IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-12-27

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clbUpdate from opt: 27 Dec 09:01 - gnuplot: update to 4.2.203:28
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)05:45
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jaegerseems like 2.4 is generally well-received21:07
Romsterjaeger, one person couldn't boot 2.4 but 2.3 worked for them22:26
Romster<tree42> Romster: found da error -> "650 # CONFIG_BLK_DEV_JMICRON is not set" on system/iso.git / kernel / linux-
Romsterso i'm guessing did my method init 1 pagadd -u all of core... etc.22:27
Romsteri had todo that my bios won't boot a sata dvd drive..22:27
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Romsteri can set scsi hdd but not scsi cdrom stupid mobo...22:28
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jaegerI might start uploading alternative boot kernels somewhere22:41
Romsteri would of thought the kernel on the cd would have all drivers enabled.22:45
jaegernot always a great idea, some of them are still experimental22:46
Romstermaybe i should try the usb boot option, whoever is working on that.22:46
jaegerbut the jmicron one isn't too bad22:46
Romsterah well could enable only the solid ones?22:47
jaegermost of those already are enabled22:47
Romsteryour net install is there a easy way to make that work on usb boot, on a flash drive?22:47
Romsterhmm ya missed jmicron though <<22:48
jaegerI said most, not all22:48
jaegeras for the net install, probably wouldn't be too hard but I haven't even updated the netinst iso for 2.422:49
Romsteri assume that'll happen in time.22:50
Romsterwonder how ya go with a business card size cd print a nice label and hand them out to users <<22:50
jaegerguess I'll have to make an updated iso for my main box since it's got a jmicron controller23:25

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