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Romsterhehe thre we go.00:26
Romsterjaeger, not sure if this is possable but since you us a ramfs could you even have it possable to recompile a option on or have all modules compiled so the user can modprobe some driver, that way even if it is expermental it'll not affect unless it is modprobed.00:27
Romsterso instead of remastering they could modprobe.00:28
jaegerI've considered that, just haven't tested it yet00:28
jaegersome of the ide stuff is still built in rather than module00:28
Romsteri know modules isn't the best for a running system for a ide/sata controler but for installing it would be ok.00:29
Romsteri guess if some ide is built in it wouldn't hurt if it's really stable.00:30
Romsteri've oftern had thoughts of lspci or something then selecting the kernel module to modprobe, but that's geting too complex.00:30
Romstercould be something for crux-2.500:31
jaegerperhaps so00:31
Romsterbtw any reason why we ar eon glib 2.6.1 and not 2.7?00:31
Romsterwas it too late to fully test?00:32
jaegerno idea, I don't mess with glibc00:32
Romsteronly asking is crux-ppc uses glibc2.700:32
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tilmanRomster: mmh, i think 2.7 is a development series, isn't it?02:24
Romsterno idea, but .7 being a odd number, maybe?02:25
tilmani don't see a release announcement for 2.702:26
RomsterThe current version is 2.7.02:32
Romsterall i can find tilman
tilmanyeah, i just read that too :)02:36
Romsterah this be why ppc is on 2.702:37
RomsterPPC optimizations to math and string functions.02:37
tilmanricers ;)02:37
Romsteri guess 2.8 is testing.02:38
Romsterdosn't look like we are mising out on much from 2.6.1 -> 2.702:39
Romsterbut by that NEWS 2.8 is unstable/testing02:41
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clbUpdate from core: 28 Dec 09:17 - man-pages: updated to 2.74. || 28 Dec 09:08 - file: updated to 4.22.03:35
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Dec 09:45 - maradns: update to
clbUpdate from core: 28 Dec 09:39 - flex: update to 2.5.34 || 28 Dec 09:38 - exim: update to 4.69 || 28 Dec 09:37 - e2fsprogs: update to 1.40.3 || 28 Dec 09:35 - bash: update to 3.2.3304:05
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:08
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Dec 13:11 - ctags: updated to 5.7.07:37
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juetilman: thought that it is a good idea to add a tag at our release point08:50
juedone for core and opt, but not for xorg cause I have no write access08:50
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Dec 15:27 - ghostscript: update to 8.6109:38
tilmanjue: indeed, i'll tag xorg.git, too09:39
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Dec 16:58 - mpg123: update to 1.0.111:08
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