IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-12-22

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sepentilman, here?06:34
sepenfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly06:36
sepenerror: failed to push to 'git://'06:36
sepenI can't push on the xfce repo06:37
sepenwhat could be the problem?06:37
Romsterdo you have permission?06:37
sepenyes some time ago06:37
RomsterO_o ok never looked in that.06:39
Romstermight of been in a commit maybe i'd try again in a bit of time.06:40
tilmansepen: i'll have a look late06:44
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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Dec 12:20 - netpbm: updated to 10.35.35 || 22 Dec 11:45 - wine: updated to 0.9.51 || 22 Dec 10:29 - fontforge: updated to 2007121006:58
Romsterfinally wine got updated i've had it at 51 for quite some days now.07:30
aonyeah, couldn't do it before07:33
Romsterah that's ok07:44
Romsteri just bump it myself not hard todo.07:44
Romsterit's geting better imo.07:45
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sepentilman, ok08:07
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sepenwhere I can find the lastest rc iso?10:20
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sepenjaeger, where I can find the lastest rc iso?10:51
sepenohh many thanks10:54
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sepenjaeger, It seems that hal-info depends on hal11:54
sepenchecking pkg-config is at least version 0.9.0... yes11:55
sepenconfigure: error: hal 0.5.10 or later is required for this version of hal-info11:55
sepen=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/hal-info/hal-info#20071030-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.11:55
jaegerI've done the deps the way the upstream says to... just upgrade hal first11:58
sepenI need to install hal12:02
sepenI haven't in this point12:02
sepenbut If I depinst hal, it needs hal-info which also needs hal12:03
sepenI think its a dependency loop12:03
jaegerjust install hal alone12:05
jaegerprt-get install12:05
jaegerit's stupid but that's the way the upstream wants it12:05
sepenIm only want noticed you12:06
jaegerquite a few people have mentioned it already and I agree that it's dumb12:06
sepenfor me will be perfect if this appears on the readme file12:06
jaegerok, I'll add something about it12:07
sepenmany thanks12:07
sepenpff I repeat 'thanks' every time xDDD12:08
tilmanjaeger: did you see my mail?12:10
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jaegerhaven't checked my mail yet today, to be honest12:15
jaegertilman: ok, I see it. no objections from me :)12:16
tilmanunfortunately i didn't hear from jue or sip yet12:16
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tilmanokay, got jue's okay12:37
tilmani'll pull the files to the rsync area12:38
tilmanjaeger: can we just rename rc3.iso, or do we need to remaster it? i forget12:49
jjpkDepends how much effort you want to put into it. :p12:50
jjpkmv rc3.iso to 2.4.iso, move it to the mirrors, prepare the torrent, announce it. done. ;)12:52
jaegerthe ChangeLog isn't on the CD anywhere, right?12:55
jaegerso I don't need to remaster it to update the release date12:55
tilmani don't find it anyway12:55
tilmanokay then12:55
clbUpdate from opt: 22 Dec 18:48 - rxvt-unicode: updated to 8.8.12:59
tilmanjaeger: should we keep rc1 on the servers?13:04
jaegerI don't see any reason to keep rc1 or rc2, really. might just confuse people13:05
jaegerdo we have a crux 2.4 sources iso made yet?13:13
jaegerI'll see what it takes to make one13:18
tilmanjaeger: iso, md5 and ChangeLog are on now13:23
tilmantorrent is in
tilmani'll prepare iso.git (branch rename)13:23
jaegershould I go ahead and copy it to my mirror now?13:28
tilmancan you seed the torrent in the near future? :p13:30
tilmanunfortunately my hoster doesn't allow me to run bt :x13:31
jaegersure, I'll set up a couple seeds13:31
jaegerthe torrent announces to
tilmani copied the announce url from the 2.3 torrent13:32
tilmani quickly tested it with the 2.3 torrent, and it seemed to work :D13:32
