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DarkNekroshi all ;)01:37
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jaegertilman: any idea what the deal was with the xorg metaport deps?08:58
pitillore-doing it here09:06
pitillojaeger, what about core/opt repos? what did you install from them? (all ports from both?)09:09
jaegeryes, all from both09:11
pitillook, trying here09:11
pitilloI got a list of that list I can confirm what you said yesterday. (xorg-libxcomposite and xorg-libpixman (and some others) don get installed)09:12
pitillochecking setup.dependencies now (I can't do too much)09:16
pitillostrange, I haven't too much knowledge about this, but the xorg port isn't defined at setup.dependencies (is this beacause it's a meta port?)09:27
pitillothen, how can know wich dependencies are needed by itself? Trying to understands things bit by bit09:28
sepenjaeger, what about that line at setup.dependencies?   prt-get: prt-get09:32
sepenprt-get: pkgutils prt-get (imo)09:33
jaegerit's automatically generated, right? prt-get doesn't depend on pkgutils in its Pkgfile09:34
pitillowich is the reason to avoid deps in core ports?09:34
sepenjaeger you mean that I can install prt-get without having pkgutils?09:34
jaegerit would be tricky, but no, I mean it09:35
jaegerhas no dep on pkgutils in the Pkgfile09:35
pitillohas no deps because core ports hasn't deps... isn't it?09:35
pitillobut pkgutils are really a dep for prt-get09:35
sepenbut prt-get manual says "prt-get  -  an  advanced  package  management  tool  to  be  used  with  pkgutils  from CRUX"09:36
pitilloboth on core... I think that can be good only if you add all core packages at install time (then remove the option to let the user add/remove core ports)09:36
sepenI think is a dependency09:36
sepencore also have their deps listed in this file (setup.dependencies) see automake: gawk db gdbm autoconf perl automake09:37
jaegerPersonally I've thought for a long time we should list SOME core/opt deps but not all. Obviously everything that builds from source needs a compiler but it's not obvious when something might need perl or awk or whatever09:38
jaegerbut not everyone agrees on the deps issue and it would also be a big pain in the ass to maintain those bigger lists, I'd guess09:38
pitilloyeah, that's true, but checking dep definition these deps can be avoided (subversion for example too). IMO must be shown the deps needed by the source to be built and I think this is the way that is used now if I am not in wrong09:40
sepenhmmm learning...09:44
jaegeryou're welcome to bring it up again to the other devs but I doubt we'll ever reach a consensus on it09:44
pitilloummm I think that deps are fine now (avoid them to get source, or modify it it's fine)09:45
pitilloI think I need a coffee to start typing/talking a bit better09:45
pitillowell, I hope tilman can check what you said about xorg and if he has a bit of time, I hope he can explain how xorg deps are known at setup time.09:46
jaegerwell, it seems to me that xorg individual port deps are set but NOT the deps for the "xorg" metaport itself09:48
jaegerthe individual ones may be missing a few09:48
pitilloand where did you find xorg deps?09:49
pitilloI was looking at setup.dep... and search for the chain xorg: and I didn't find anything. (sorry if this an obvius Q)09:50
jaegerwell, here is what I think happens (I haven't looked into it yet):09:51
jaeger1) "xorg" metaport is selected09:51
jaeger2) setup checks for needed dependencies and "xorg" has none listed so it picks the ones for things like firefox, etc.09:52
jaeger3) setup installs the deps it found and the "xorg" metaport09:52
jaegerthus you don't have the full deps for "xorg"09:52
pitillointeresting, but why not include all deps for that metaport?09:53
jaegerwell, I think it's just an oversight, not intentional09:53
pitillotranslating oversight....09:54
sepenjaeger, I had problems with the lastest install of xfce409:54
sepenI install directly xfce4 without installing xorg and get some strange problems09:54
sepenthat using 2.4beta09:55
pitilloummm well, I hope tilman can read and check this. All of you are doing a very good job and I am quite sure you don't have all the day to spend on CRUX. if you need some kind of help we are here.09:57
jaegerappreciate it :)09:57
jaegersepen: missing deps or some other problem?09:57
sepenI rebuilt xfce4 using prt-get update `prt-get quickdep xfce4` but also failed09:58
jaegerfailed in what way?09:59
sepenbut no sure what has happened, was in 2.4beta I'll try to reproduce that in rc109:59
sepenjaeger, some xorg-input deps are not found09:59
