IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-12-10

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DarkNekroshi all ;)04:59
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* jaeger kicks apache in the nuts10:52
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tilmanjaeger: i'll announce it14:11
jaegerok, great14:12
tilmanjaeger: did we want to mention the new MIRROR thing in the release notes?14:14
jaegercould just provide a link to the 2.4 handbook section about it14:16
jaegerrather than duplicating14:16
sepenor to pkgmk.conf.514:18
roliveiranice work :D14:27
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j^2hey this looks really fimialar17:15
DarkNekrosopen source software for Solaris??17:18
j^2pretty close; with pkg_add17:19
DarkNekrosyes, they have ported all de prt-get tools and pkg ones17:19
tilmando a little research17:21
tilmanthe bsds (at least freebsd) have used pkg_add for aeons ;D17:22
tilmansame for slowlaris i assume17:22
DarkNekrosit's free sotfware, isn't it?17:22
tilmanwhat is? blastwave?17:22
DarkNekrosnope, pkg tools17:23
sepenIm running pkg_* on bsd for a lot17:23
tilmanwhich ones? ours? :)17:23
DarkNekrosI don't know17:23
DarkNekroswho was first, chiquen or egg? xDD17:24
tilmanthe first release of crux was in 200117:24
tilmanbsd was born in the early 80s iirc17:24
sepenDarkNekros, surely my cock17:24
DarkNekrossepen, xDDD17:25
DarkNekrostilman, I mean that free software does thinks like this, programs with similar names :)17:26
DarkNekrosor similar functions17:26
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