IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-12-15

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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Dec 09:06 - sqlite3: update to 3.5.4 || 15 Dec 09:04 - apr: update to 1.2.1203:12
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Dec 18:41 - libpng: updated to
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jaegerI just uploaded another iso to if anyone wants to test it14:42
jjpkGreat. Once I get home in a couple of days, the wire will be very hot. :D14:54
jaegerI'll try and test it some this evening15:00
jjpkThe only problems so far were related to rsync, libtool, broken dependency list for xorg, anything else?15:37
jjpkI can't say I have been able to follow too well. Let's just say the connectivity issues here are a real burden... :D15:38
jaegerwhat was the libtool problem?15:43
jjpkI have already forgotten. :/15:44
jjpkI am quite sure it was fixed by rebuilding libtool, I'll have a look at the logs.15:45
jaegerI missed that one somehow15:49
jjpkI think I found it. rehabdoll had issues building libattr on 2.4-rc.15:51
jjpkHard to say since rehabdoll is the only one to report about it imo.15:54
tilmanjaeger: i'm pondering making core/libarchive install bsdtar15:55
tilmanjaeger: rc1 won't be final, right? :P15:55
jaegerjjpk: hrmm, ok15:59
jaegertilman: I don't think so... I already made an rc215:59
jaegercan build another if needed15:59
tilmanlet me shoot an email to crux-devel and ask for objections15:59
jaegertilman: no objection from me, by the way16:31
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DarkNekrosgood night ;917:48
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jaegerok, testing 2.4-rc2 now. xorg deps are right21:53
jaegerthe /opt/sbin addition is fine, too21:53
Romsterah gcc has a empty /usr/share directory too21:54
Romsteri noticed.21:54
Romsteri've found a few packages that wont build on 2.4-rc121:59
Romsteri've fixed boost and i'll list them that fail when i get to that.22:00
Romsterdoding a sysup on my pc atm22:00
Romsterhmm hal needs libxml222:08
Romsterxmllint:                     /usr/bin/xmllint22:09
Romsterand eject22:09
Romsternot everyone would use eject i guess but libxml2 should be listed for hal22:16
Romsteri found it looking though the compile as i got pretty-make that parses the output and makes it easy to see stuff.22:16
jaegerI'll check it out tomorrow, gotta go soon (back to my house where there's still no power)22:23
Romsterhow come..22:23
Romsterhaving no power would suck.22:24
jaegerwe had a wicked ice storm on the 9th, power has been out since 03:00 dec 9 CST22:24
Romsterwere do you live again?22:24
jaegerthey finally got my neighborhood back on the grid today but there's a tree from my neighbor's yard that took out her lines and mine22:24
jaegertulsa, oklahoma, us22:25
Romsterman they must be busy reparing lines everyware.22:25
jaegerupwards of 265,000 customers without power a few days ago... it's down below 75,000 now from what I hear22:25
jaegerthey have crews from power companies all over the us in to help22:25
jaegerI've seen trucks from 7 different states already22:25
Romstersounds like there really busy22:26
Romsterhope they fix your power up soon.22:26
jaegeryeah, definitely. fortunately they're busting it out pretty quickly considering the damage22:26
jaegerme too, thanks22:26
Romsteralthough i'm guessing the would do the major lines first.22:27
jaegerI can go to my mom's house or work if needed22:27
jaegeryeah, they do22:27
Romsteras that would be a higher priority.22:27
jaegerwell, I'm out. talk to you later22:27
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