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pitillowell, tested rc3 and here is working fine (tested the last change in rc2 wich I haven't tested yed about xorg deps). Can't find any problems by now. Thank you a lot for your work :)05:40
Romsteri've bene finding only dependency issues in opt and in my ports but i'm sorting though them.05:41
pitillowich ports from opt? here I added at install time core/opt and from xorg, only xorg-server package.05:42
pitilloif do you need me to make some trace, tell me and I will try to reproduce it here05:42
Romsterpackages in opt that have missing dependencys/05:42
Romsterthat wont affect the cd release.05:43
pitilloat install time or once it's installed? do you have a list of that ports? have you fixed them all? if not, I can try to look for missing deps and contact maintainer to add them05:43
Romsteri'm rebuilding everthng and doing a clean depisnt of every port i maintain in contrib and found some in opt that need fixing i'll report them later.05:45
Romsteri've sent some to tilman to sort out.05:45
pitillowell, I have only core/opt repos, added one manually to make some personal tests. If you need me to make something tell me, and if it's in my hands, I will do it.05:46
Romsterwell apart form some fixes you'll see in gitweb on 2.3 and 2.4 contrib and i've done alot of changed in my private repo that should be back up on the 25th05:49
Romsterif i get a problem i'm sure to have you help test for me pitillo  :)05:51
pitilloof course Romster, don't doubt it. :)05:52
Romsternever have you've helped when i've said 'can someone test ...'05:53
Romstersometimes i break something and don't know if it's me or the program <<05:53
pitillothat's the only I can do... my low knowledge level (obout crux and english) allows me only do a few things, and test it's one of them :)05:54
Romsterah i'm not really advanced either in linux but i'm learning.05:57
Romsterand your english is good enough to understand, i've seen alot worse that's hard to understand.05:57
Romsternot saying yours is bad <<05:57
Romsterand test is one of them05:58
Romsteronly minly things that make a sentance flow is all you are missing.05:58
pitillowell, I think you have lot of knowledge, seeing you work it's enought to see that.05:58
Romsteri barely know c/c++ and stuff but i try to do what i can and learn more.05:59
pitilloand seeing your commits at git web... shows your work too (3 people working hard in contrib now)05:59
pitilloand it's very good keep people like you, sepen and mike maintaining the ports that I will use here (home and work)06:00
Romsteryeah sepen me and one other.06:01
Romsteri sued to be the majority until sepen has steped up more.06:01
Romsterah mike was the other.06:02
pitilloyes, sepen is another machine too, and mike is doing a good job too06:02
Romsteryeah mike is catching up <<06:03
pitilloI will say nothing about devs.... it's known their work and I must been grateful all days when I join here to all of you.06:03
Romstersometimes i think i was the only one doing much.06:03
Romsterbut i'm still working in my private repository too. i jsut got to push my commits when i can.06:04
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Romsterspeak of the devel <<06:04
Romsterhi sepen06:04
pitillowell, you are one of them, I consider you and sepen the actual workers of contrib06:05
Romsterhi jsut talking about that you mike and myself are the msot active in contrib doing a good job keeping things upto date.06:06
sepenimo we need more contrib developers06:06
Romsteryeah i've thought of that alot.06:08
Romstersome are not wanting to take the responsability like predetorfreak..06:08
Romsterhe has some good ports but won't get in contrib.06:08
Romsteri'm trying to limit to stuff that i'd find useful and what others would too.06:09
Romsterkind of got my own little criteria i follow.06:09
Romsteralong with the one on the wiki of course.06:10
sepenRomster, also I think we should maintain a onyl ports where we can take this responsability06:14
sepenalso, flyspray for contrib is not used by the comunity and will be good06:15
Romstersepen, agreed06:18
sepenalso I think is not uptodate at 100%06:20
Romstereh can you expand on that06:20
sepenmight be it should reflect more features and things06:20
sepentime to eat something06:35
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Romsteryeah i got me some food06:40
clbUpdate from opt: 20 Dec 12:20 - [security] wireshark: updated to
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aonthere's too much stuff to update again10:42
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clbUpdate from opt: 20 Dec 16:38 - gnupg: updated to version 2.0.8 || 20 Dec 16:08 - libdevmapper: updated to 1.02.24 || 20 Dec 16:05 - libassuan: updated to version 1.0.410:44
j^2what's up yall?10:47
j^2aon: how you doing?10:47
j^2it's been a couple weeks10:47
