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j^2morning all09:15
j^2how is everyone doing?09:24
jaegerdoing well, here. you?09:24
j^2not too shabby..always late to work...09:25
j^2but cant complain09:25
j^2reading confessor?09:26
j^2chapter 13 here :D09:26
jaegerhaven't started it yet, got too much to do at once09:27
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tilmantsk, what's up with that prtverify report about core/coreutils being busted?09:32
prologicjaeger, pong09:33
jaegerdid it run at the same time as an update?09:33
tilmanmmh, no idea09:33
jaegerprologic: doh, I forgot I was gonna send you an email. just wanted to mention that pyopengl wanted setuptools09:33
prologicjaeger, nps updating to 3.0.0a6 now anyway09:36
prologicyou have much experience with compiz btw /09:37
prologicI'm using your ports with great success - just some annoyances09:37
jaegerI don't use it all the time but fire it up sometimes to show someone or mess with it09:38
prologicI'm using it for it's ezoom plugin09:38
prologicit's better than using a virtual res (most of the time) :)09:39
jaegerso what are the annoyances?09:39
j^2telli tubbies09:40
j^2but that's me09:40
jaegerI mean in compiz :P09:40
prologic1. some minor rendering performance issues (lagging effect with rendering, mouse movement)09:41
prologic2. fonts are hard to read and look disgusting zoomed in09:41
prologic3. doesn't seem to have the ability to track the text cursor09:41
jaegerI don't know about 1 but I bet if you sent some feedback to the authors 2 and 3 could be improved09:42
prologicI intend to09:43
prologicI'm lovins it so far09:43
prologicZoomText on the windows platform normally costs $900 a license and is honestly a pos :)09:43
prologicI use it at work (unfortunately I'm forced to use an XP laptop)09:43
prologicanyway, pyopengl updated09:44
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prologicI'm off to bed :)09:44
jaegertake care09:44
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tilmanhi jue12:57
teK_jue: is it possible that your PHP-port does not work as fastcgi and discard-path enabled together don't seem to work?12:58
teK_I took this out of cgi/README12:59
sepenjue, nice to see you12:59
jueteK_: you mean the port from my privat repo?12:59
juehmm, works for me here with mathopd and e.g. pmwiki13:00
teK_there is another error-source I have to single out13:00
teK_ok :)13:00
juebut if I can change something that it works for you, np13:03
tilmanjue: simone wanted to attend, too, right?13:05
sepentoday is the day?13:06
jueI think we should start now13:16
jaegerI guess anyone who isn't here can review the logs13:16
jueeven though Simone's report dosn't sound that good13:16
tilmani'm happy with test1 (except the known rsync/popt issue)13:17
jueeveryone else with problems booting test1?13:17
tilmani've tried it on two more athlon systems, and it worked13:17
jaegerI had no problems on my systems13:17
tilmani'll try it on the laptop later, forgot to do that :D13:18
tilmanany objections re. adding wpa_supplicant to the iso?13:18
tilmansome guy requested that some days ago13:18
jaegerI'd love to see it added, it would benefit me, too13:18
jueno, sounds like a good idea13:18
tilmanokay, i'm adding it13:19
jaegerhas anyone looked into #174? should be an easy change. I can build a new test and try it but I doubt it'll affect anyone13:20
jaegerthat's charlie's request for the Vmware LSI SCSI driver13:20
tilmani think i'll add a comment re.  the frigging age old australia mailing list issue13:21
jaegerI'm hoping to hear back from sip soon on what hardware his "old servers" have13:22
tilmanoh, the bug is ancient. thught it was a new one :p13:22
jaegernot very new, no :)13:22
tilmanjaeger: yeah. unfortunately the only old system i have is i58613:22
juebootkernel config was one of my points for today, I didn't change anything in that area13:24
jaegerthat's the only change I have for the bootkernel13:25
jaegerhave any of you spotted anything wrong with the initramfs setup of the new iso?13:25
