IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-12-29

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aontilman: based on what i could gather from awaylog, go ahead and commit a fix for xpdf if you wish02:14
aoni won't have access in a while again02:15
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tilmanaon: okay, will do05:49
clbUpdate from opt: 29 Dec 11:54 - lesstif: removed broken xprint support.06:11
clbUpdate from core: 29 Dec 11:52 - file: updated to 4.23.06:11
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tilmanjaeger: can you commit the kernel config change for jmicron to iso.git, so we don't forget about it?11:37
jaegeryeah, after I check one more time for common ones11:41
clbUpdate from xorg: 30 Sep 11:31 - xorg: Bumped version to 7.3.11:42
tilmani just tagged 2.4 o_O11:43
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tilmani'm not sure i would stand to teach him how to use ubuntu though... i'm not very patient ;)14:28
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tilmanoh damn15:42
tilmanhaving a tag with the same name as a branch is a *bad* idea15:42
tilmancause git will prefer tags over branches15:43
tilmanso you end up checking out the _tag_ 2.4 rather than the _branch_ 2.415:43
jaegergood to know, I guess15:45
tilmanxorg.git is fixed15:45
tilmanfixing iso.git now15:45
clbUpdate from xorg: 23 Dec 12:21 - xorg-xf86-video-radeonhd: updated to
Romsterhmm seems alot are getting bit by the missing JMicron driver.. why can't they all think "maybe i'm missing the device driver"...17:57
Romster"<tilman> might be a candidate for 2.4.1 ;)", hmm i thought we avoided the 2.3.1 for the reason we ddon't want to get into 2.3.x versions, with all the updates the 2.3 had, there could of been a 2.3.1 released when libarchive got put in core.18:11
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jaegeris it easy to check out the iso repo at release-time?19:23
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