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DarkNekrosgoo morning everyone ;)04:28
Romstertilman, the wikipage for git is way out of date i got some corections for it, is it possable to get a wiki account so i can edit such pages?06:13
tilmani gues06:14
tilmani have no idea how i'd invite you though06:15
Romstertheres no actual register on the settings/register.06:18
Romsterunless that also registers.06:18
Romsternope i'd have to be entered somehow.06:20
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clbUpdate from xorg: 23 Dec 12:21 - xorg-xf86-video-radeonhd: updated to
Romstertilman, xorg-server is out of date i've been on for quite a few days with no problems.06:39
Romsteri'm on the new version.06:39
tilmandoesn't the "90" ring a bell?06:39
Romsteras a testing beta release <<06:40
Romsterminor improvmments06:40
Romsterwell it hasn't crashed on me yet.06:40
tilmanwell, i have to think really hard what to do with xserver06:42
tilmansince people will go rampage if the kbd led bug isn't fixed soon06:42
Romsterwell that version fixes it.06:44
Romstercould of included the patch on the 2.4 install cd but i guess you didn't want too do that.06:45
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sepenRomster, what about contrib merges?08:01
Romsteryou got 2 ports i didn't merge from 2.3 -> 2.408:08
Romsterthere in the 2.4 merge commit log i made.08:08
Romstereverything else went fine, i skipe boost of mine that had a merge conflict too.08:09
Romsteri could of edited them and pushsed them in the merge too but there not my ports.08:10
sepensome time ago I was using git cherrypick to merge only selected revisions from 2.3 to 2.4, maybe that produces de problem08:14
sepenRomster, now?08:19
tilmanwhy the heck did you even use git cherry-pick there?08:21
sepentilman, whats 'heck' ?08:22
tilmanwhy the hell did you even use git cherry-pick there?08:23
tilmanwhy the fuck08:23
sepenI use cherry-pick to merge only my changes, but according with your comments I won't use it any more08:23
tilmanwhy on earth08:23
sepenbut tilman, in this case I use it to merge only 2 revisions08:23
sepenand tilman, could you fix my problem with xfce repo today?08:24
tilmanwhat was the problem again?08:25
sepenno privileges I think08:25
sepen$ git push08:26
sepenfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly08:26
sepenerror: failed to push to 'git://'08:26
tilmanwhat was the error message?08:26
tilmansepen: the "git" protocol is read-only08:26
tilmanuse ssh08:26
tilmanedit .git/config08:26
tilmanfind the line with the url08:26
tilmanand put in:08:26
sepenI never use it again with this repo08:26
sepenIll try08:27
sepenhere ~/.gitconfig08:27
tilmansepen: edit /path/to/your/xfce/.git/config08:28
sepentilman, please then change this
tilmanyou used the wrong url to clone08:30
tilmanthe howto has the right one08:30
sepentilman, I remember that config appears when I using contrib 2.2 branch08:30
sepenwell Ill fix my errors, thanks08:30
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jaegertilman: I just had an odd idea... I wonder if we could solve that broken ports -u problem by running in a tmpfs on the server10:07
tilmanmmh, how?10:09
jaegerwell, my guess (could be wrong, just a guess) is that i/o is the problem, that the move is just too slow10:10
tilmani doubt it10:10
tilmanbut i like the idea with tmpfs10:10
tilmanavoiding disk io is a good thing :)10:11
jaegerit may not help, just speculation10:11
tilmansepen: you should probably branch off xfce.git for 2.4, too :)10:23
tilmansepen: do you know how to do that?10:23
sepenIm in the middle of doing10:23
sepenI use git checkout -b 2.410:24
sepenbut how can I reflect my local branch?10:24
sepen$ git branch10:25
sepen  2.310:25
sepen* 2.410:25
sepen  master10:25
tilmanwhat do you want to do?10:27
sepena new branch no?10:27
sepenplease tell me what I should do10:28
tilmani don't know what you want to achieve10:28
sepencreate a new 2.4 branch for xfce.git10:28
tilmanyou want to push your local 2.4 branch to 2.4 branch on
tilmangit push10:29
sepen$ git push10:29
sepenEverything up-to-date10:29
tilmanhang on10:29
tilmangit push origin 2.4:2.410:30
sepen$ git push origin 2.4:2.410:31
sepenerror: dst refspec 2.4 does not match any existing ref on the remote and does not start with refs/.10:31
sepenfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly10:31
sepenerror: failed to push to 'ssh://'10:31
tilmangit push origin 2.4:refs/heads/2.410:31
sepenohh seems it works10:32
sepenwhat now Ill need to merge all changes?10:32
tilmanhum hum10:32
sepengit pull . ???10:32
tilmanyou created the 2.4 branch, and used "master" branch as its basis10:33
sepenI read 12 months ago    _> simone10:33
tilmanthat was a bad idea10:33
tilmanyou should have created it with 2.3 as the base10:33
tilmando the following:10:33
tilmangit checkout 2.310:33
tilmangit branch -d 2.410:34
sepenpointing from 2.3 right?10:34
tilmanjust issue these two commands10:34
sepenyeah, my problem was Im pointing from master10:34
sepensorry inconveniences10:34
tilmannp, we'll fix it10:34
