IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-12-19

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DarkNekroshi everyone ;)02:22
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jaegeruploaded an rc3 to with the libarchive fix08:34
pitillothank you for your work and effort jaeger :)08:37
Romsteri'm still testing on rc1....08:44
jaegerthere's not a ton of difference between rc1 and rc3, really08:51
jaegerpitillo: it's not a big deal, just takes a while :)08:51
pitillojaeger, btw it´s a deal, and was spoken yesterday and today we have it :)08:54
sepenI like rc*, that consolidate a solid distro08:58
sepenimo that's the result of your hard work, thanks08:59
jaegerwell, I'm glad you appreciate it :) I think everyone's working pretty well on this one09:05
jaegerhrmm. I didn't realize the ChangeLog isn't actually on the ISO, heh09:15
jaegerthat solves the problem of needing to rebuild one with updated ChangeLog, I guess09:15
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jaegerheyo, jue09:31
juehmm, have 3 pending updates for core-ports here: bash, e2fsprogs, flex09:35
juewe should either release 2.4 very soon or add them ...09:35
juetilman, jaeger : opinions?09:36
jaegersorry, was having an impromptu meeting09:49
jaegerIf you plan to push them soon I'd rather they get pushed before the release09:50
jueI have no plan so far, but if we delay the whole thing we sould even consider a perl update09:58
juetbh I'm a unsure how to proceeed atm09:59
jaegerfair enough10:00
jaegerI suppose we could release a 2.4.1 later or something... or are we trying to avoid getting into that practice?10:00
juethat's fine for me10:01
jaegerfine for me, too... wouldn't be much different from my updated iso, really10:03
jueyep, could replace them10:04
juehas someone other tested your rc2?10:06
jaegernot sure, to be honest, didn't hear much about it. there's an rc3 now in the same place10:07
jaegerwith tilman's libarchive update10:07
tilmanthe perl update would delay things furhter10:08
tilmanwhich sucks10:08
tilmanhow about this: let's test rc3 til friday10:09
tilmanif there's no problems, let's release it :D10:09
juegreat :-)10:10
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j^2hey everyone11:09
j^2when did sourceforge became all web2.0 and queerie?11:18
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sepen@seen Viper_14:06
clbsepen: Viper_ was last seen in #crux-devel 10 weeks, 1 day, 0 hours, 56 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <Viper_> could be :) i added some people to the db last time14:06
treachoh, really? Dang..14:10
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DarkNekrossee you soon ;)17:28
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Romsterjaeger, smpeg needs a dependency added mesa3d23:19

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