jaegerok, good13:32
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sepengreat work!!13:37
jaegermind if I remake the torrent to match to other two, path-wise?13:39
tilmancrap, they don't?13:39
tilmani didn't see a diff in torrentinfo output13:39
jaegerI'll recheck but I think they don't match13:39
tilman... because i'm blind. meh13:39
tilmani forgot the iso/13:40
tilmanso no, please go ahead13:40
jaegerit'll take me a few minutes, need to copy the tree over13:41
jaegeron an unrelated note, I want to add another boot option next time we release an iso13:46
jaegerto allow for the legacy root=/dev/XXX easier13:46
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tilmanlet me know when the torrent is up13:47
tilmani've got the website done13:47
tilmanand i'm ready to hit the 'send' button on the announcement mail :D13:48
jaegerfor some reason the torrent isn't showing in the tracker yet, trying to sort that out13:50
jaegerok, it's showing and I uploaded it to ~crux/files/13:51
jaegerer, /files/, whatever :)13:51
jaegerand I have 2 seeders started13:52
jaeger3 now13:52
tilmani'm seeing 0 peers13:54
tilmannow i't working13:55
jaegerI've got 4 running now and I guess the 5th is yours?13:55
clbUpdate from opt: 22 Dec 18:48 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4 || 20 Dec 12:21 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4 || 18 Dec 11:38 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.413:59
clbUpdate from xorg: 12 Dec 21:49 - xorg-libpixman: don't try to build test apps. || 30 Nov 15:12 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4 || 18 Nov 11:58 - mesa3d: Worked around a GCC optimization bug. || 18 Nov 11:57 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4 || 16 Nov 14:07 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4 || 16 Nov 12:41 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4 || 15 Nov 13:17 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.413:59
clbUpdate from core: 16 Dec 10:02 - libarchive: updated to 2.4.8. || 13 Dec 20:57 - bash: added /opt/sbin to root's PATH. || 13 Dec 20:50 - filesystem: added /opt/sbin. || 13 Dec 20:48 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4 || 7 Dec 19:03 - libarchive: updated to 2.4.5. || 5 Dec 16:42 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.4 || 5 Dec 16:36 - nfs-utils: install man-page || 5 Dec 16:30 - replaced util-linux with util-linux-ng || 2 Dec 18:44 - pkgutils: updated to 5.31.0. || 2 Dec 16:10 - libarchive: updated to 2.4.0. || 27 Nov 20:16 - ports: updated for 2.4. || 26 Nov 09:07 - Merge branch '2.3' into 2.413:59
tilmanthat was probably cause i just switched gitweb over to 2.4 :P14:00
jaegeroh, heh14:00
jaegerI was wondering wtf14:00
* jaeger burns a nifty lightscribe 2.4 disc14:18
jaegeris new_iso renamed to 2.4?14:20
sepenpffff the second time, sorry14:21
tilmanjaeger: ah, yes!14:21
sepenaon, xDD14:21
tilmanjaeger: the quickest way would be to clone iso.git again14:21
aonah, so now we're up to 2.4?14:21
tilmanaon: yes! and hi again14:22
aonhope i can find the time to update :)14:22
jaegerheyo, aon14:22
jaegertilman: did you already do that or should I?14:23
tilmanjaeger: do what? i renamed the branch on crux.nu14:25
jaegerok :) that's what I meant14:25
tilmanjaeger: i meant, to fix your local clone (your copy of the repo), it would be quickest to just delete & git clone again14:25
jaegerok, got it. will do14:25
tilmanjaeger: d'oh, just noticed i forgot to update the "latest" symlink in rsync14:30
jaegerI did on my end14:30
tilmanjaeger: btw, do you remember to kill alsa-driver in 2.4?14:57
jaegerI haven't forgotten but also haven't done it yet14:58
jaegerok, removed it15:02
clbUpdate from opt: 22 Dec 21:01 - alsa-driver: removed, using the kernel alsa driver instead is recommended15:30
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DarkNekrosnight you all (morning to those who live on the other side of the world) ;)16:47
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Romstersepen, wait for a su <<18:49