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jaegerheyo, jue10:06
jueany problems with rc1?10:07
jaegerI've had a couple small things but easy fixes10:08
jaeger2 of them are not actually problems with the iso but instead with the building of the iso. updated syslinux and a fixed squashfs patch10:08
jaegerthe only problem with the iso itself is the xorg metaport deps issue we've been discussing in here. waiting to hear from tilman on that one10:09
jaegerI'll update the squashfs patch and the syslinux version today10:09
jaegereven with the small deps issue, it works great10:11
juehmm, dunno why xorg is not listed in the setup.deps10:12
jueah, I see10:13
jaegermy guess is it's just an oversight, not intentional10:13
jueTilman added the meta-port later and I forgot to update setup.dependencies10:14
jaegerah, ok10:15
jueI mean added to packages.xorg10:16
jaegerok, pushed the squashfs and syslinux update10:21
pitilloahhh nice to know that jue. :)10:25
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sepenalso updated contrib/syslinux port10:32
juepushed an update to setup.dependencies10:45
jaegerwant me to bootstrap a new iso? got a box free that has the setup already10:46
jueyeah, great10:46
sepenrc2 ?10:47
jaegerok, it's started10:50
jueno, I see no reason for a second rc10:51
jaegerwell, I hope no one else ran into problems :) I haven't heard of any so far10:51
juelet's wait 2-3 days, if no problems came up we can release the final next week10:52
pitillohow much time do you spend to make a new iso?10:52
jueimo ;-)10:52
juea full bootstrap needs about 8 hours on my box here10:53
pitilloI don't know if people stay with beta instead of use and test newer rc's10:53
jueyeah, but the essential parts are same anyway10:53
jaegerI'll tell you how long it took on that machine when it's done... it's a 2.2GHz amd64 with 768M10:54
sepenjue, why not another release candidate10:55
jueI see no reason for it10:57
sepenthere’s no rush (imo)10:57
jaegerI think it's ok as long as nobody else reports problems. Also, as soon as the bootstrap is done I'll run through a quick install again10:58
juesepen: sure, there is no rush. but on the other side it's a pain to maintain two different versions of crux.11:00
jaegerthat's one reason I like virtualbox (or parallels or vmware, etc.) so much11:01
sepenI admire and Im amazing with our job these days specially11:01
sepenthanks for doing better11:01
sepen(not sure If you can understand my poor english)11:03
jaegermostly :)11:04
juesepen: just read the logs, wrt setup.dependencies: only deps listed in the ports are listed there. Have a look at the Makefile, last target, to see how it works11:22
sepenhmmm going to11:22
jueand sure, we are talking about binary packages here, so it would be better to have stricter dependencies11:23
juebut keep in mind that a lot of progs need e.g. seed or bash at runtime ...11:24
jueand adding all of them manually to setup.dependencies is not really an option11:24
sepenjust was an old question I have11:25
sepenthanks for the explanation11:25
sepennice for me, quickdep does the job foreach collection ...11:26
sepen$ prt-get quickdep prt-get11:27
sepenwell, understand it11:28
sepenthe only thing was the prt-get manuall that says prt-get to be used with pkgutils and was really strange for me11:30
Romsterjaeger, libxvid needs that nasm sed line11:31
sepenand the fact is that I can install prt-get without having pkgutils (is not a runtime dep yeah but was rare for me)11:31
jaegerRomster: ok11:31
Romstersepen, pkgutils is on core now so it should be on the system now. in crux 2.2 it was in opt then i'd say it should be listed as a dependency for prt-get.11:32
sepenjue, Im agreed11:32
Romsterjaeger, imo nasm did some stupid breaking by that change.11:32
sepenRomster, yep11:32
jaegerif it were me I'd have left the old one in as a backwards-compatibility check11:33
jaegerbut whatever11:33
Romstermy safe-build script so rocks for finding broken/missing packages off the dependencys11:33
Romstermight of been wise to keep to the old nasm and update it for 2.4 only11:33
Romstertreat it like the tool chain11:34
Romsterbut it's a bit late now, i'll do a search for other packages that need that fix too.11:34
tilmanRomster: did i tell you about the boost build failure on 2.4?11:35
Romsterah no..11:35
Romsteri'll test that on my chroot too.11:35
jaegerRomster: hrmm, libxvid built for me without change. are you using different options or Pkgfile?11:35
Romsternope the stock one look in the configure part error:11:36
Romsterit'll build with internal stuff it says but isn't ideal11:36
Romsterchecking for nasm patch version... nasm: error: unrecognised option `-r'11:37
