IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-11-25

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clarere 2.4 test 1, has anyone reported ports files *.rsync refer to ver 2.3?06:57
tilmanclare: i'll take care of it06:57
clarealso ports command needs libpopt which is not on CD I think.06:58
tilmanyeah, unfortunately 2.4-test1 shipped a bad rsync build06:58
clareand a question.. I have a video chipset SiS6326, which gets an error in xorg1.4, and sends a message07:00
clarereferring me to a *very* long article which says developemnt on that chip has stopped.07:01
clareSo will there be a problem if I go back to previous xorg, which worked.(crux 2.3)07:02
tilmanwas that with version 0.9.4 of the sis driver?07:04
tilmanclare: it seems strange that it would prevent x from starting. maybe it was just a warning, and not a critical error?07:05
clareXorg.log says Module sis:compiled for 1.4.0 module version 0.7.107:07
tilmancan you paste the whole log at
claredone now07:15
tilmancan you upload your xorg.conf, too?07:17
tilmanclare: it looks like a configuration problem07:24
claresounds promising07:25
tilmanbut i don't get why the driver would create a screen configuration that it doesn't support07:25
tilmanclare: i suggest you show pastes to the guys in #xorg and ask for advice07:26
clarei got the impression that it may be a problem related to the new kernel, as the article mentioned does not go effectively beynd 200507:26
clarewhereas he says at October 2007 that he has quit./07:26
tilmani don't think that's likely07:27
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clareThanks Tilman I will try that., bye for now07:27
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