IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-11-21

Romsterhmm i'll check00:05
Romsterwindows... better be xp if you are gonna touch windows.00:06
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jaegerxp and vista cause me no trouble00:12
jaegerbut in this case it's xp00:12
Romstervista is too slow it uses heaps of ram, xp is ok but can still crash full of bugs, i'm hoping ReactOS is the next thing i'll be trying.00:17
Romsterfor gamming mainly and a few programs that linux is lacking on.00:17
Romsterjaeger, hmm some junk files in thunderbird00:20
RomsterREADME.txt LICENSE.txt bloaturls.txt maybe too..00:21
Romsterstill no leads on that lib yet..00:21
Romsterhmm no idea what is00:34
Romsterjaeger, don't supose you got some icon *.ico program installed?00:38
Romstericon2png or maybe icon-naming-utils is involved..00:40
jaegerpretty sure I've had no issues on boxes without icon-naming-utils but it could be something else... orbit is a gnome thing00:42
Romsteri could try if it hasn't got a million dependencys00:43
Romsterah only 2 i can test that then.00:45
Romstericon-naming-utils isn't really gnone is it.00:46
Romsteri can't install usr/ports/gnome/p5-xml-simple00:49
RomsterCould not open 'lib/XML/': No such file or directory at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/ExtUtils/ line 2649.00:49
jaegersomething weird going on there, heh00:57
Romsteryeah really00:58
Romsterthat needs to be solved gah00:59
Romsteri can't even install that program to test yet...00:59
jaegeryay, I have osx 10.5, crux 2.3, and windows xp triple-boot01:05
Romsteroh this blows, unzip... unsupported compression method 9901:14
jaegeris your computer possessed?01:15
Romsterfound out it's a AES encripted zip file...01:23
Romstergot it off a torrent site..01:23
Romsterstupied thing wants me to register my email address and sign up for offers screw that..01:24
Romsterwonder if i can crack it with some utility..01:24
Romsterfcrackzip hmm01:25
Romsteri should have a chance <_< It is fifteen (15) letters long and ends in a 't'. (All Lowercase) No space in the middle.01:30
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roliveiragood evening04:10
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roliveirais there a problem with the portbd on the website? my repo has not been updated for a while...04:12
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roliveiramskahlan: no one`s here?04:30
Romsterheh i'm here.04:30
tilmanroliveira: please poke jaeger about that04:33
tilmanor viper_04:33
roliveirabut is it just mine or a general problem?04:33
clbUpdate from opt: 21 Nov 10:32 - [notify] samba: update to 3.0.27a04:36
Romsterwhich problem are we talking about?04:39
teK_11:12 < roliveira> is there a problem with the portbd on the website? my repo has not been updated for a while...04:41
teK_I guess04:41
roliveirayes, are there other repos that haven`t been updated?04:50
Romsternot what i know of do you have the REPO file in your directory?04:52
Romsteri beleave it requires that to know what ports you have.04:52
Romsterand any entry that dosn't respondwhen checked will be hidden untill it works again.04:53
roliveiraRomster: that`s it04:54
roliveiraforgot to update the REPO file04:54
tilmanhaha :P04:54
Romsterfigures <_<04:55
Romsteryou'll have to wait for the changes to go though qwhen it looks again, no idea what times or intervals it's set to check at.04:56
roliveiraok, i guess its daily or something04:58
Romsteri guess tilman would knwo mroe on that.04:59
Romsterknow more*04:59
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clbUpdate from opt: 21 Nov 14:25 - gnutls: disabled guile support08:37
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j^2jaeger: yep i do have a macbook pro09:14
jaegerdid you ever end up messing with crux on it? I'm booted into crux 2.3 on mine right now09:14
j^2oh nice, nope i never have, i fell inlove with mac os almost instantly... i did put it in vms though, but that really doesnt cout09:15
jaegerI spent some time last night figuring out how to triple boot xp, crux, osx. seems to work fine so far09:17
j^2oh crazy09:20
j^2boot camp i assume?09:20
jaegerboot camp and rEFIt09:22
j^2i brought a bunch of my home brew in to work today, it seems that moral is much higher :P09:31
j^2+ a short week \o/09:32
j^2got any plans matt for this couple days off?09:32
jaegerdon't have much free time, got family dinners09:37
jaegerthat's fine, though09:38
j^2wine and family drunkeness is always good ;)09:38
j^2plus football, can't get better then that :D09:38
tilmanxp, crux, osx09:44
tilmanthe unholy trinity09:44
tilmanis it thanksgiving already this weekend?09:45
j^2earliest it can be09:45
j^2it blew me away too09:45
tilmanyou people are so strange09:45
tilmanhow can you stuff now09:45
tilmanand then again in 4 weeks09:45
j^2heh, we like our "feasts" :P09:46
jaegerbah! someone's always gotta bitch about something. I don't know why I talk anymore09:49
tilmanwhat, me?09:49
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sepennice game!
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Romstertilman, thanksgivig is on thursday i got told from a USA person..15:04
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