tilmanit's working like a charm for me13:25
juesame here ;-)13:26
tilmani'm bumping core/ports to 1.5-713:27
tilmanand changing the tags to 2.413:27
jaegerI'd like to suggest 2 things for pkgutils inclusion13:27
jueohh, I forgot that !13:27
jaeger1) distfile mirror support13:27
jaeger2) source macro support13:28
jaegerboth entirely optional but would be nice for certain things13:28
tilmansorce macro?13:28
jaegeraye, I'll give an example13:28
jaegerin the gnome ports, I type source=( a lot of times13:29
jaegerI haven't put a lot of time into thinking about the best solution, wanted to suggest it here and get opinions first13:29
jaegersomething like source=(@GNOMEDESKTOP@/whatever.tar.bz2) would be neat13:29
jaegercertainly not vital, though. I'm more interested in point 1 than point 2, honestly13:30
tilmanjaeger: you want that for 2.4? :D13:31
sepenthe same build root path for both sounds good13:31
jaegertilman: that's what I was suggesting but it's not a high priority13:31
jaegermaybe it's more work than we want to do before 2.4, I'm fine with that13:31
jaegeras for point 1, I've already got a patch for that13:31
tilmani'd rather ship 2.4 asap with trivial changes only13:32
jaegerI'm ok with that13:32
tilmanjaeger: let's look at that right after the release then13:32
tilmani'll add xorg-xf86-video-radeonhd to xorg.git13:33
tilmanthey got real releases these days13:33
jaegerpoint 1 would seem pretty trivial to me, any thoughts on that?13:33
tilmani thought distfile mirror support needed quite some changes in pkgmk?13:33
jaegerit's not very big13:34
jaegerPKGMK_DISTFILE_REPOS is defined empty by default so unless you change it, no change in your ports behavior13:35
tilmanjaeger: well then13:36
tilmanwould be good though to hear other opinions on it13:36
tilman+1 from me anyway ;)13:36
jaegeraye, I was just about to ask13:36
jaegeranyone else have any feelings on the matter?13:37
sepen+1 here13:37
tilmanwhat about this quickinstall thing that clement wanted added13:39
jaegerI think it's a decent idea but I think it'd be better off in a separate file instead of the handbook13:39
jaegerwith a warning of some sort that says "avoid this if you don't know what you're doing" or something13:40
juesorry, I'm a little bit late, but sounds ok for me13:41
jaegerjue: distfiles or quickinstall?13:42
jaegerI'll look into pkgutils a bit more and make a better patch, I assume a man page will need updating as well13:43
jueif we are there, what about Lucas Hazel's "extract only" option ?13:44
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jueit's a trivial patch, useful for me sometimes13:45
jaegerI think I missed that one but it could be very useful13:45
jaeger+1 here13:45
jaegerlooks trivial13:47
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sepenabout unconfirmed FS#20213:50
jaegerok, I guess there's not a manpage update needed for the distfile repos13:50
tilmanjaeger: no, but the handbook could use a paragraph about it i think13:51
tilmansepen: i'll look at it later13:51
jaegerdoes the handbook detail PKGMK_* in pkgmk.conf?13:51
jaegerperhaps at some point we ought to add a pkgmk.conf manpage13:52
jaeger <-- updated for 5.30.013:53
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jaegerone other small thing - if /etc/localtime is a symlink to /usr/share/zoneinfo does this cause problems with clock skew when /usr is nfs-mounted?13:56
ximondaHi there!13:56
jaegerif so, it'd be trivial to change the ln -s to cp --remove-destination in /etc/rc13:57
jaegerhello, ximonda13:57
ximonda(being too late, I know)13:57
tilmanjaeger: uh, it shouldn't cause problems :p13:58
jaegeranother small note, I haven't been able to get openssh from in a long time13:58
tilmanjaeger: do you have a system where it does?13:58
jaegertilman: no, I don't, that's why I'm asking here. if it's not a problem, then we can scrap it :)13:59
jaegerI should have qualified that - if /usr is nfs-mounted AND unavailable13:59
