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DarkNekroshi everyone ;)02:28
roliveira_hood morning04:13
roliveira_damn keyboard04:13
roliveira_yes, the mismatch happens with the flashplayer (in contrib)04:13
Romsterthere is no flashplayer threre is a flash-player04:28
Romsterwhat on earth04:29
Romsterhmm were did i get the - from bah04:29
pitilloRomster, yes, there is flashplayer at contrib04:30
Romstergo and talk to prologic about that he is the maintianer04:30
Romsterlast time i did a fsearch it didn't show it as that...04:30
pitilloRomster, that's the point04:30
Romstergrrr man i'm pissed off mood.04:30
Romsternothing is going right for me./04:30
DarkNekrosRomster, don't worry, be happy ;)04:47
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tilmanqemu + kqemu ftw08:00
tilman+ image in /dev/shm08:00
Romsteri still haven't done the new build of qemu yet..08:08
Romstertilman, i never found anything todo with the host os of win98se hoging cpu.08:08
Romsteron the faq.08:08
Romsteri'll see how cvs head goes when/if i get around to it.08:21
Romsteri did see freshmeat has a library listed that i'll work with qemus for virtual computers interface.08:22
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j^2gentlemen, i hope all is in good health and preparing for the christmas season well!09:38
teKtrees bought: 0 ; still to go: 109:42
teKand you?09:42
j^2not really honestly, i'm "working" but i'm going back to my parents house i think09:46
teKmuch fun.. i'll have a bath!09:47
aoni think my monitor is breaking10:06
j^2aon: is it green or black? ;)10:20
j^2i'd be impressed if you could irc with a completely black screen :P10:21
aonbut it does strange zooms and blurs by itself10:21
j^2yep it's dying10:21
aoncan't find a service manual10:21
aondamn sony10:21
aonwell, luckily i still have a few crt's to go :)10:23
aonalthough now it seemed to stabilize10:25
j^2any huge magnets by you? ;)10:25
aonbut they haven't affected it before10:26
j^2yeah it takes time sometimes to wear through the defenses on the guns10:26
aoni had to be very careful in placing them to not disturb the monitor :)10:26
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aonhi jue11:15
juejaeger: rc3 works pretty well for me11:18
jaegerglad to hear it11:19
tilmanoh yeah, same here11:19
juetilman: wrt mutt, do you have a header_cache enabled?11:20
tilmanjue: i'm on isdn though :D11:20
tilmanbut i'm not sure who to blame11:22
tilmanmy headers file is 23mb11:22
juehmm, might be better to use one database for each folder?11:24
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juewill we wait until tomorrow or do the final release now ;-)11:51
roliveirasorry to interrupt but was there a rc3 release?11:52
jueyes, but not official announced11:52
jueand only minor changes between rc1 and rc311:55
roliveirayes, i have installed rc1 and did a sysup...11:56
roliveirait updated 4 packages i think11:56
roliveiranot sure11:56
roliveiraalsadriver fails to compile though11:59
pitilloI said it too, but talking about it I need to repeat, here the rc3 is working fine too :)12:08
tilmanmmh, i didn't try an upgrade from 2.3 yet12:12
jueok, no hurry, let's define a date than12:15
roliveirajaeger, alsa-driver on 2.4 needs to be updated to 1.0.15 i think12:16
jaegerit needs to be removed, actually12:43
roliveiraot that :)12:43
roliveiraor that :)12:44
jaegerI find it generally less painful to use the in-kernel driver now except in the case of my macbook pro which needs a snapshot12:44
jaegerI'll probably remove it to my private repo with a note that it's not recommended for use12:46
roliveirai agree, i also use the kernel driver, i was building alsa-utils so i built the driver but i have no use for it...12:46
jaegerthough I still have no idea why there are alsa files in glibc now12:46
roliveirait is there already12:46
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jaegerso are we confident that rc3 is release-worthy?13:43
tilmanjaeger: did you try an update from 2.3? i didn't do that yet13:44
tilmanbut i *can* try it in the next few hours :P13:44
jaegernot yet, probably a good idea13:46
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jjpkjaeger: rc3 is ok in my books. haven't tried xorg, though.15:25
jjpkNot a very comprehensive review, but nothing has turned up yet. :p15:27
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jaegerfair enough15:51
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DarkNekrosnight, morning ;)18:36
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