IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-12-02

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tilmandidn't we want to switch from cdrkit to ... debian's weirdly named program?04:21
aonfrom cdrtools to cdrkit, you mean?04:41
aonwell, i've been using it for almost a year now (omg)04:42
aonfor all my cd-burning needs04:42
aoni guess the biggest problems for migration are the deps and the question on whether we want compat symlinks or not04:43
aoni should definitely update the libcap port04:44
tilmani think it's a bit too late for 2.4 inclusion04:45
tilmanand i don't know whether we can do the swap right after 2.4 is out04:45
aonyeah, dunno, i guess there's no hurry04:45
tilmancrap, we sould have done it in summer04:45
aonanyway, this new libcap needs to be tested a bit04:46
* tilman has never heard of libcap04:46
* tilman notices kernel-2.4 in the source url04:46
aonyeah, the source url is probably broken anyway04:47
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clbUpdate from opt: 2 Dec 13:49 - git: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 2 Dec 15:49 - mplayerplug-in: updated to version 3.5009:57
tilmanjaeger: i think we should merge the pkgmk/source-mirror patch today, so we can include the new pkgutils in rc1 tomorrow10:00
jaegerI'm ok with that, didn't get any feedback outside of IRC though10:00
jaegerwell, got some, but not much at all10:01
tilmanthey had enough time for objecting, vetoing and whatnot10:01
jaegeryeah :P10:01
jaegerwhat's your take on the name issue?10:01
jaegerit's valid to a point, PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS would be more intuitive than PKGMK_DISTFILE_REPOS10:02
tilmani think i like 'source mirror' best10:02
jaegerI'd prefer bumping the source tarball to adding a patch to the port10:12
tilmanof course :)10:12
tilmancommit the patc to pkgutils.git, i can roll a tarball then10:14
jaegerthere's no branch for it, right? just master?10:16
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tilmanjaeger: yep, master10:53
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treachhahaha ;D12:19
tilmani thought the release process was more complicated12:29
tilmanwe should add a CONFIGURATION section to the pkgmk man page12:34
tilmanmaybe 5.31.0 might be more appropriate :p12:38
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tilmanjaeger: what do you think, should it go in both 2.3 and 2.4 or 2.4 only?12:44
tilmani'm leaning towards 2.4 only12:44
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jaegertilman: 2.4 only, I'd say13:46
jaegersorry, was out to lunch13:46
tilmanjaeger: can you please write a release announcement? if possible, with a short example on how to use the new feature13:47
jaegerfor the crux ml?13:51
jaegerif it's going into 2.4 only, why not just add it to the handbook and release notes?13:51
jaegerdon't want to confuse people, hehe13:51
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