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Man0l0Hi all05:13
Romsterhi Man0l0 you'd goet more response in #crux05:40
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sepen7j #php08:22
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Dec 15:24 - chrony: update to 1.2309:33
j^2morning all10:12
tilmanmorning j^211:22
treachjaeger: btw, I incidentally noticed that mplayer depends on libxvid, which isn't listed.11:31
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jaegertreach: it isn't required to build 1.0rc211:40
jaegermight make use of it but not a vital requirement11:40
treachwell, it didn't build without it here..11:41
jaegerI just tested it to make sure I wasn't making that up, built fine for me. paste some error output?11:41
treachsorry, I don't have a working mouse atm. :)11:42
treachbut it didn't build, I got some errors mentioning that lib.11:42
treachso I installed it, and then mplayer finished.11:43
treachI'd say that's pretty convincing.11:43
jaegerhow about capturing a build log and sending it to me?11:43
jaegeraesir/jaeger ~ $ prt-get listinst -v | grep -e mplayer -e xvid11:43
jaegermplayer 1.0rc2-111:43
treachk, I'll see what I can do.11:43
treachyeah, it's the same version.11:44
jaegervery odd11:45
tilmantreach: you can use the numpad as a mouse replacement11:45
tilmani forget how to activate it though11:45
jaegerare you using a different Pkgfile than that from opt?11:45
treachjaeger: nope.11:45
treachtilman: cool, didn't know that11:45
treachjaeger: where do you want me to send the log?11:48
jaegerjaeger at crux11:49
treachok, hopefully I got it right. :)11:51
jaegerI got it, will take a look11:54
jaegerI'm not seeing xvid errors in this11:55
treachit's a bit from the bottom11:55
treachbut I think I found the problem.11:55
treachNot your fault, just a weird symptom.11:55
jaegerI see unterminated ifndefs, comments11:56
jaegerwhat is it?11:56
jaegerah. what are you using?11:56
treach-j 4 :)11:56
jaegerI'll test that11:56
treachstrange that adding libxvid fixed it. :/11:57
jaegerIf I had to guess I'd say they're not related11:57
jaegerand that if you built it a bunch of times with xvid installed it would break again11:57
treachprobably not, I would guess on some race in the build11:57
jaegerbut I could be wrong11:57
tilmani did a kernel update on code-monkey.de11:58
tilmanpinged the box to see when it's back11:58
tilmanbut it didn't come back11:58
tilmanwaited. waited longer.11:58
tilmanthen i realized i block icmp echo*11:58
jaegerhaha, nice :)11:59
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Romstertreach, wgetpaste it's in contrib <<16:32
Romstertilman, nice one bet you where so tense and nearly ready to panic.16:34
tilmanRomster: ???16:37
Romsteryour <tilman> i did a kernel update on < in response to that.17:00
tilmanyes, indeed :D17:01
treachRomster: don't get too cocky, I seem to remember someone panicking pretty badly over a picture a while back..17:02
Romstertreach, eh? i forgoten17:04
tilmanwhat picture?17:05
treachI've forgotten the link. :(17:06
treachbasically you clicked on it, and you got a picture with a screenshot with someone using some "zeroday exploit" for ssh, on your ip. ;>17:07
tilmani think i remember that17:08
Romsteri can't..17:08
Romstermaybe a hint of a memory..17:10
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