IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-12-07

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DarkNekroshi & morning all ;)01:50
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jaegerI don't understand this weird nvidia issue with
jaegerI have 4 machines running with nvidia. 3 of them never showed any problems. the last one shows different *build* problems every time08:48
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jaegerand then when it finally built, X won't start, the nvidia module bitching about the device not being there :P08:50
jaegerand now, after a reboot, it's working fine on that problem box :P08:55
jaegerdoesn't really inspire confidence08:55
sepenjaeger, consider hardware problems08:59
jaegerthat thought had crossed my mind but in every other respect this machine is rock solid09:01
jaegerit's the machine I use every day at work09:01
jaegeralso, if I switch back to there are no problems, too. pretty weird09:01
sepenhmm rare, are you sure both of them have the same chipset?09:03
jaegerboth of what?09:04
jaegerif you mean the computers, all 4 of them have rather different chipsets... but they're all well-supported ones09:06
jaegerwell, whatever the case, it's working now, I'm not going to mess with it09:10
sepenIm trying to find something interesting on lkml
sepenhonestly, no idea09:14
j^2morning all09:23
j^2got any good plans fro the weekend?09:23
jaegernot really, need to relax a bit09:26
jaegeractually, I might start working on a platform bed frame09:26
j^2:-O to ikea!09:27
j^2\me points north09:27
* j^2 09:27
j^2cant get anything right today :(09:27
jjpkHeh. One of those days again. :s09:29
j^2i was waiting for the zing -> "oh j^2 isnt that a _normal_ day for you?" or something like that09:30
jaegerI'm gonna build my own rather than buy one09:30
jaegershould be a fun project and cheaper09:30
j^2not much in this world is cheaper then ikea :P09:31
jaegerDIY is :)09:31
jjpkIt's a shame how DIY appears to be dwindling.09:32
jaegerI agree09:32
jjpkI know a few who would probably be very crippled if their money was taken away.09:33
jjpk"need something? buy it!"09:33
j^2i'm learnig how to bake bread now :-O09:34
j^2made just one loaf09:34
j^2but it's pretty fun09:34
treachhmm, somehow, I feel discussing IKEA is pretty appropriate for #crux-devel. :P09:35
treachmodular stuff to be assembled by the end user in both cases. :D09:36
j^2:D :D09:36
clbUpdate from opt: 7 Dec 16:33 - apache-tomcat: updated to 5.5.2509:54
sepenjaeger, are you changed gnome paths for your rsync module?10:05
sepenUpdating file list from
sepenrsync: link_stat "/tags/gnome-2.18.0/." (in gnome) failed: No such file or directory (2)10:05
sepenrsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(1385) [receiver=2.6.9]10:05
sepenError: Running rsync failed ()10:05
sepenUpdating failed10:05
sepenmaybe a gnome update?10:06
jaegerI only keep about 5 releases, 2.18.0 got removed today when I added 2.20.210:10
jaegerif you want the latest, grab
sepenjaeger, now all fine, more easy that way (tags/current/)10:29
jaegerindeed :) It was someone else's idea, treach or tilman maybe? but a good one10:33
jaegeror thrice? someone with a t-name :)10:34
tilmani think i did10:34
tilmancause i always forgot to bump the version in the rsync file10:34
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clbUpdate from opt: 7 Dec 18:45 - lftp: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 8 Dec 01:11 - hal: updated to version 0.5.10; hal-info: initial import, version 2007103019:28
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clbUpdate from opt: 8 Dec 01:36 - pidgin: updated to version 2.3.119:58
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