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treachupdated lm_sensors + patched gkrellm available in black mesa. ;)07:29
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tilmanneed more testers of that util-linux-ng port (crux-devel)08:37
Romsteris it stable?08:42
pitillomay be that Q can be an answer about the needed of testers, to see if it's stable08:44
sepentilman, from that port I'll test bin/* and sbin/* tools at night08:47
Romsteri mean stable enough that it hasn't crashed /yet/08:47
treach"I need testers"08:48
treach"is it stable?"08:48
treachtilman: got a port for it somewhere?08:50
Romsteryeah no package of util-linux-ng08:50
Romsteri jsut found08:50
Romstertreach, nevermind i'm being dumb...08:50
Romsteri should think before typing08:51
pitilloI think Jue added a file at ML... but not sure if it's a port (util-linux-ng- May be he uses this to name ports08:52
Romsterguess i'll throw a port together08:53
treachdude. there IS a port.08:53
treachit's on the ml, I just missed it.08:53
pitilloI think it's abit hard to see, because he didn't mention it a his mail. (but the port was attached)08:54
jaegerit's working fine for me so far, just wanted to give it a bit before I responded to the ML post08:56
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DarkNekrosmorning you all ;)08:57
tilmanyes, juergen posted his port to the crux-devel mailing list08:59
j^2hey guys09:17
Romsterpitillo, oh ah well i made my own.09:26
Romsteri'll evently have all the ports i use in my own repo.09:28
Romsteri should eb able to wipe my system but keep /etc and /home stuff and be able to reinstall everything from my repo09:28
Romsterwithout having to mess with anythng.09:28
Romsterunlike some maintainers i email and they don't do anything (some do some don't, i won't name who) i decided to keep my own copys.09:30
Romsteri'll edit them if anyone points out mistakes or improvments.09:31
sepenwhy you don't just use ML or mail directly to mantainer?09:32
Romsteri can still send patches and stuff but if they don't change it it's there loss.09:32
Romsteri email directly to maintianer09:32
pitillobut do you mean core/opt/contrib maintainers? or private ports maintainers?09:32
RomsterML is useless to me.09:32
Romsteropt/contrib hmm might of been a few core too can't remember09:33
Romstersome changes went though some where minor things i don't mind if they don't go though but major things. like wine not listing a dependency i found... and i emailed..09:33
pitillothe ml may be isn the best way to report a port problem... I think it has is use09:34
Romsteri send to the maintainer.09:35
pitillo*isn't *its09:35
Romsteror i put it on the bug tracker.09:35
RomsterML isn't ment for port reporting in my books.09:35
pitilloyes, I forgot that :)09:35
Romsterunless it affects everyone in some way.09:35
pitilloyes, that was the fact I tried to wirte in my last sentence...09:36
Romsterlike a port rename that has dependencys.09:36
Romstereven though no on in Australia can use the ML09:36
Romsterand it's been like thiat since the host change.09:36
Romster1995 i found a old post of mine in a archive09:37
Romstersince the clc.. to change or something like that no more ML09:37
Romsteranyways the ML is mostly full of spam thesedays..09:38
pitilloat least you can see it at web and send mails from another way (gmail...)09:38
Romsterif i could be bothered.09:38
pitillohere I am testing util-linux-ng in a 2.3 and I can't see anything strange atm (only a few tries)09:40
jaegerit's full of spam?09:41
Romstersome of it well ok a few posts...09:42
pitillothere are some spam messages... but not full09:42
Romsteri read it and only get some good stuff from the ML i much prefer irc.09:42
Romsteryeah that's one such spam.09:52
tilmangrep Maintainer /usr/ports/opt/nss/Pkgfile10:25
tilmanwhat the heck?10:25
tilmanthere's still ports in contrib who are "maintained" by Mark Rosenstand10:28
tilmanRomster: it would be great if you could nuke them10:28
tilmanpeople have had enough time to adopt them10:28
sepenhow many contrib people are10:29
tilmansepen: or you can nuke them10:29
tilmani don't care who does10:29
tilmanbut somebody should do it!10:29
sepenyeah, I sent a mail to him10:29
tilmanmark resigned months ago10:29
sepenyeah, he told me10:30
tilmanso why do you want to e-mail him?10:30
Romstertilman, ah yes 3 left one game i failed to be able to build and 2 others i'll nuke them i dont' see a reason to port them..10:30
Romsteri've kept alot..10:30
Romsteri'll nuke the last 3 ports of his.10:31
Romstersince tilman told me to adapot or remove ports.10:32
sepentilman, just I want to say that mark told me that he leftout contrib, and we can adopt his ports10:32
Romstersepen, if you look i've addopted alot of his.10:32
sepenyeah nit I've no idea since now10:32
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Romsterok thought thee was 3 there is 5 left..10:34
