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sepenaon, ls04:51
sepenIm very happy today!04:51
aoni wonder if i should update now05:49
Romsteraon, it's ok so far for me.06:08
Romsterstill rebuilding my other packages.06:08
Romsterthis stupid arse motherboard dosn't boot from a add on sata card for my stat dvd drive but it will boot off a sata hdd when set to [scsi] in the bios, so i ended up booting as normal, adding all of core rebuild kernel reboot then updating the rest.06:09
Romsterwhos maintaining nss in opt, i'm sure it's not predatorfreak06:15
aonsip, apparently06:16
aonno idea why the pkgfile says it's predatorfreak06:16
Romsteri'll inform sip needs -j1 added.06:18
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aontime to update07:54
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roliveira_aspell does not build...upgraded to 0.61-20071105(buil ok)08:18
Romsteremail jue08:21
RomsterReleased December, 2006, hmmz is quite awhile ago since they released..08:22
Romsteraspell-lang-20071024.tar.bz2 was that the one you uses?08:23
Romsterhmm no you uses 110508:23
Romsterbut i don't see that..08:23
Romsteroh i see it..08:24
roliveira_i will upload it to my repo and email jue08:25
Romsterroliveira_, do a diff -pruN /urr/ports/opt/aspell your_modifyed_aspell/ > aspell.patch08:28
Romsterand send that to juw08:28
Romstersaves him alot of time.08:28
Romsteralso i'm more for doing version=0.61 date=2007110508:29
Romsterbut that's just my new preference.08:29
Romsterso a pkgmk only sees the version.08:30
Romsterand do aspell-$version-$date08:30
Romstertilman, you found that bug in xkb ?08:31
Romsterhmm why do i have sendmail on my system but it arn't used anymore?08:34
tilmansendmail was replaced by exim08:38
tilmanin 2.3 i think08:38
roliveira_Romster, sent the email to jue09:01
roliveira_i am off, merry christmas everyone09:02
sepenohhh  svn: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:24
sepensubverision -> apr  -> db09:25
sepensounds like apr on configure tries to use the library09:25
sepenimo should be and then -> libdb.so09:26
sepenprt-get update -fr apr subversion do the trick09:27
Romstersepen, yeah09:32
Romsterit shoudl use and not name.version.so09:32
Romsterjust as easy todo prt-get -fr `prt-get quickdep subversion`09:33
sepen$ prt-get quickdep subversion09:36
sepenexpat db gdbm openssl apr neon subversion09:36
sepenI think is not identical09:36
sepenuse prt-get dependent db to find ports that should be updated09:37
aonbeech[~]$ crux09:38
aonCRUX version 2.409:38
aontime to start installing other crap09:38
Romsterdependent is what relises on a port.09:40
Romsteri can't see apr and db being dependent on subversion.09:41
sepenno no09:46
sepensvn depends on apr and apr depends on db09:47
sepenI wan to say that
sepenas a example of dependent uses09:50
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jaegertilman: has xorg-libxp gone away?14:57
tilmanjaeger: yes15:41
jaegertightvnc requires it but tightvnc seems unmaintained anyway15:41
tilmando you have another vnc program you can use?15:42
jaegerprobably, I'll look into it15:42
tilmandepending on xprint is quite strange, maybe it can be hacked out15:42
jaegerah, didn't realize that's what it was15:42
tilmanjaeger: is a song "_from_ an album", or "_on_ an album"? :]15:43
jaegerboth are correct15:43
tilmanthat's what some guy from the netherlands told me, but i didn't really believe him15:43
tilmanthanks :D15:43
jaegernp :)15:43
Romsterdamn i use tightvnc too...15:44
jaegerI've no doubt there's an alternative15:44
Romsterone tht works with the tightvnc protocol i hope15:44
jaegerthe original vnc is most likely gonna depends on xp as well15:44
jaegerbut something else is probably available15:44
Romsterthen why not port that program or is it unmaintained on xorg too?15:45
Romsterthe programer that is.15:45
tilmani can look at the tightvnc code after the holidays15:56
tilmani *think* throwing out the print code shouldn't be that hard15:56
Romsteri still got xorg-libxp on my system...15:57
DarkNekrosMerry Christmas you all!!! ;)16:46
marojaeger: there's a nice new gnome vnc client16:54
marouses gtk-vnc, the same widget library as redhat's virt-manager16:55
maroreally nice and gnomy :)16:55
jaegermaro: thanks for the tip, I'll check it out16:57
maroyw :)16:58
jaegerfound it via google :)16:58
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Romstergrr gnome.. maybe one of these days i'll install gnome. until then i'll hunt for another vnc i need one that'll either work with tight vnc on windoze or i gotta fuck aorund with another one.19:23
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j^2merry christmas!22:38
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