Romsternasm: error: no input file specified11:37
Romstertype `nasm -h' for help11:37
Romsterconfigure: WARNING: nasm patch version is too old11:37
Romsterconfigure: WARNING: no correct assembler was found - Compiling generic sources only11:37
Romsterso it'll still work but will be alot slower to run.11:37
tilmanare you both on the same version of nasm?11:37
Romsterwhats in core yes11:37
Romsterit worked ok with the old version.11:38
Romstertilman, you got a error log for boost?11:38
tilmanlet'see whether you can reproducei t11:38
Romsteri'll have to download that 2.4-rc1 first.11:39
jaegerok, I see it now (had to go AFK)11:43
Romsteri've just recently before i went to sleep made a small bash script to remove all but core ports so i can then do a new prt-get depinst package, and test for missing deps.11:45
jaegerI use something like that to clean out gnome for clean builds, it removes all but core/opt11:45
Romsteri've found a intererting thing with bc i'll paste bin it.11:45
Romsteri'll pate bin that too i'd be intersted in how you did yours.11:46
Romsterisn't quite done yet11:50
Romsterand i'm gonna soon put it into my safe-build port.11:50
Romsterseems it's still very handy to test stuff with.11:50
Romsterno idea what i'm doing wrong to get vim to use the vim comments at the bottom.11:51
jaegerRomster: does libxvid even work with nasm 2.00? it reports patch version -111:52
jaegertry without spaces between vim: and the command11:53
jaeger# vim:ts=4 for example11:53
jaeger(just a guess)11:53
Romsteris that simaler to how you do yours?11:54
Romstercompiling libxvid now.11:54
Romsteryeah it builds ok on nasm 2.0011:55
jaegerit built, yeah, but does it actually end up USING it?11:55
Romsteri'd have to edit it then see if that sed fix works.11:56
jaeger"sed -i -e 's/nasm_prog -r/nasm_prog -v/' configure" is what I used11:56
Romsteryeah i looked in libmp4v211:58
Romsternasm patch version is too old12:02
Romsterhmm still a issue..12:02
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jaegergotta go for lunch with coworkers, will poke at it more when I get back12:05
tilmanjue: objections to adding /opt/sbin to core/filesystem resp core/bash?12:08
tilmanjue: mike_k was just asking for that12:09
Romsterwhy would we want /opt/sbin when we have /usr/sbin ?12:10
Romsterans super user would use /bin and /sbin imo.12:11
tilmanbecause / and /usr are controlled by the package manager12:12
Romsterah optional for like not packaged stuff.12:14
Romster/var/{bin,sbin} for that like i would use ~/bin for user spefic binarys?12:14
juetilman: nope, seems consistent as we have /opt/bin already in the default path12:45
tilmani'll add it12:46
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olaf_hi guys13:32
olaf_just a quick one: in gentoo you can install a package to another target FS via $ ROOT=/mnt/usbdisk emerge foo bar.13:32
olaf_is there such a thing in crux?13:32
olaf_how can you controll the install of a port directly into a foreign root, without touching the build/host-system?13:33
pitilloolaf_, please move this question to the channel #crux :)13:35
olaf_hmm, is this a average user question?13:36
pitilloI am not sure if it's related to development...13:36
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jaegerRomster: back now, what's the word on nasm? I'm not sure if it's doing much good from the libxvid configure log14:31
jaegerit doesn't have any big FAILED anywhere14:31
Romsterno it just says something about wrong patch version..14:31
Romsteri hadn't looked in configure but i'm guessing it's looking at the 0.xx part14:32
jaegertilman: is that filesystem change going in soon? just finished stage0 on the bootstrap14:32
Romsterjaeger, i'm gonna try editing minimum_nasm_patch_version=34 to 0014:36
jaegeris nasm 2 theoretically backwards-compatible?14:39
Romsterno idea..14:41
Romsteri think it's just a bug fix release from what i've read and abi and api compatable i think14:41
Romsterthat didn't fix it i'm looking in configure now.14:44
tilmanjaeger: i can do it right now if that would help14:48
jaegermight as well, I'm about to stop it and move it to a faster machine anyway14:49
tilmanbuilding bash now14:51
tilmanone minute14:51
Romsterok i found the issue with libxvid testing in a moment.14:51
tilmanjaeger: done14:57
jaegerok :) thanks14:58
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jaegerwtf... bunch of md5sum problems in my bootstrap? how the hell22:05
* Romster shrugs22:18
Romsterdid you do anything diferent?22:18
jaegerand it was finishing stage 122:19
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