sepen?? what?18:50
Romsteryour 'ls' in this channel earlier.18:51
Romsterjaeger, what version did this alsa-driver get into the kernel i'm on a old kerneler 2.6.17.x kernel.18:52
Romsteri should update really..18:52
sepenRomster, xDD18:52
Romsterdon't worry i've done some comamnds in a channel but none involving a password <<18:53
Romsterlightscribe is nice but i didn't bother to get a burner todo it and no idea what program would support lightscribe.18:54
jaegerRomster: I haven't a clue which version is in which kernel, sorry19:21
jaegeras for lightscribe, I paid $22 for that drive :)19:22
jaegerthere's linux labeling software from and k3b also supports it19:22
Romsteri spend $50aud on a pioneer 18x dvd drive.19:23
Romsterah and i happen to have k3b <<19:23
Romsteri'l just plonk alsa drivers in my repo untill i update to a newer kernel.19:24
jaegermine aren't sata but still, newegg has great prices19:24
jaegeryou can't use the in-kernel driver? got a soundcard that's not supported?19:24
Romstermoving away from ide i don't even have ide used anymore now.19:25
Romstergot 2 sound cards no idea if has alsa support i'll have to check..19:25
jaegerI don't think the supported list has changed in quite a while19:25
Romsterzgrep ALSA /proc/config.gz19:25
Romsterreturns nothing...19:25
jaegerbut with that said I was gonna move the port to my personal repo anyway in case someone wanted to use it19:26
jaegertry 'advanced', not sure if 'alsa' is in there anywhere19:26
Romsteri dunno if i need it or not.19:26
jaegerI don't like the glibc/alsa conflict, don't know why there are alsa files in glibc now19:26
Romsteralso i don't have to recompile everything to the new glibc?19:27
Romsteri guess alsa is migrating into the kernal/glibc19:27
jaegerinto the kernel I could understand but I don't know why those files needed to go into glibc instead19:28
jaegerI'm sure there's some reason, just don't know what it is19:28
Romsterhmm glibc's mailing list or something might be worth having a look over.19:28
Romsterdosn't make sense really.19:29
Romsteri plan to update core and rebuild my kernel and reboot, arn't sure if i gotta recompile my entire system..19:29
Romsterit'll be hell nearly 700 packages i got installed <<19:30
Romstergussing i'll have to rebuild xorg/kde at least.19:30
Romsterguess it's one of them do it and find out <<19:35
Romsterseems it's only me that's been syncing contrib 2.3 to 2.419:35
jaegerI don't do merges, I'd likely break something19:37
Romsteri'm regreting todo this next one.19:37
Romsteri'm gonan get conflicts.19:37
Romsteri'd rather tilman do it <<19:37
Romsterwell i guess if i can't figure out the how to resolve conflicts i'll just kill my contrib git and checkout a fresh copy.19:38
DarkNekrosnight everyone (morning to Romster ;) )19:50
Romstergood night DarkNekros19:51
Romsteris afternoon here now <<19:51
DarkNekroswell, so afternoon like Romster wants xDD19:52
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Romsterfunny guy.19:53
roliveira2 am here must be 2 pm for you Romster20:08
Romstergot daylight savings on.20:08
roliveiraahh 11h less then...20:09
* Romster googles for git merging howto.20:09
roliveirai was confident that it was 1220:09
roliveiratime to sleep for me20:10
roliveirasee ya20:10
Romsterah DST puts me forwared an hour so real time is 12:10pm now.20:10
Romsterg'night roliveira20:10
roliveirathanks Romster, have a great day!20:11
Romsterwill try too gonan do a huge updaye to 2.420:11
roliveirai want to know how that will work as i have another machine to update :D20:12
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RomsterCannot do partial --hard reset.20:41
Romsterbah stupid git...20:41
Romsterdo i have to fuck around with a merge when i can jsut drop it as i don't need to merge that.20:41
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Romsterthere sorted. sepen you got 2 conflicts you need to sort out you'll see in my merge message.21:42
Romsterin contrib21:42
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