aonbeen in the service10:57
aonhad a shooting camp last weekend so no vacation at all10:57
aongot promoted to corporal today10:57
j^2oh wow, congrats!10:57
j^2a corporal in the finish army eh? it's amazing who you get to meet on irc :P10:58
aonit's probably as far as i go before getting placed into the reserve11:00
aonunless they promote me again :p11:00
j^2get promoted then get cocky eh? ;)11:02
aoni wouldn't mind being a pvt or pfc11:04
aonbut they didn't let me :)11:04
j^2ah, because your such a badass you have to lead the pvts ;)11:04
aonnah, i'm not leading anyone11:05
aoni'm a repairman :)11:05
aonbut for some odd reason they have to make ncos out of us11:05
j^2trust i guess ;)11:11
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sepen_Romster, ping14:37
sepen_or better, tilman ping14:38
sepen_tilman, are you the git maintainer?14:38
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sepen_I suppose core and opt git repos have one hook script for doing post-commit tasks, right?14:39
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DarkNekroshi everyone ;)15:12
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tilmansepen_: well, post-update, yes17:35
sepen_I think whould be possible the same environment for the other git repos?17:37
sepen_and open another #crux-commits channel17:37
tilmani don't think we need a separate channel17:37
tilmanbut i can ask jaeger to add contrib and the other repos to the script17:38
tilmanso it tells #crux-devel about all commits17:38
sepen_for all repos? whould be excessive17:38
tilmandunno, we don't have that much updates anyway17:38
sepen_yeah that channel also is right for me17:38
tilmanwe could also get a real git bot17:40
tilmanthat notifies about updates in real time17:40
tilmanrather than with a 5 minute delay :D17:40
sepen_I think there are a few contributors but is not the same work with the contrib environment as you have on core/opt17:40
sepen_nightly mails for the contrib list too17:41
sepen_sorry my english17:42
sepen_I want to say that contributors need more tools to be really integrated on crux17:44
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sepen_also to have a real timeline of the new iso in this channel (and other git's) should be reasonable and very useful17:46
* sepen_ is going to bed18:12
tilmanbuenas noches anyway18:13
* Romster just woke up18:21
Romster2.4 is offically out now?18:22
Romsteror i'm a day ahead because of timezones18:22
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roliveira2.4 running smootly :D19:16
Romsterhmm i'll update on sunday it might be hell for me 700 packages approx on my system.19:26
Romsteror does libstdc++ have the old glibc so i don't have to rebuild everything?19:26
Romsteri hadn't looked19:26
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roliveirahmm, i am getting a Md5sum mismatch with the flash-player19:56
Romsterroliveira, yeah deleate the source and redownload19:59
Romsterupdated but there is no verion number on the source.20:00
Romsterso pkgmk dosn't try to get the new version.20:00
Romsterfiles like that should be hosted somewere and have a version number added or some pkgmk modfication to read the date modifyed of the source file and if it's out on the system to remove the old and download the new.20:01
Romstercurl has a option to see modifyed date of source files and i've been thinking of something like that.20:02
roliveiraRomster, the mismatch id still there20:14
clbUpdate from opt: 21 Dec 01:53 - nano: updated to 2.0.720:18
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Romsterhmm on 2.4?20:20
Romsterthen the source file has changed and the md5sum is old..20:20
Romsterand the version will need to be bumped in the Pkgfile for it.20:20
Romsterroliveira, ^20:21
roliveirayes it seems like that20:22
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roliveiraoff to bed, godd night20:27
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Romsterjaeger, hi i think firefox-flash-plugin needs a update acording to roliveira20:48
Romsterjaeger, i also noticed your gnome repo has python 2.3 references in it and not the newer 2.5.x series in the footprints.20:51
jaegerthose ports aren't likely used in the current build20:55
Romsteri haven't done the big switch yet i got near 700 programs installed it's gonna be hell to update <<20:58
Romsterso i'm still testing in a chroot.20:59
jaegerRomster: I don't see a flash plugin newer than
Romsterno idea what he was on about then23:21
Romster[12:56:35] <roliveira> hmm, i am getting a Md5sum mismatch with the flash-player23:21
Romstersince there is no flash-player i was expcting the firefox-flash-plugin23:21
Romstermaybe he refered to prologics flashplayer *shrugs*23:22
Romsterguess i should look for myself before reporting what others said.23:22

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