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DarkNekrosmorning all;)04:39
clbUpdate from opt: 12 Dec 10:34 - dovecot: update to 1.0.9 || 12 Dec 10:22 - [notify] samba: update to 3.0.2804:53
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jaegergrr, keyboard10:09
jaegerI'm finally getting a chance to try 2.4-rc1 now10:09
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jaegerhrmm... something odd about the kernel and squashfs patch10:45
jaegeras in, the wrong patch10:50
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jaegertilman: the xorg metaport on the iso doesn't seem to pull in the proper deps, is it missing/wrong in the setup.dependencies file?11:23
tilmanwill check in a few11:25
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teK /c12:50
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jaegertilman: also, I think xorg-libpixman depends on xorg-libxcomposite, ran into a break during a prt-get depinst xorg14:01
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teKsame here for me, btw (regarding issues with libpixman..)15:04
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tilmani grepped the source but don't see it15:18
tilmanwhat error do you get?15:18
jaegerhrmm, I'm sorry, looks like I misread it. it's a gtk issue, but can cause problems with a clean 2.4 install15:20
jaegergtk was linked against
jaegerto give you some background I installed a clean 2.4 from rc1 and picked only the "xorg" port from the xorg section of the installer15:23
jaegerxorg-libxcomposite and xorg-libpixman (and some others) don't get installed15:23
tilmanxorg-server depends on pixman though15:26
tilmanchecking setup.dependencies15:26
tilmanlooks good to me15:28
jaegerthere was definitely something funky, I'll try it again in a vm or something15:33
tilmanme too15:37
tilmani was looking at libpixman-0.1.615:40
tilmanwhich is totally not the right version15:40
jaegerI picked all of core and opt, then said yes to choosing individual packages and picked only "xorg" in the xorg list15:45
jaegersaid ok to dependencies, let it install15:45
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tilmani found it15:45
tilmanpixman ships with a little test app in test/15:46
tilmanit is only built if gtk is detected15:46
tilmantotally pointless to us, so i'm killing it now15:46
jaegerthat doesn't explain why not all the xorg deps got installed, though15:46
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tilmanso i can reproduce it by installing rc1, and selecting *only* the xorg packages?15:48
tilman[ ] core15:48
tilman[ ] opt15:48
tilman[X] xorg15:48
tilman? :)15:48
jaegerinstall all of core and opt, don't select xorg15:48
jaegerthen, when asked if you want to pick them individually, add only the xorg meta port15:48
pedjawhere can I find .config used for 2.4rc1? I'd like to check if my sata/ata controler is supported.15:56
pedjajaeger: thanks :)16:01
pedjahm, no it's not.I'll guess I'll have to tweak 2.4 when it's out.16:04
jaegerwhich controller?16:04
pedjaCONFIG_BLK_DEV_JMICRON=m CONFIG_PATA_JMICRON=y (in my current .config)16:05
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