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clbUpdate from core: 26 Nov 08:43 - dhcpcd: update to 3.1.8 || 26 Nov 08:42 - less: update to 416 || 26 Nov 08:40 - man-pages: update to 2.6802:48
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Nov 10:09 - imagemagick: updated to 6.3.7-1 || 26 Nov 09:06 - xsane: update to 0.995 || 26 Nov 09:05 - swig: update to 1.3.33 || 26 Nov 09:03 - samba: moved cifs mount-progs to /sbin03:18
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j^2hey all09:01
j^2back to the daily grind :-/09:03
jaegerindeed :/09:04
teK_thank god it's monday09:09
jaegerprologic: are you here?09:14
Romsterjaeger, he was active earlier i can relay a message if he isn't reading here09:22
jaegerthere's no rush, I'll email him09:23
jaegerthanks, though09:23
jaegerwxpython really doesn't want to build for me09:29
Romsterah use mine in my repo along with my wxgtk10:25
Romsterthe one in opt is way out of date else i'd of put wxpython in contrib10:26
jaegerwhich versions are you using?10:27
Romsterwxgtk 2.8.6 and wxptython
Romster2.8.6.1 won't compile.10:28
jaegerI tried 2.8.6 and as well, still didn't build10:28
Romsteragenst wxgtk 2.8.610:28
jaegertrying the 2.8.4 versions now10:28
Romsterodd look at my ports.10:28
Romstershould be fine with that.10:31
Romsterjsut make sure you do install wxgtk first <_<10:31
jaegerfailed again, heh10:33
Romsteryou must have both set to unicode or ansi.10:33
jaegerboth are unicode10:33
jaegerbeen through all this before and it used to work10:34
jaegerperhaps glcanvas is the problem10:34
Romsterreally try both of my ports..10:34
Romsterthey built for me.10:34
Romsterif they fail something is really iffy10:34
Romsteris it wxpython that fails?10:35
Romsteri'll rebuild mine see if it works10:36
Romstermaybe something updated recently broke it...10:36
Romsterchecked stuff with revdep?10:36
jaegeryeah, don't see any problems10:37
Romstermy system is quite laoded but i'll let ya knwo when it finishes if wxpython compiles.10:38
Romster 03:38:38 up 2 days, 10:16,  1 user,  load average: 18.15, 17.09, 16.6610:38
Romsterreally loaded...10:38
Romsteri could use a few computers really for what i do.10:39
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Romsterjaeger, =======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/wxpython#' succeeded11:04
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jaegerI think my stc stuff got broken in the first wxgtk build, trying it again, this time without -jx11:05
Romsterin gtk itself.11:05
Romsterah in wxgtk hmmz11:06
Romsterprobabbly wise to uninstall wxgtk then build, i hadn't ahd any issues with multiple build jobs.11:07
Romsteri've noticed wxpython can be picky.11:07
jaegerboth built this time, guess that was the problem11:10
Romsterso remove wxgtk then build and install that? or is it that -jx issue?11:10
jaegerI rebuilt with no -jx set11:10
jaegernot that it did me any good, still have the same problem as always with apps11:11
Romsterand MAKEFLAGS was set?11:11
jaegerTypeError: wx.Window, wx.Sizer, wx.Size, or (w,h) expected for item11:11
Romsterwhat are you typing todo that i'll test on mine?11:12
Romsterand what versions are you on for wxgtk and wxpython now?11:12
jaeger2.8.6/, trying to run WUU11:13
jaegerwon't do you much good unless you've got WoW installed11:13
Romsterdoes it say anywere what version of wxpython it needs?11:14
jaegerif you run it without wxpython installed it asks for it and recommends 2.811:15
Romster2.8 so that could be a few versions... and there might be some not backwards change..11:18
jaegerwell, I think it means any of the 2.8.x series11:19
Romsteryeah i'm guessing that..11:19
Romsterthere was a change in wxgtk i think...11:20
Romsteryou might wanna try downgrading both to 2.8.411:21
Romsterand seeing if that works then..11:21
jaegerit doesn't, I've tried that as well11:21
Romsteri'v noticed ABI changes between versions11:21
jaegereven got the author to look into it, he couldn't figure it out either11:22
Romsteri'm out of ideas other than look up there bug tracker.11:22
Romstercouldn't be anything todo with new glib11:22
jaegerit does work in ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 but I probably won't bother to dig deep enough to sort that out11:23
Romsterpyopengl i have installed too.11:23
Romsteri can't think of anything other than maybe rebuld the lot...11:24
Romsterstab in the dark but it can't hurt.11:24
jaegeryeah, I have pyopengl installed as well, tried with and without that and glcanvas in wxpython11:25
Romsterdid you buld with -fno-strict-aliasing ?11:26
Romsterfor wxpython11:26
Romsteri didn't like all the errors i got so i added that to my port.11:27
jaegercan't hurt to try it though I don't expect that'll change much11:29
Romsteranyways i'm out of ideas, might be worth trying that.11:29
Romsterexport \11:29
RomsterCFLAGS="$CFLAGS -fno-strict-aliasing" \11:29
RomsterCXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS -fno-strict-aliasing"11:29
Romsterall i did.11:30
Romsterkilled alot of warnings during compile.11:30
Romsteri know gcc can guess but with that many warnings there has to be a chance of gcc making the wrong assumption.11:31
tilmanthat aliasing crap isn't "just a warning" btw11:34
tilmanit's a bug, and can cause unexpected behaviour11:34
Romsterah thought as much.11:35
Romsteris why i compiled my firefox with that flag too, but firefox still has a habbit of crashing once in awhile.11:35
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sepenseems that libungif now is called giflib on new versions16:44
sepenwell, its plained on 2.4 moved from libungif 4.1.4 to giflib 4.1.6?16:48
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Romsterwhat was the un in libungif ment to mean anyways and libgif sounds better than giflib imo17:57
treachsupposedly "un" comes from when gif had patent problems.18:00
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