tilmannow: git checkout 2.410:35
tilmanand look at the log: git log10:35
sepennow Im in 2.3 point10:35
tilmannow push again10:35
tilmantry: git push10:35
sepen$ git branch10:35
sepen* 2.310:35
sepen  master10:35
sepennow git branch 2.4 ???10:35
tilmanoh heh10:35
sepenand then checkout to 2.410:35
tilmangit branch 2.410:36
tilmanto create the 2.4 branch again10:36
sepentilman, the last 2 commands are the same to git checkout -b 2.410:36
sepentilman, now its all correct10:37
sepenit seems10:37
tilmanthen 'git push' now10:37
sepenyeah done10:37
sepenI see shortlog correct now10:37
sepenstarting from 2.3 right point?10:37
sepenwell many thanks10:37
sepengit branches are different with svn10:38
sepennow Im understand it10:38
Romsterwish i could understand your english better sepen.10:48
sepenmy english sucks10:49
sepenI need to take some english lessons10:49
Romsterspelled corectly but reading it is sh a brain freze compahending.10:49
Romsteri know my english arn't that good either.10:49
Romstersepen, you need to learn grammar more, pittalo seems to have a better understanding of.10:50
sepenI studied french at primary school, never english10:50
sepenthat could be my real problem10:50
Romsterso french is your primary language.10:51
sepenpittalo? or pitillo?10:51
sepentilman, xfce 2.4 needs a new xfce.rsync file?10:58
Romsterpitillo i think, forget the spelling i useally use tab completion but he arn't on atm.11:30
Romstersepen, just edit the.. oh wait you probabbly can't, yeah the 2.3 needs to be changed to 2.4 in the file.11:31
Romstertilman, also portsdb needs to point to 2.4 now too.11:31
sepenyeah who is the portdb maintainer?11:32
Romsterno idea any of the dev's that have access to the server i guess.11:40
* Romster is wanting to get a wiki account on the site.11:40
jaegerViper_ is the portdb person11:44
Romsterwho does the wiki jaeger ? i'd like an account.11:45
sepenportdb is unmaintained imo11:45
jaegersip, I think11:45
Romsterk i'll fire a mail to sip11:45
jaegerViper_ might not agree with you, sepen :) but take it up with him if you thin so11:46
jaegerthink, god damnit11:46
jaegerstupid keyboard11:46
sepenjaeger, I mean these days11:46
sepenIm never problems with Viper_11:46
tilmansepen: do email him11:47
tilmanif he doesn't do the job, we need to figure out how we can improve things11:47
Romsteri did like the old layot of portdb better.11:48
sepenrsync based ports with P f m files as links too11:49
Romsteryeah that's been a real pain not having P F M on rsync.11:56
tilmansepen: better english would be "check that you enabled the following config options" in line 311:59
sepenohh thanks11:59
sepenIll update then11:59
sepenthanks all for be patience with me and my poor english12:06
clbUpdate from opt: 23 Dec 17:44 - hal, hal-info: reversed hal-info dependency to avoid confusion12:07
Romster# service atieventsd start ?12:10
sepenjaeger, fine for me12:10
sepenRomster, yes12:10
Romsterarn't it just /etc/rc.d/atieventsd start12:11
Romsterit arn't debian.. with there wrapper for services.12:11
Romsteror some other distro.12:11
Romsterunless i'm misisng some point.12:11
sepenRomster,  why not using this here?12:12
tilmansee opt/service12:12
Romsterhmm never used that.12:12
Romsterwhy haven't i noticed that before..12:12
Romsterit's juat as easy todo as i did with less bloat.12:13
sepenbut I found some problems with it when is used from sudo commands12:13
sepensudo service ...12:13
Romsteri do sudo all the time for stuff i very rarely su to root.12:14
Romsteri don't see the point of that.12:14
sepen$ sudo su12:14
sepenNew port, new port, new port, ....13:28
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sepenViper_, ping13:49
sepencould you modify 2.3 to 2.4 on xfce.rsync file?13:50
sepenok thanks13:50
sepencrux 2.4 rocks13:51
Viper_portdb should point to 2.4 now13:54
sepenrsync file is autogenerated? It shows me 2.3 yet13:58
sepenohh well some time to portdb synchronization I think13:59
Viper_yeah :)13:59
Viper_one day or so13:59
sepenok right for me14:00
sepenwhat about using prt-get upate ports-xfce (i.e)14:01
sepenI think that could easily update rsync files in /etc/ports for people14:01
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tilmandoes fontforge build for anyone on 2.4?15:32
sepenIll try15:32
sepen2.4 update script finished fine here15:32
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sepen=======> Building '/usr/ports/opt/fontforge/fontforge#20071210-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.15:52
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sepentilman, its that ok for you?16:29
tilmani don't get why it doesn't build here though16:29
tilmani'll figure it out later16:30
tilmanbusy atm16:30
sepenok, noted that I prt-get depinst in a crux 2.3 uptated to 2.416:32
sepenohhhh pkgadd: could not install usr/share/enemy-territory/etmain/pak0.pk3: gzip decompression failed16:49
Romsterhmm coupt file?16:53
* Romster does the big update16:54
Romsterback way later.16:54
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