j1 or it fails to even compile the first gcc command..22:30
Romsterfor me anyways22:30
Romsteri'm forever -uf on that..22:31
jaegerI build with -j4, no problems so far22:31
Romsteri used -j4 too strange..22:31
Romsterit dies straight after making the Makefiles.22:31
jaegerj^2: do you have a macbook or did I confuse you with someone else?22:31
Romsterbefore it even hits gcc i beleave i didnt' look at the config.log though.22:32
jaegerwith this? Can't open perl script "./build/unix/": No such file or directory22:32
Romsterhmm let me check22:33
Romsterconfigure: In function 'main':22:41
Romsterconfigure:19977: warning: implicit declaration of function 'exit'22:41
Romsterconfigure:19977: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function 'exit'22:41
Romsterno idea what that means...22:41
jaegerboth warnings22:41
Romsterthing is it dies after that.22:42
Romsternot a error listed..22:42
jaegerhrmm, need more log, then22:43
Romsterunless it's something todo with my cflags?22:43
Romster2 lines before that are:22:44
Romsterconfigure:19983: gcc -c -Wall -W -Wno-unused -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wno-long-long -pedantic -O2 -mtune=athlon -fstack-protector -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe -pthread    conftest.c 1>&522:44
jaegerwell, mine failed this time with the error I pasted above so I'm building it again with -j1 to check out the thing if I can22:45
Romsterno idea it built with -j1 so i guess i'll leave it at that.22:45
Romsterdo a grep for image stuff in *.la files on your system.. should look though configure and see what that is.22:46
jaegerkeeping the log of the build this time, too22:47
Romsterher ei go22:50
Romsterconfigure: error: Could not compile basic X program.22:50
Romster*** Fix above errors and then restart with               "make -f build"22:50
jaegerwonder what the hell that means22:50
Romsteri'll look in the config.log again.22:50
Romsterfunky i'll patebin it22:51
Romsterhcc ?22:54
jaegergot it in my work dir22:55
Romsterhmm configure didn't find it how odd.22:57
Romsteri'm starting to think /all/ mozilla projects are geting bloated and buggy.22:58
Romsterman this configure script is unstable23:02
Romsterchecking whether the C++ compiler (c++ -O2 -mtune=athlon -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe ) works... cat: conftest.c: No such file or directory23:02
Romstercat: conftest.C: No such file or directory23:02
Romsterconfigure: error: installation or configuration problem: C++ compiler cannot create executables.23:02
Romsterit's forever changing it's unstable error every time i run it.23:03
Romsterso dosn't help to debug <_<23:08
Romstersomething todo with xorg i really think.23:12
Romsterchecking for X... checking for X... ./configure: line 4229: cd: ..: No such file or directory23:12
Romstermight pay for me to recompile all my x stuff?23:12
Romsterto be sure.23:12
Romstereverything is upto date.23:13
jaegerno idea...23:13
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Romsteri'm recompiling xorg to make sure that's ok.23:17
jaegerok, think I've got the partition table on my mbp sorted enough to install windows now :P23:34
jaeger <-- ldd, anything jump out at you besides gnome libs?23:36

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