IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-11-29

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clbUpdate from opt: 29 Nov 08:00 - sqlite3: update to 3.5.3 || 29 Nov 07:58 - dovecot: update to 1.0.802:09
clbUpdate from core: 29 Nov 08:03 - bindutils: update to 9.4.202:11
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clbUpdate from opt: 29 Nov 16:46 - pinentry: updated to version 0.7.411:12
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clbUpdate from opt: 29 Nov 18:27 - dbus-python: updated to version 0.82.3 || 29 Nov 18:27 - gob: updated to version 2.0.1512:42
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tilmanhey sip :)12:56
jaegerI love this keyboard13:01
treachbeware, or you'll turn into one of those macibans. :p13:03
jaegerusing it on my crux box right now :)13:03
treachlooks cool though, even if it has too many keys. ;)13:03
sipany special trick required?13:04
jaegerIt has a very good feel to it, in my opinion, and I love the size13:04
jaegerit's just usb so no tricks to get it hooked up. I use a customized .xmodmap but it works fine without13:04
sipnice idea for my christmas shopping cart ;-)13:05
* treach cheers three times for his shiny new nvidia card.13:05
sip(together with CRUX 2.4)13:05
jaeger <- there's the xmodmap file if you care13:06
treachfinally I can scroll in the browser window without the cpu fan spinning up..13:06
jaegertreach: nice :) what did you get?13:06
treachasus en850013:06
treachMore than enough for me. :)13:07
sipburned my nvidia a week ago. 2 in 2 years :-/13:07
jaegernifty, I didn't even know there was an 8500 series13:07
jaegerouch, that sucks13:07
treachthis one doesn't even have a fan. <313:07
jaegerI love fanless cards13:07
sipyeah, expecially since I'm stuck with a ati and some app has problem with latest xorg13:08
jaegermy fanless fx5200 is still going strong in my htpc13:08
jaegertilman: hey, what's the status on the LED issue with xorg?13:08
sipie nedit has serious problems13:08
treachwho needs nedit when there's vim? :P13:09
* treach takes cover13:09
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jaegersip: did you look over the irc meeting logs?13:10
sipaww did I miss a meeting?13:10
sipgod, I came for the meeting tonight, just re-read the mail13:12
sip<-- embarassed13:13
sipreading the digest version ;-)13:13
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sipabout the hardware problems, it was a couple of crappy celeron servers from ages ago13:19
sipasus mb, no scsi13:20
sipcannot say more 'cause they're not around anymore13:20
sip(that tells us something ;))13:21
sipso if nobody else reported booting problems I think it's safe to ignore my experience13:21
jaegerI think you're the only one so far13:22
sipyeah, I'm always lucky with this kind of things13:23
tilmanjaeger: will be fixed with xorg-server 1.4.1, which is due really soon13:26
jaegerawesome, thanks13:26
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tilmanjust wanted to tell sip about the firefox segfault w/ hacked java14:02
jaegerI figured he'd stick around longer than that, heh14:05
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clbUpdate from opt: 29 Nov 19:47 - jdk, jre: included hack for xcb assertions hiccup14:13
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