Romsterwith mtools there is a dependency in contrib..10:35
RomsterJose V Beneyto i'll see if he wants to maintain mtools.10:36
Romstertaht's you arn't it sepen ?10:36
sepenmtools... I need this port for syslinux10:36
Romsteryou take that i'll deal with the rest.10:37
sepenyeah I want10:37
Romsteri thought as much10:37
Romsteri was thinking of taking it but not much need.10:37
sepenI'll adopt mtools10:37
tilmanViper_: ping?10:38
sepenRomster, its mine10:38
pitilloand tell Viper_ (if he is the webpage maintainer) to update in the about's section, the contributors10:41
sepenRomster,  find /usr/ports/contrib/ -type f -name 'Pkgfile' -exec grep -H 'Mark Rosenstand' {} \;10:41
sepenalso I want to adopt lincity-ng10:41
sepennop 'warsow' port10:42
sepenmy 'find' command need an extra 'grep Maintainer' filter10:43
Romsteraye i got lincity-ng i had it before mark.10:43
Romsterinfact mark snuck in when i was out of opt when i seperated with prologic's repo10:43
Romsterbefore my ports got back in and when i did mark threy lincity-ng in10:44
Romsterand clamed he made the port when infact i made it.10:44
Romsteri never did chage the packager on that one i just updated it.10:44
sepenyea Romster, just was my error, I can't read Packager line10:44
sepenRomster, I like your style10:45
Romsteri got a bit anoyed at that oh and at yhafri for renaming one of my ports he addopted in his repo and clamed he made it.10:45
sepenpffff who is yhafri??10:45
Romsteri give credit to who made a port.10:45
pitilloRomster, that's respect and polite, IMO10:46
Romsterand no idea he is never on irc afaik10:46
sepenor ML10:47
Romsteryeah has he been on the ML ?10:48
Romsteronly half if even that is upto date and he uses libiconv10:48
Romsteri've sued soem of his ports and updated them,10:49
Romsterused some*10:49
Romsterycrux is that thie distro yhafri is doing?10:49
sepenYhafri CRash linUX10:51
tilmanRomster, sepen: you're going to adopt or delete mark's ports then?10:54
Romstersepen, is taking mtools10:54
Romsteri'll adopt or nuke the rest is that ok sepen ?10:55
Romsteror oyu wanna take over anything left?10:55
Romster5 ports left including mtools10:55
Romsterheck i even took over tux racer *g*10:55
Romsterand cleanded it up more for nostalga reasons.10:56
Romstersepen, ok?10:56
sepentilman, adopt10:56
sepenIm also interesting on warsow10:56
Romsterah i tryed to buld that and had no luck sepen10:58
Romsteryou can take that if you like10:58
Romsteri was gonna take it but it just won't buld the new verison.10:58
Romsterdtach not sure if that has any sue it's a small peace from screen10:59
Romsterenter i'll nuke10:59
treachpeace and nuke, that's a nice combo10:59
Romstermiau seems like something i'd use i'll take that one.11:00
Romstersepen, you can grab warsow but good luck building it.11:00
treach"iw as jsut gonna brach.."11:04
Romsterlol... is my typing that bloody bad....11:09
sepensorry I stay at office yet11:09
sepenwell, I'll try at least11:10
Romstersepen, i'll leave warsow and mtools for you.11:11
Romsteri'm cleaning up the rest now.11:11
sepenok sounds nice for me11:11
Romsterwarsow is'nt gonan be easy plus its a huge file like 90MB approx.11:13
Romsterok my typing is really shitty...11:13
jaegerthat's nothing, the old nwn port downloaded about 1.2G if I remember right11:15
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Roomster1.2G yikes11:24
Roomsterand yay gotta love when DSL decides to reconnect for no reason.11:24
jaegernwn was the reason I added large file support to pkgutils11:24
Roomsterah thats the one i saw a id ea to add a new file patch like the nostrip one works for extracting archives like i had a port i didn't want to extract a zip file..11:30
Roomsterso you could add "/.zip" to say .noextract11:31
Roomsterand pkgutils would leave that alone.11:31
Roomsterand jsut copy it across to $SRC11:31
Roomsterwould save all that hacking around.11:32
Roomsterand that port would so benefit from lzma.11:33
Roomsterit's like wtf using .gz on such huge files instead of bzip2, but now lzma is better than bzip211:34
Roomsterin size and decompression speed.11:34
Roomstercompression is slow at the -9 rate though.11:34
Roomsteri've been messing with it and i like it.11:34
jaegerwell, back at the start of pkgutils those big files weren't a concern, I imagine11:37
Roomsteri guess11:38
sepenwell, 19:00 Im going to home11:55
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sepenwhat about 2.4 iso and arguments passed to isolinux? I can't use it with root=/dev/sda bla. bla.13:08
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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Dec 19:56 - madwifi: updated to
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DarkNekrosnight you all;)17:38
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clbUpdate from opt: 5 Dec 01:41 - xchat: added patches from xchat.org19:41
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