jaegerbut it probably only causes issues for compiling or cron jobs, perhaps, that wouldn't work without /usr anyway13:59
tilmanoh, i misunderstood13:59
jaegerI suppose if it were an issue someone would have mentioned it before now, it seems to me that it would be far down the list of priorities if /usr were unavailable14:03
tilmanjaeger: i'd go with keeping it as it is unless anyone finds it causing problems :p14:03
jaegerok, scrap that topic :)14:03
juejaeger: wrt firefox, I got that footprint errors even when building with "make bootstrap"14:04
jaegerin 2.3 or 2.4? maybe I should revisit it14:04
jaegerok. I'll have another look at it today14:05
jaegerI don't remember having that mismatch when I tested test1 but I'll try it again14:05
juejaeger: another attempt :) would you mind writing some words about our new boot/iso stuff in the ChangeLog and the release notes?14:07
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juefine, thanks :-)14:08
jaegerto be clear, the master changelog is in git and the master handbook is the wiki version?14:08
jaegerer, release notes14:08
jaegerok, I'll write something and post it for review14:09
ximondaHmm... ports 1.5-7 .md5sum wasn't updated.14:13
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jaegershould I add the repos patch and bump pkgutils?14:15
jaegeror wait to hear more input on it14:15
tilmanjaeger: i'd post itfor review firts. just a couple of days14:16
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jaegerer.. ok14:16
jaegerI'll send a link to the devel ml14:16
jaegerjue: I'll probably move to the crux wiki at the same time as adding a bit about the new iso and link to it14:20
jueyeah, great14:21
tilmansepen: fixed the libungif thing14:22
sepentilman, I can't see tickets closed
sepensometime flyspray returns error codes14:25
tilmansepen: check the ticket... it _is_ closed14:27
sepenyeah I just say that flyspray the first time shows me an error page14:27
sepenI see distfiles use14:28
clbUpdate from opt: 27 Nov 20:21 - libungif: host the tarball on
sepentilman, you can see my error at http logs in crux.nu14:29
ximondathanks for the quick update :-)14:31
tilmanstupid mistakes deserve quick updates :p14:31
ximondaI'm not sure if this was discussed already: date shows me only UTC time, tough I have .../Europe/Berlin linked to /etc/localtime14:33
ximondaNow the same on two hosts.14:34
tilmanmaybe we need a hwclock --systohc --utc in the chroot14:36
ximondaI don't think this is related to hwclock.14:36
ximondait's just the output of the date command.14:36
jueadd --localtime to the hwclock call in /etc/rc ?14:40
ximondalet me try...14:40
tilmanare you saying you store local time in the rtc? :p14:40
ximondaThe file /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin is empty.14:43
ximonda0 bytes.14:43
ximondaWas it killed during the update to 2.4?14:45
ximondacd /etc14:48
juehave to leave soon, something left for now?14:50
juerc1 next week?14:50
tilmansounds good14:50
tilmanxserver 1.4.1 should be released by then, too14:51
tilmanfixing the led issue14:51
jaegerjue: sounds good to me14:51
juewho will create the iso-image, shall I?14:55
ximondafine ... fixing Berlin makes date happy.14:56
tilmanjue: sure, if you don't mind14:56
ximondano idea where that file went.14:56
jaegerjue: do you want to add that driver in #174 or want me to?14:57
tilmani'll branch of contrib for 2.414:57
juejaeger: please do that, maybe you find some other stuff we should enable14:58
jaegerwill do14:58
juetime to go now, cu14:59
tilmanbye jue14:59
ximondacu jue15:00
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tilmanViper_: can you notify the contrib mailing list that there's now a 2.4 branch available?15:07
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ximondaOkay, I'm leaving.16:25
ximondaHave a good night.16:26
clbUpdate from opt: 27 Nov 22:22 - rxvt-unicode: updated to 8.7. || 27 Nov 22:14 - pidgin: updated to version 2.3.016:29
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