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Romsterhmm flac on crux-2.4 won't compile04:09
Romsteri should make a list of broken ports.04:10
clbUpdate from opt: 17 Dec 10:10 - sqlite3: added patch to build without tcl || 17 Dec 10:06 - conky: update to 1.4.9, added glib to deps04:24
tilmancompiles perfectly fine here04:35
Romsteri'll log it again..04:36
teKthere are even more 'broken' packages:  find /usr/ports/contrib -name .footprint | xargs grep -l python2.4 .. they will (imho) fail all for the current (2.3) version of crux as it uses python2.504:42
teKfunny enough there are packages that create /usr/lib/python{,2.4,2.5}04:43
Romsterbetter not be any of mine <<04:49
pitillotesting here too Romster. (building libogg and flac under 2.4rc1)04:50
Romsterwhat on earth... my gcc3404:51
Romsterany other versions than 2.3 tek?04:52
Romsterlucky there arn't any python 2.204:52
Romsteri've found some more minor anoyances with my safe-build script and see some improvments i can do too. in all it's doing a good job finding problems.04:53
Romsterand i'm saving all the built packages,04:53
RomsterteK, there all prologics except that one.04:54
Romsterimo prologic needs to clean his ports up even all the metanames of his and a few others are all messed up, heck some even have a few diferent email addresses for the same person.04:55
teKthats fun I yesterday notcied him of a very easy upgrad for getmail he won't respond, I'm sure.04:56
Romstergrep -h '# Maintainer:' /usr/ports/contrib/*/Pkgfile |sed -e 's/# Maintainer:\s//' |sort |uniq04:57
Romsterhis off until like wednesday like unexpectidly shuts network down and i had to ring him then he rang me back later.. anyways that's another story.04:58
Romstersee all them results not very consistant.04:58
Romsteri had a few too but i fixed them.04:58
teKmy first reminder was some YONKS ago.04:58
teKgetmail is at 4.7.7 .. we're at 4.7.2 ..04:59
Romsterhmm he hasn't kept upto date..05:00
Romsteri've started to do my own copys of ports as i got sick of out of date stuff.05:00
Romstermost do update but it's a while later.05:01
teKthat's no solution for me05:01
Romsterone thing i'd like todo is review whos not keeping there packages upto date.05:01
teKyes, maybe in comination with ck4up?05:01
RomsterteK, well if prologic gets the darn network online.. you'll see a few packages i've copyed and updated.05:02
teKupdates should be made more stringent05:02
Romsteri use ck4up for all in contrib.05:02
Romsteri may not update to current if something breaks that's a excemption.05:02
Romsterbut leaving things way out of date is not maintaining in my books.05:03
Romsteri'll give prologic a kick see if he updates his ports when he is back online.05:05
Romsteri'm sure there is a few others that arn't doing anything or there ports don't get updates oftern.05:05
Romsteri know i'm only a maintainer of my own packages but i kinda feel resonsable to also report stuff to the others.05:07
Romsterbut i'll say most are doing a good job.05:07
Romsterno idea how good i'm doing, seems everyone is happy.05:08
Romsterone thing if for sure i'm quick to fix something.05:08
pitilloRomster, libogg and flac were built fine here05:09
Romsteri haven't rebuilt yet doing a depisnt of another package.05:09
teKsome statistics on this topic would be great05:30
Romsteryeah i think i'll work on something.05:31
teKthis would really be useful I think05:37
Romsterstats for contrib, i knwo sepen has some scritps he has wacked together.05:41
Romstertilman, flac log
tilmanare you sure that's on 2.4?05:53
Romster# crux05:53
RomsterCRUX version 2.405:53
Romsterhow do oyu think i rebuilt boost <<05:54
Romstermy safe-build script that makes a chroot.05:54
Romstercore only and a depinst flac05:54
clbUpdate from opt: 17 Dec 11:24 - maradns: update to
Romsterstandared pkgmk except for makeflages=j405:55
Romsternow that i jsut enabled the log i'll go though everything of mine and see what breaks. and paste all the logs of broken ports that arn't mine.05:58
Romsterit could be i'm missing a dependency that's not listed. i do a remove all but core before doing a new depinst.06:02
tilmanlooks more like something's up with g++06:03
Romsterhmm it's whats out of crux-2.4-rc1.iso06:05
Romsterunless -j4 is messing something up, i did do a sysup on 2.4 branch after installing the crux-2.4-rc1 cd.06:07
Romsteri gathered it's a g++ issue and thought it's the new moving of code from stc.06:10
Romsterwhats using tcsh in core?06:13
Romsterand i'm sure hotplug can go.06:14
Romsterok revdep shows nothing broken either.06:14
Romsterconfigure: error: Missing a vital header file for id3lib - download them here: or better - compile a newer compiler like gcc3.x06:27
Romsterwhat on earth...06:27
Romsteri did pkgadd gcc infact all of core got pkgadded06:28
Romsteri'll setup the thing again.06:29
Romsterthen retry.06:29
Romsteri'm gonna zzz soon and i'll leave stuff compiling and have logs in the morning.07:10
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